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Bathroom Accessories

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Do you think your bathroom needs a changeover? Then, the East India Company is the one-stop shop you should head to. You can give your intimate space a new look with trendy and helpful bathroom accessories purchased from India’s leading sanitary store. 

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Find below the 17 enthralling bathroom accessories ideas that will stunningly upgrade your space, adding style and functionality. A small change always creates a significant impact, which applies to a bathroom makeover, too!

1. Towel racks and rings

The essential accessories that add a decorative element to your bathroom are towel racks and rings. They are highly functional and come in various styles. 

The options are endless, with wall-mounted racks, freestanding towel holders, over-the-door hooks, etc. Opting for something unique adds style to your bathroom. 

2. Soap dishes

We never knew soap dishes could make a style statement, right? You can give your bathroom a neat and posh look by opting for minimalistic ceramic, elegant glass, or plastic dishes. 

Ensure the dishes have drainage holes to allow water to drain away. You can choose any design suiting your bathroom aesthetics.

3. Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers are one way to make your bathroom look sleek and tidy. For a cohesive look, coordinate the design of your soap dispensers to your bathroom’s aesthetics. There are many options, like glass, stainless steel or plastic. 

Opt for the one which gives your bathroom a modern and classy look. To experience refined luxury, you can use automated dispensers that release soap while keeping your hand underneath. 

4. Tumblers

Are you still keeping your toothbrush and pasts on some rack? It’s time to change! Using tumblers (holders) for oral hygiene items can make your bathroom look organised. 

You can also store other essentials like cotton swabs, razors, dental floss, etc. You can choose one from different materials like ceramic, glass or plastic. 

5. Mirrors

We all have mirrors in our bathrooms. But giving it a slight change can make your space look more refined and neat. Mirrors always give an illusion of space and add brightness to the room.

Opting for mirrors with built-in LED lighting, having fog-resistant coatings to prevent steam buildup or magnifying mirrors for detailed grooming are a few examples. You can choose decorative frames or mirrors with unique shapes to make your bathroom look more stylish. 

6. Plants

Plants always being a natural element to their surroundings. Having plants in the bathroom help improve air quality and creates a soothing environment. 

Opting for plants like pothos, peace lilies, or bamboo that require minimal sunlight is the best option for your intimate space. You can place them on the racks and countertops, or if they are planters, you can hang them.

7. Artwork

Artworks are not only meant for your living room but also your bathroom. You can make your bathroom look visually appealing and more relaxed by choosing nature-inspired prints, abstract paintings, etc. 

Bathrooms can be your motivating space too! Hanging framed quotes or phrases that resonate with you gives a sense of satisfaction. 

8. Rugs

Do you want to add an essence of cosiness and warmth to your bathroom? You can opt for rugs. They are the best way to add comfort to your bathroom. They prevent slipping on wet floors and protect your floor from moisture. 

Ensure you select a material that is easy to clean and can withstand mold and mildew. You can choose the colour, pattern and texture that matches your bathroom’s look.  

9. Storage baskets

Another organisational accessory to keep your bathroom neat is a storage basket. You can use these baskets to store towels, toiletries, and other essentials like cleaning supplies, kids’ bath toys, etc. 

You should opt for the one with handles that makes it easy to transport. Since storage baskets come with lids, they can keep the contents concealed. 

10. Nightlights

You need not turn on the main lights in your bathroom at night anymore! Your biggest worry of leaving it on till the morning is no more. You can use nightlights instead, which creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. 

You can choose LED nightlights that can save energy and foster longevity. Opting for nightlights with motor sensors that can automatically turn on and off is another exceptional bathroom accessory to make your space look pleasant. 

11. Candleholders

While giving your bathroom a new look, add a touch of luxury by including scented candles and candleholders. Give your house bathroom a spa-like atmosphere and enjoy it relaxed during a bath or while getting ready. 

Ensure to select heat-resistant materials such as glass or metal. You can also opt for flameless candles for safety. 

12. Picture frame

Add picture frames to your bathroom for a personalised touch. It could be like displaying your favourite memory of yours or with your family. Always opt for water-resistant frames made from acrylic or metal. 

You can choose the frame that aligns with your bathroom colour scheme. Go for unique ones to make a style statement. 

13. Bathroom trays

A bathroom is all about being organised. You might need more time to find the necessary accessories if things are clustered. You can include wood, acrylic or metal bathroom trays to make the space look stylish and store items like toiletries, perfume bottles or jewellery. 

Prefer trays with compartments to separate smaller items from the big ones and prevent them from rolling down. 

14. Mats

Opt for non-slipping and quick-drying mats made from microfibre or memory foam to absorb the water and prevent slips. They add a decorative touch to your bathroom floor and are multi-purpose.  

Selecting neutral colours gives a touch of luxury to the space. 

15. Curtains

While revamping your bathroom, ensure to include curtains. It keeps your bathroom warm in the winter and adds a touch of privacy and style. It is an accessory that serves as both a functional and aesthetic element. 

Buy curtains that are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. 

16. Waste Can

If there is a small accessory that can bring a massive difference in your bathroom is a dustbin. Opt for the one that has lids and complements your bathroom decor. Waste disposal in the bathroom is necessary to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. 

It gives your bathroom a neat look when you dispose of all waste in the dustbin and do not leave them just like that on the racks, floors, etc. 

17. Bathroom scale

A bathroom is more like a personal space where you spend significant time. It is where you unwind your thoughts and relax yourself. It is where you think about your life and body. Having a bathroom scale can help you track your fitness goals and monitor your weight. 

Are you wondering where to buy these helpful bathroom accessories for your bathroom? Look no further than East India Company in Chennai. 

East India Company For All Your Bathroom Needs 

The East India Company in Chennai is where you can stop for high-quality designer hardware, modular kitchens and appliances, exclusive designer titles, safety lockers, lighting, fans, faucets, mirrors, rugs, etc. With over two decades of experience in the work field, they have a massive collection of sanitaryware products from leading brands. 


Picturise yourself having a relaxing shower in a calming area that doesn’t get on your nerves. Revamping your bathroom with the right accessories can give an in-house luxurious spa feeling. 

Bathroom accessories are like ornaments that elevate beauty. It can enhance the style and look of the intimate space and give it an overall aesthetic appearance. 


1). Why are bathroom accessories necessary?

Bathroom accessories are essential since they are functional, provide storage solutions, add aesthetics and personalisation to the space, and bring a touch of convenience and luxury to your routine. 

2). What accessories can you put in a bathroom?

You can opt for accessories according to your preferences and requirements and your bathroom style. Some accessories you can add to the bathroom are towel racks, mirrors, soap dishes, rugs, storage baskets, plants, candles, bath mats and many more. 

3). How to style a small bathroom?

A small bathroom should be styled by maximising space and prioritising functionality. You can opt for neutral colours to create an illusion of openness and have many storage options, like racks, shelves, etc. 

4). How to decorate your bathroom wall?

Always choose moisture-resistant paint. For wall art or wallpapers, go for the ones that can withstand humid temperatures. You can also add mirrors, artwork, photo frames, wall-mounted storage units, etc.

5). How to create space in a bathroom?

Start by organising your belongings to create a more open and spacious feel. Remove unnecessary items and use most of the vertical space by installing shelves or cabinets. You can also build an additional storage facility above the toilet. Use space-saving fixtures and accessories, such as wall-mounted sinks or towel racks, to free up floor space. 

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