Shaving Mirror

Shaving Mirror

This wall-mounted shaving mirror is designed for precise grooming. It has plain and magnification sides, a 12-inch clear reflection, and convenient angle adjustment. It is long-lasting, space-efficient, and highly functional.

Code: ACN-CHR-1193N


Product Description

This wall-mounted shaving mirror is designed to give you the perfect grooming experience. It’s made with precision and has a double-arm design for easy angle adjustments. It has both plain and magnifying (x3) sides, so you can easily capture every detail.

It’s got a 12-inch diameter for a clear reflection, and it’s made of durable glass and metal for long-lasting use. It’s easy to install with included hardware and space-saving, low maintenance, and great value. Elevate your shaving routine for a more comfortable shave. This is the one if you are looking for a shaving mirror to decorate your intimate space.

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