Wall Mixer 3-in-1

Wall Mixer 3-in-1

Enrich your daily routine with the Jaquar Wall Mixer 3-IN-1, which combines design, practicality, and innovation. This stylish fixture offers versatility and elegance while flawlessly combining form and function.

Code: FLR-CHR-5281N


Product Description

Elevate your daily routine with the Jaquar wall mixer 3-IN-1, the ultimate fusion of style, convenience, and innovation! Designed to captivate, this remarkable fixture brings a new dimension to your bathroom. With an exciting blend of sleek lines and a contemporary silhouette, it’s more than just a mixer; it’s a statement piece. It comes with 115mm Long Bend Pipe, Connecting Legs and wall Flange (without Hand and overhead Shower).

Crafted with precision, its durable build and ceramic disc technology guarantee longevity and leak-free performance. The chrome finish adds a touch of opulence that complements any décor. Imagine the luxury of effortlessly switching between the overhead, handheld, and bath spouts with a single tap! The Jaquar wall mixer 3-IN-1 empowers you to create a personalised shower experience, adapting to your mood and needs.

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