Bidspa (Electronic WC)

Bidspa (Electronic WC)

Experience unrivalled comfort with Bidspa’s electronic WC. Its automatic lid, energy-saving features, and customizable options elevate your bathroom experience. Available in two sizes, it seamlessly combines technology and luxury.

Code: ITS-WHT-89853S300PPPM


Product Description

The bidspa electronic WC ensures a refreshing feeling like never before. The automatic lid adds a touch of luxury, and its energy-saving features underscore its modern innovation. Crafted with precision and elegance, the Bidspa seamlessly fits into any bathroom aesthetic. The automatic rimless floor mounted WC has an electronic PP seat cover, adjustable seat air, water temperature, night light, fixing accessories, and accessories set.

It comes in two sizes, 390x685x465mm and S Trap-300 mm. This cutting-edge marvel blends technology with comfort, giving you a spa-like sensation in the convenience of your home. With its intuitive electronic controls, the Bidspa offers customisable cleansing modes, water pressure, and even a heated seat for those chilly mornings. Indulge in the future of bathroom technology with the Jaquar bidspa electronic WC.

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