Hand Shower Single Flow

Hand Shower Single Flow

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The Victorian hand shower with a single flow is made of brass with a gold-plated finish. This hand shower is elegant and simple to clean with the Rubit system.

Hand Shower Single Flow
Code: HSH-CHR-9537N


Product Description

This Victorian hand shower with a single flow is the perfect balance of style and functionality in your bathroom. It’s made from strong brass with a gorgeous gold plated finish and has a unique round bell-shaped shape that oozes class. The wood handle adds even more sophistication.

It has a single-flow system that gives you a gentle and relaxing shower experience, and the rubit cleaning system makes cleaning it a breeze by removing limescale, deposits, and more. It’s perfect for smaller bathrooms too. This Victorian hand shower head with its rubit cleaning system is the ideal way to make your shower a luxurious experience.

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