Exposed Parts Kit of Diverter

Exposed Parts Kit of Diverter

With our robust diverter exposed components kit, upgrade your shower. Easy installation and a range of finish options enhance your showering experience with the utmost control and aesthetics.

Code: ALI-CHR-85079NK


Product Description

Crafted with precision and built to last, the exposed parts kit of diverter has durable components that ensure a leak-free operation, standing the test of time. The exposed design adds a touch of industrial chic, making your shower a statement piece in itself. Installing it is a breeze, bringing a burst of excitement to your DIY projects.

Elevate your shower experience with the exposed parts kit of diverter so you take control of your shower like never before. Seamlessly switch between different water outlets with a simple twist, directing the flow exactly where you want it. Drench in the thrill of personalisation as you choose the finish that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic flawlessly.

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