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Cooktop Buying Guide

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Food is a basic necessity of life. The most important thing for cooking food is having a decent cooktop. In the olden days, wood was used for cooking, and coal was used for cooking and art, but things have changed. We need a pollution-free cooktop that is time-saving and easy to clean. This ultimate cooktop buying guide from the East India Company will be an eye-opener for all who are looking for a cooktop.


In the old times, people cooked their food using wood and coal, which caused much pollution. Also, cooking takes a lot of time, and the fire must be maintained until the cooking ends. As time passed, the hunt to discover better cooktops grew in popularity. People came up with innovative ideas related to cooktops.

Now we have some decent varieties of cooktops available in the market. Though people are very friendly with gas cooktops, many options on the market might serve their purpose better.

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Cooktop Buying Guide – Parameters To Check Before Buying.

  • We should decide which fuel type we want to use. There are cooktops based on gas, electric, and induction. Choose the option depending on your condition.
  • Consider the required burner size or the power of the cooktop. The larger the burner size or power, the greater the cost.
  • Sometimes, the number of burners matters greatly, especially when you need to cook too many items quickly.
  • Decide on the cooking surface, which can be stainless steel, glass, or ceramic. Stainless steel will be durable, but a glass or ceramic cooktop will look premium.
  • Look for unique features like automatic igniting knobs, thermostat controllers, or more.

5 Popular Types of Cooktops You Find In India

1. Gas cooktops

Gas Cooktop

These are open-flame cooktops where the fire burns; you can cook food on top of it. After the era of wood and coal, these are more traditionally used in Indian kitchens. There is a knob which immediately ignites the fire. It would help if you did not wait for the cooktop to reach a certain temperature level and immediately start cooking.

When you place a container on the cooktop, the open flame hits the bottom and evenly spreads to give the container an even supply of heat. This type of cooktop is the best because it can be used on any material. However, the problem is the rising prices of gas cylinders, which has made people look for other cooking options.

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2. Electric cooktops

Electric cooktops

An electric cooktop has a heating material or coil underneath, which gets heated once the power is switched on. It can be a better and healthier option in places with fewer electricity charges. But this kind of cooktop puts a massive load on the electric circuit. It also takes time to prepare for and after the cooking.

This kind of cooktop can be compact and easy to clean. Like a gas cooktop, it is suitable for most of the materials used to make cooking vessels. These cooktops are pollution-free and cost-effective.

3. Induction cooktops

Induction cooktops

These cooktops generate electromagnetic induction waves to cook the food inside the cookware. There are no infrared rays to cook the food. The food is cooked evenly from top to bottom without the need to stir continuously. The problem with this kind of cooktop is that it is only suitable for some sort of cooktop. But now manufacturers are producing induction-friendly cookware, and a wide variety is available.

4. Downdraft cooktops

Downdraft cooktops

These cooktops are available in both gas and electric models. Their speciality is the built ventilation system, which prevents the cooktop from overheating. If your kitchen is small or there is less ventilation, this cooktop can be a good option.

5. Commercial style cooktops

Commercial style cooktops

As the name suggests, consider the commercial-style cooktop if you need to prepare food on a large scale. These cooktops are mainly used on gas. They have large burners so that food gets cooked in significantly less time. However, they use large amounts of gas to cook, so they are not advisable for a small family or household.

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Ultimate Cooktop Buying Guide from East India Company

Modern Cooktop

If you are looking for a good cooktop that suits your kitchen and looks premium, East India Company is the go-to place. They have many branches throughout Chennai and an online delivery system to your home. They have a wide range of products to create a modular kitchen.

The quality of the products is excellent, and the durability is undoubtable. Most importantly, they have qualified staff who understand your needs and suggest,t what will be best for you.

The East India Company has controlled the modular kitchen market for over three decades. They have excellence in customer service and support. There are thousands of satisfied customers. If you are looking for a cooktop buying guide, try their customer support once, and you won’t be disappointed.


One of the necessities of life is to eat. We all eat food and aspire to eat quality food. A cooktop matters the most for cooking good, healthy, and tasty food. Many varieties are available in the market, and innovation hits the market occasionally.

People need clarification on which cooktop is most suitable for them. Under such circumstances, this cooktop buying guide erases all confusion, and you can buy a decent cooktop that looks great and saves time and money.

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Cooktop Buying Guide – FAQs

1. What should I look for when buying a cooktop?

Here are a few things you should check while buying a cooktop: the size of your kitchen, ventilation, fuel type you need, the size of the cooktop and the number of burners, cooker heating type—radiant or induction—and the cost of the cooktop.

2. What are the requirements of a cooktop?

Don’t install the cooktop very close to the walls, and at least leave a space of 6 inches from every side of the cooktop. It will allow the heat to escape and avoid minor or major accidents.

3. Does the cooktop need electricity?

There is no need for electricity for a gas cooktop. But the electric and induction type cooktop works on electricity. Some modern gas cooktops with an automatic ignition or digital display may need electricity.

4. Which cooktop uses less electricity?

Induction cooktops use less electricity than electric cooktops. The reason is the method of cooking in induction cookware. They generate electromagnetic induction waves that spread evenly inside the cookware. So, it takes less time to cook and saves electricity.

5. Which is the safest type of cooktop?

Induction-type cooktops are the safest because they don’t generate heat radiation. They cook through electromagnetic induction. So there are fewer chances of accidental burns

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