Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater

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Jaquar’s Integra split heat pump 300 LTR provides up to 70% energy savings. With an efficiency rating of 5 stars and a warranty of 5 years, it’s a long-lasting, eco-friendly solution.

Heat Pump
Code: HPS-WHT-300


Product Description

Jaquar’s Integra split heat pump 300 LTR is the ideal choice for eco-friendly consumers looking for an efficient heating system. This innovative heat pump uses ambient air to heat water, saving energy up to 70% compared to conventional heaters. With a capacity of 300 litres, this system easily accommodates larger families.

The 5-star efficiency rating highlights its environmentally friendly design. This heat pump operates quietly, providing uninterrupted peace of mind. It’s designed with long-term durability in mind and comes with a 5-year factory warranty. Take advantage of the Integra split heater pump 300 LTR and save money while being eco-friendly.

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