Rain Shower Vs Regular Shower [5 Unique Features to Know]

Rain Shower Vs Regular Shower

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Everyone’s childhood temptation is to enjoy the natural shower, but as we grow due to increasing responsibilities, we seem to forget that temptation. Thankfully, because of evolving technology, we have rain and regular showers that surpass that experience. So, let us compare rain shower vs regular shower and find out which is better.


Kids love to get wet in the rain whenever an opportunity comes, even though they get tons of scolding from their parents. The temptation of getting soaked in the rain can’t be controlled for kids or older ones. Although this small happiness to get wet comes with a lot of trouble and health issues.

round rain shower

Here are some reasons we must avoid getting wet in the rain.

  • Prolonged exposure to rain makes you feel cold and uncomfortable.
  • It impacts the body’s immunity to fight colds, thereby increasing the chances of catching a cold and flu.
  • Getting wet in the rain may damage our clothes depending on the intensity of the rain.
  • Rain limits our visibility and increases the chances of accidents.
  • Because of the presence of water, the surface becomes slippery and increases the chances of facing fatal injury.
  • A rain shower can mess up your hair, spa, or facial make-up expenses.

We have rain and regular showers to overcome all these shortcomings, which have successfully replaced the lust to get wet in natural rain.

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Rain Shower vs Regular Shower – what to choose

Getting wet in the rain in the olden days when people were closer to nature and had no tension related to pollution was an unforgettable experience. But in the present-day scenario, when everyone is worried about pollution as the rainwater is occasionally accompanied by acid rain, showers in the bathroom are winning the race by quite a good margin.

Rain Shower

Comparing rain shower vs regular shower, both have replaced our desire to get wet in the rain. One can’t say which one is better because both have their own practical use. Here are some points on which we can compare rain and regular showers.

  1. Water Spray: Rain shower heads disperse water over a wide area to copy the experience of natural rain, whereas regular shower heads focus on smaller area dispersal with better control.
  2. Coverage: A rain shower covers the whole body, whereas a regular shower can clean one part at a time.
  3. Pressure: The water pressure should be high for a rain shower to function correctly, whereas regular showers can work even with low pressure.
  4. Installation: Rain shower requires ceiling-mount installation, which needs an expert, whereas regular shower is wall mounted, which is easy to fix.
  5. Size: The head of rain showers is larger than regular showers because they have to disperse water over a wider area.
  6. Cost: Rain showers are more expensive than regular showers.
  7. Water efficiency: Because rain showers disperse water over a larger area, they need more water than regular showers.

Here are some collections of bathroom showers that are always in high demand and have been tested for efficiency.

Types of showers

1. Hydrolite Showers

It is an ABS plastic material shower, which is a combination of style and practicality. It is an innovative technology that uses the natural water flow to power the light chrome-plated surface, making the shower rust-proof. Added, it has an inbuilt Rubit cleaning system, which will never allow the limestone to accumulate.

2. Hand shower multi-flow

This tiny hand shower is multi-purpose to use. Though not better than the top-mounted shower for bathing, for specific uses, it is handier. It is a chrome-plated ABS plastic shower that is space-efficient and perfect for small bathrooms. Its built-in multi-flow system lets you choose from various water flow patterns.

Hand Shower

3. Hand shower single flow

It is an elegant-looking hand shower made of brass and plated in gold. This shower is only a single flow but is perfect for small bathrooms. The Rubit cleaning system doesn’t allow the limestone to block the outlets. The flow is gentle and relaxing, with ideal pressure and water flow balance.

4. Multifunction shower

It is a cylindrical shower with multiple functions. On the expensive side, this shower contains different water flow patterns. Made of ABS plastic with chrome plating, it has a unique self-cleaning system. Whether the bathroom is small or large, it is suitable for both.

5. Body shower

It is an elegant, easy-to-maintain shower. A rotating nozzle ensures a constant water flow with appropriate pressure. This shower has a wide nozzle size, allowing a good water flow.

Pro Tip to compare Rain Shower vs Regular Shower

swerling shower

The rain shower is a luxury to have. But in houses with water scarcity, consider something other than rain showers. It is better to use regular showers and preserve water.

While installing the rain shower, properly adjust the angles so the entire bathroom is covered with a minimum number of heads used. It can save a lot of money and, at the same time, conserve water.

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Life has become busy, and people have no time to get wet and enjoy natural rain. They miss the experience and fun of enjoying a rain shower. Also, rainwater is not considered hygienic because of the prevalent pollution everywhere.

Under such circumstances, bathroom showers have developed as a ray of hope. With bathroom showers, people can enjoy the experience at any moment and control the time of exposure during shower.

It is safer because the floor of bathrooms is typically anti-slippery, preventing any chance of injury. Also, the tank water is free from germs, and the temperature can be controlled according to our needs.

While comparing rain shower vs regular shower, a rain shower is better if you need to fix a shower for commercial purposes. A regular shower is better if you are installing a shower for personal use.

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Rain Shower Vs Regular Shower – FAQs

1. Does a rainfall shower use more water?

A rainfall shower uses more water because it has a giant head and disperses water over a greater area. It is ceiling-mounted and meant to clean the whole body altogether, which needs more water.

2. Is a rainfall shower head better than a regular shower head?

A regular shower head is better if you need a powerful stream of water concentrated in a small area. On the other hand, if you want water to fall on you gently and over the whole body at a time, a rainfall shower is better.

3. What is the difference between a rain shower and a shower?

The head of the rain shower is designed to copy the experience of natural rain, whereas regular showers have smaller heads with more pressure.

4. What are the benefits of a rain shower?

The warm and gentle water droplets from the rain shower help your body relax. It is also helpful in decongestion and skin detoxification.

5. How do you choose a rain shower?

When selecting a rain shower, size matters. In the case of smaller bathrooms, a smaller head is recommended, whereas in the case of larger bathrooms, a more giant head is needed. If the case size is small, the rain shower experience may not imitate the natural rain.

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