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Eastman is a leading brand in bathroom fixtures and accessories. We at East India Company understand their significance and impact in the bathroom fixture industry. They have been creating high-quality, stylish products to enhance your bathroom space. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your towel storage or add extra functionality, Eastman has a wide selection of solutions.

Their towel rods, racks, and rings are engineered for durability. Made of solid brass or chrome-plated steel, Eastman towel accessories withstand daily use and keep towels neatly in place for years to come. Various designs are available to complement any bathroom decor, from simple single bars to decorative multi-tier racks.

East India Company, you can also explore their soap dishes and liquid soap dispensers. Crafted with precision, these accessories are a beautiful finishing touch for your bathroom vanity or shower area. Stylish soap dishes are the perfect place to store bars of soap. The liquid soap dispenser dispenses just the right amount of soap each time for a hygienic experience.

We show Eastman-created ergonomic footrests and bath chairs for comfort and convenience. The spacious footrests provide support while showering or bathing, and the bath chairs help make getting in and out of the tub safer and easier. Both are designed with user comfort, safety, and accessibility in mind.

At East India Company, we understand your need to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic and functionality. With Eastman, you can experience high-quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring your bathroom fixtures and accessories stand the test of time.

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