Upgrade your restroom with Jaquar Urinals: Powerful water-saving tech, diverse styles (355x340x535mm), and superior hygiene. Impress guests while saving money and the environment

Range: Urinals
Code: URS-WHT-13261


Product Description

Jaquar Urinals has water-saving technology that doesn’t compromise on power, saving you money while contributing to a greener planet. The ingenious flush system ensures pristine cleanliness with every use, effortlessly enhancing hygiene standards. It comes with urinal-fixing accessories.

The Jaquar Urinals collection offers diverse styles to match your space’s vibe, from minimalist to bold. It has a size of 355x340x535mm. Make your visitors’ experience exceptional and create an impression that lingers. Elevate your restroom experience with the captivating innovation of Jaquar Urinals.

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