Experience eco-friendly luxury with the Jaquar i-Flush. This smart toilet senses your presence for a precise, water-saving flush. Customizable settings and sleek design elevate your bathroom. Welcome innovation today!

Code: FLV-CHR-1073C


Product Description

The Jaquar i-Flush has eco-friendly features, using minimal water without compromising on performance. Imagine stepping into your bathroom, and like magic, the Jaquar i-Flush anticipates your needs. Its intuitive sensor detects your presence and activates a precise, water-saving flush. The adjustable settings ensure a customised experience, while the sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor. It comes with a concealed body of 32mm size.

Say goodbye to ordinary flushing and welcome a new era of innovation. With its cutting-edge sensors and smart controls, the i-Flush offers a touchless experience like no other. With the i-Flush, a combination of innovation, elegance, and sustainability that permanently redefines flushing, embrace the future now.

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