Geberit Alpha Concealed Half Frame Cistern

Geberit Alpha Concealed Half Frame Cistern

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Discover the sleek, space-saving Geberit Alpha Half Frame Cistern engineered for exceptional reliability. Featuring an 8 cm slim profile and easy-adjust technology, it’s ideal for modern, compact bathrooms.

Product Description

Transform your bathroom with the Geberit Alpha Concealed Half Frame Cistern. This innovative cistern boasts a slim design, just 8 cm in thickness, perfect for tighter spaces without sacrificing performance. It incorporates advanced technology with a revised actuator plate fixation, allowing for easy depth adjustment. The new tool-free mounting simplifies installation and ensures higher protection against dust. With its flush valve adjustable for additional water saving, this cistern is designed for both slim and regular wall thicknesses, making it a versatile and eco-friendly choice for any home.

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