Bibcock faucet is a long-lasting stainless steel faucet with a sleek design that is corrosion-resistant and water-efficient. It features a long spout and a metal lever for easy operation.

Code: FLR-CHR-5047N

FLOW RATE (Litre Per Minute)
0.5 BAR 1.0 BAR 2.0 BAR 3.0 BAR
7.45 10.26 14.57 17.80


Product Description

A high-quality and long-lasting product, the Bibcock faucet is ideal for any kitchen or bathroom. It is corrosion- and rust-resistant and made of stainless steel. The polished finish gives it a sleek and contemporary appearance, and the single-lever tap design makes it simple to manage the water flow and temperature.

The faucet’s long spout makes it perfect for filling water or washing dishes. Since the lever is made of metal, it is easy to hold. The wall flange gives sturdy stability when installed on a wall. It is also water-efficient and complies with all relevant requirements for water conservation. A limited lifetime warranty and price-satisfaction guarantee come standard with the faucet.

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