8 Popular Types of Shower Drain Covers in India

Types of Shower drain covers

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It can be a frustrating experience when there is a drainage clogging. When repairing clogged drainage, you must pause your daily work, get behind the masons, and face all kinds of dirty work. A shower drain cover can be convenient if you want to avoid drain clogging.

But more often than not, we don’t know which type of shower drain cover is better. Here is a list of popular types of shower drain covers in India that you can consider for your bathroom.


While bathing, hairs, soap scum and other debris can enter the drain and cause a nuisance in the drainage system. It is better to avoid such a situation than to do the hard work of repairing. A small shower drain cover can save thousands of your money.

Mostly, people need to realise how important a shower drain cover is. They neglected this small thing during the construction but regret it later.

People often need to know which shower drain cover will benefit them. Many types of shower drain covers are available in India, but I have listed the few that are more popular and efficient.

8 Popular Types of Shower Drain Covers in India

1. Air square flat cut floor drain trap

Air square flat cut floor drain trap

It is an AISI 304-grade stainless steel non-corrosive and rust-resistant drain cover. Because of its pristine, sharp look and flat edges, it is easy to install. It ensures sophisticated looks and fast water drainage.

Its anti-cockroach Jali trap prevents cockroaches from crossing the drainage and entering the bathroom. It is easy to maintain the removable Jali, making it extremely easy to clean the clogged materials and ensure free water flow.

2. Full moon square floor drain trap

Full moon square floor drain trap

It is a stainless steel Jali suitable for 4-inch and above-diameter drains. This drain trap has a modern-looking round drain cover. It is hinged to the frame that completely conceals the drain, making the bathroom look more premium.

It has a removable Jali through which you can give timely service to the drainage system. It weighs around 350 grams and is very easy to install.

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3. Tile insert floor drain cover

Tile insert floor drain cover

It is an invisible shower drain cover that takes the premium-ness of the bathroom to the next level. It is square, fitting the gap between bathroom tiles to hide the drainage.

It has a built-in cockroach-trapping system that prevents pipes from being blocked. It also blocks foul smell and gases from drains to enter into the air space. It is made up of innovative technology that allows the water to pass quickly.

4. Bathroom grating square floor drain Jali

Bathroom grating square floor drain Jali

It has a very efficient water drainage system because of its simple design. It can be cleaned effortlessly without taking the pain of removing any cover.

It is one of the most straightforward drain covers used in Indian bathrooms. Being simple in looks may not enhance the looks of the toilet, but it adds to its efficiency.

5. Bathroom shower channel floor drain cover with cockroach trap

Bathroom shower channel floor drain cover with cockroach trap

It is one of the premium floor draining covers crafted with high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. Because of its unique channel design, it improves water flow and prevents water from pooling.

Because of its corrosion resistance and rust-proof material, it ensures reliable and long-lasting performance. Its unique design makes it effective in areas with high moisture.

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6. Stainless steel shower grate channel

Stainless steel shower grate channel

It is a high-quality stainless-steel drain cover that ensures longevity and effortless use of the bathroom drainage system. This Jali is available in multiple sizes, giving the bathroom a textured and edgy look. Since the Jali is removable, it is easy to clean the clogging.

7. Plastic shower floor drain cover

Plastic shower floor drain cover

It is a plastic material that is long-lasting and resistant to corrosion and rusting. It is easy to install and comes at a lower price compared to the stainless-steel covers. Because of the plastic material, it is perfect for the bathroom and kitchen.

8. Disposable waterproof drain guard mesh sticker

Disposable waterproof drain guard mesh sticker

These are low-budget drain covers that are highly efficient against hair and soap scum. It is a disposable sticker that can be used on top of any other drain cover and easily replaced once damaged.

Bonus Tip For Long Lasting Bathroom Fittings

  • What, in your opinion, is most important to consider before buying any bathroom fitting? Yes, you guessed it right. Design is just a secondary feature. The most important is to check the water type of your locality. Not only shower drain covers but any kind of bathroom fitting, before purchasing them, you must consider the hardness of water in your locality. 
  • For instance, if there is an abnormal consistency of calcium or magnesium salt in the water, it can block the free movement of water. Under such conditions, you should go for designs which can be easily cleaned by opening the filter of the tap or water drainage system. 
  • Water hardness can be of two types. The first type is temporary hardness caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which results in white, chalky deposits near the faucet’s spouts and handles. 
  • Secondly, permanent hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium sulphates and chlorides. This will collect limescale around the taps, which are harder to remove. It can also reduce water flow and pressure. In extreme conditions, it can damage the internal mechanism of the tap. 

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Expenditure on shower drain cover is minimal compared to the overall expense of the other bathroom fitting. But it can protect you from a disaster in future.

A shower drain cover can be convenient as it protects the drainage from getting clogged due to unwanted materials. It also protects small items like jewellery, contact lenses or razors from slipping down and entering the drainage system.

Often, there needs to be clarity related to the different types of shower drain covers to be used. Due to a lack of knowledge, we might select a less efficient cover. So, before purchasing a shower drain cover, it is advisable to collect information about all the available options.

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FAQs Related To Types of Shower Drain Covers

1. Do you need a drain cover for a shower?

If you want your bathroom clean, a drain cover is necessary. It prevents the bathroom from getting into a mess. It can help you to avoid many troubles in future.

2. What is the purpose of a drain cover?

A shower drain cover prevents the environment from getting contaminated. All the unwanted material from our bathroom passes through the drainage and reaches the waterbodies. These are good enough to contaminate the water bodies.

Additionally, they safeguard the drainage system from clogging. They also prevent cockroaches or rodents from entering our bathroom through the drainage.

3. How big should the shower drain cover be?

The size of the shower drain cover depends on the diameter of the pipes used in the bathroom. A 5 x 5-inch square drain cover can be a standard shower drain cover.

4. Can all shower drain covers be removed?

Traditional drain covers were fixed and difficult to remove; however, most brands launch easy-to-open and clean drain covers. There is a screw-in system built into the drain cover. You can rotate the top layer and open the drain cover.

5. How does a shower drain work?

The shower drain cover is made up of a stainer, preventing unwanted bathroom wastes like hairs or soap scum from entering the drainage system. At the same time, they allow the water to pass freely.

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