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Brand: Kohler Model: K-97172-NA
Designed for use with the DTV+ showering system, this cable is required to connect the K-682-K six-port thermostatic valve to the DTV+ system controller.FEATURES30 ft (9.1m) cable length.Cable length can be extended using standard CAT5 Ethernet cable and coupler.Requires K-682-K DTV® six-port t..
Ex Tax:₹20,000.00
Brand: Kohler Model: K-7723IN-B-NA
FEATURESRefill Scent The refill scent is designed for use with the Thin toilet seat - simply slide a packet into the compartment to release its light, subtle fragranceOcean Breeze Ocean Breeze scent captures the clean, crisp scent of citrus highlighted with jasmine and rose and deepened with woodsy ..
Ex Tax:₹450.00
Brand: Kohler Model: K-99693-P-NA
DTV+ is KOHLER's most advanced showering system, bringing together four elements - water, steam, lighting, and music - to give you a true multi-sensory showering experience. Every element of your experience is completely customizable to your needs and is controlled by this simple touch-screen interf..
Ex Tax:₹125,000.00
Brand: Kohler Model: K-99694-CP
Use this wall-mount bracket for mounting your DTV+ digital interface. Choose from a range of finishes to coordinate with other components in the shower and complement the aesthetics of your space. The mounting bracket is surface mounted to provide ease of installation and to maximize location flexib..
Ex Tax:₹10,600.00
Brand: Kohler Model: K-99695-NA
The DTV+ system controller acts as the wiring center and "brain" for the DTV+ showering system, providing connections for every component and powering the digital interfaces.FEATURESProvides power to DTV+ interfaces and controls digital valves and other connected system devices.Integrated web pages ..
Ex Tax:₹105,000.00
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