Sensor Taps

Sensor Taps

Upgrade your daily routine with Jaquar Sensor Taps – a perfect blend of style and function. Experience futuristic touchless technology for water flow. Hygienic, elegant, and efficient.

Blush Sensors
Code: SNR-CHR-51449PK


Product Description

Elevate your daily routine with the cutting-edge Jaquar sensor taps. Seamlessly blending style and function, these taps are the epitome of modern convenience. Wave goodbye to traditional handles; the Jaquar sensor taps boast futuristic technology that detects your presence and activates water flow with a mere wave of your hand. The blush tall deck-mounted sensor faucet comes with a control box & pre-mixed water supply kit, which is battery-operated.

Crafted with precision and style, these taps exude a sleek elegance that complements any space, whether your kitchen or bathroom. The chrome finish adds a touch of glamour, while the advanced sensors ensure a hygienic and water-efficient operation. With its cutting-edge technology, the sensor tap offers hands-free operation that’s convenient and incredibly hygienic.

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