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Bath sets

Brand: Aquant Model: 1553
 Model Name·        ABC Bath Chair         Model Number·         1553         Brand color·         White       ..
₹11,400.00 ₹12,000.00
Ex Tax:₹11,400.00
Model: 1486
Material: PVC ; Colour: WhiteType : Bath ChairCapacity : 150 KgBest product for old age people, pregnant Lady, over weight people they can have comfortable bath..
₹8,325.00 ₹9,250.00
Ex Tax:₹8,325.00
Model: 1504
         Model Name ·         PVC Bath Chair          Model Number ·         1504      &n..
₹3,560.00 ₹3,750.00
Ex Tax:₹3,560.00
Brand: Aquant Model: 1551
         Model Name ·         Aquant Wooden Bath Chair(Teak wood)          Model Number ·         1551 ..
₹14,250.00 ₹15,000.00
Ex Tax:₹14,250.00
Brand: Aquant Model: 1550
         Model Name ·         Aquant Wooden Bath Chair(Teak wood)          Model Number ·         1550   ..
₹9,405.00 ₹9,900.00
Ex Tax:₹9,405.00
Brand: jaquar Model: ACN-CHR-1171N
Glass Shelf 600 mm Long..
₹980.00 ₹1,125.00
Ex Tax:₹980.00
Brand: jaquar Model: ACN-CHR-1131N
A soap dish is a shallow, open container or platform where a bar of soap may be placed to dry after useSoap dishes are usually located in or near a sink, shower, or bathtub. Most soap dishes are made from waterproof materials...
₹530.00 ₹600.00
Ex Tax:₹530.00
Brand: jaquar Model: AKP-CHR-35731P
Specifications:          Model Name ·         SOAP DISH HOLDER          Model Number ·         G031..
₹920.00 ₹1,050.00
Ex Tax:₹920.00
Brand: jaquar Model: ACN-CHR-1137N
Soap Dispenser with Metallic Bottle..
₹2,810.00 ₹3,150.00
Ex Tax:₹2,810.00
Brand: jaquar Model: ACN-CHR-1181S
Specifications:          Model Name ·         TOWEL RACK 600MM W HANGERS          Model Number ·         ACN-1181S ..
₹2,620.00 ₹2,950.00
Ex Tax:₹2,620.00
Brand: jaquar Model: AKP-CHR-35781PS
Specifications:          Model Name ·         TOWEL RACK 600MM WITH HANGERS          Model Number ·         AKP-35781..
₹3,280.00 ₹3,700.00
Ex Tax:₹3,280.00
Brand: jaquar Model: AKP-35711PS
Specifications:          Model Name ·         TOWEL RAIL 600MM          Model Number ·         AKP-35711PS ..
₹2,000.00 ₹2,200.00
Ex Tax:₹2,000.00
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