Tankless WC

Tankless WC

Experience bathroom revolution with the Jaquar Tankless WC! Embrace futuristic elegance, space-saving technology, and endless comfort. Transform your bathroom into a contemporary haven with this innovative marvel.

Range: Opal


Product Description

Revolutionise your bathroom experience with the Jaquar Tankless WC – a marvel that’s set to transform the way you think about toilets! Say goodbye to clunky tanks and hello to futuristic elegance. This WC boasts cutting-edge tankless technology, freeing up space and giving your bathroom a sleek, uncluttered look. Get endless comfort with the seating in a tankless WC. It comes with sensor flush, UF soft close slim seat cover, hinges, accessories set and in size 360x580x380 mm.

With the Jaquar Tankless WC, you can transform your bathroom into a haven of contemporary elegance. It’s not just a toilet—it’s an innovation that promises comfort, style, and a splash of excitement to your daily routine.

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