Basin Mixer

Basin Mixer

The Jaquar Basin Mixer Tap is an elegant, ground-breaking masterpiece that will elevate your bathroom. Enjoy flawless temperature regulation with simple installation today! to improve your everyday water routines.

Florentine Prime
Code: FLP-CHR-5001BPM


Product Description

Jaquar basin mixer tap is where innovation meets style in a symphony of water elegance! Elevate your bathroom experience with this masterpiece of engineering and design. A tap that effortlessly combines hot and cold water, ensuring your perfect temperature every time you use it. Its sleek curves and luxurious chrome finish add a touch of sophistication to your space and make cleaning a breeze. It comes without a popup waste system but has 450mm long braided hoses.

Crafted with cutting-edge ceramic disc technology, the Jaquar basin mixer tap promises drip-free durability for years to come. Thanks to its user-friendly design, the installation is a walk in the park. Revamp your daily rituals with a dash of excitement, from morning face washes to evening teeth brushing. The Jaquar basin mixer tap makes every interaction with water a delightful affair!

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