Concealed Body for Diverter

Concealed Body for Diverter

Upgrade your bathroom with our Concealed Body for Diverter. Enjoy a clutter-free space, smooth water outlet transitions, and durability. Elevate your shower experience today!

Diverters & Shower Valves
Code: ALD-CHR-079N

FLOW RATE (Litre Per Minute)
0.5 BAR 1.0 BAR 2.0 BAR 3.0 BAR
20.76 28.50 39.96 48.94


Product Description

A concealed body for a single lever has a high flow diverter with button assembly but without exposed parts. Switch effortlessly between different water outlets with the smooth, intuitive diverter. Its hidden design saves space and adds a touch of mystery to your shower oasis. Crafted with precision, this concealed body for the diverter guarantees durability and reliability, ensuring that your showers remain a moment of pure indulgence.

Upgrade your bathroom with this exciting advancement in plumbing. Revel in the joy of a clutter-free space and revel in the satisfaction of a shower experience that’s as stylish as it is efficient. Elevate your routine with the Concealed Body for Diverter.

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