Wall Mixer 2-in-1

Wall Mixer 2-in-1

Experience innovation and style with the Jaquar Wall Mixer 2-IN-1. Merge hot and cold water needs effortlessly, enhancing your space with a sleek design and precise water control.

Code: FLR-CHR-5273UPR


Product Description

The Jaquar wall mixer 2-IN-1 is where innovation meets convenience in a whirlwind of style! Imagine a single solution that effortlessly combines your hot and cold water needs, elegantly merging form with function. This cutting-edge wall mixer isn’t just a faucet. It’s a symphony of versatility designed to revolutionise your space. It has a 115mm Long Bend Pipe On the upper side & comes with connecting legs & wall flanges.

Imagine a sleek, modern design that seamlessly integrates into any bathroom or kitchen aesthetic while its advanced technology ensures precise water control. With the Jaquar wall mixer 2-IN-1, you’ll indulge in a delightful dance of temperatures and flows, making every interaction with water a pleasurable experience. The durable build and top-notch craftsmanship promise longevity and reliability. It’s time to bid adieu to mundane taps and embrace the dynamic power of the Jaquar wall mixer 2-IN-1. Elevate your daily routine with a dash of excitement.

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