Quartz Sinks

Quartz Sinks

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Elevate your space with Quartz sinks – a perfect blend of style and function. Available in various colors, sizes, and easy installation options. Upgrade your kitchen with elegance today

Overall Size:
610mm x 457mm

Bowl Size: 544mm x 394mm x 205mm

Cabinet Size: 700mm

Materials: Quartz

Installation Type: Top Mount/ Flush Mount / Under Mount


Product Description

Indulge in the excitement of various colours and styles, each meticulously designed to complement your unique taste. Whether it’s a sleek, modern kitchen or a cosy, rustic haven, Quartz sinks seamlessly blend in, becoming the heart of your space.

The overall size is 610x457mm, and the bowl size is 544x394x205mm, with a cabinet size of 700mm. It is made up of quartz and is available in a wide range of colours. You can install it one of three ways: top mount, flush mount or under mount. Cleaning becomes easy, while the gentle, silky touch keeps delicate dishes safe from chips and breaks. Get ready to turn heads and create culinary masterpieces with a Quartz sink that’s as vibrant as your lifestyle.

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