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Stop cocks

Stop cocks
Brand: jaquar Model: CON-CHR-083FTK
Exposed Part Kit of Concealed Stop Cock with Fitting SleeveExposed Part Kit of Concealed Stop Cock with Fitting Sleeve, Operating Lever & Adjustable Wall Flange (Compatible with ALD-083FT & ALD-089FT)PRODUCT CODE: CON-CHR-083FTKPRODUCT RANGE: CONTINENTAL..
₹430.00 ₹475.00
Ex Tax:₹430.00
Brand: jaquar Model: FLR-CHR-5083NK
         Model Name             Jaquar florentine concealed stop cock 3/4 outer kit          Model Number          ..
₹400.00 ₹450.00
Ex Tax:₹400.00
Brand: jaquar Model: ALD-CHR-089
Regular Body of Concealed Stop cockRegular Body of Concealed Stop Cock Suitable for 20mm Pipe Line With Protection Cap (W ithout Exposed Parts)PRODUCT CODE: ALD-CHR-089PRODUCT RANGE: ALLIED..
₹870.00 ₹975.00
Ex Tax:₹870.00
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