9 Best Bathroom Fittings Brands in Chennai

Bathroom Fittings Brands in Chennai

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Discover Chennai’s best bathroom fittings brands as we reveal the pinnacle of design and excellence. Read through the blog to elevate your bathroom experience to unparalleled heights.


 Explore a world where elegance and functionality coexist, and meticulous artistry and impeccable design revolutionise the art of bathing. Read through the blog, where we unravel the secrets of the finest bathroom fittings that transform ordinary rooms into luxurious havens. 

Join us as we explore the best bathroom fittings brands in Chennai, where every feature exudes elegance, and every detail exudes sophistication. Prepare to take your bathroom experience to new heights as we reveal the pinnacle of elegance and quality in bathroom fixtures

Discover the best 9 Chennai bathroom fittings brands that redefine luxury and functionality. Unravel the latest solutions for transforming your bathroom into an oasis of beauty and sophistication. 

1. Jaquar: It is a leading bathroom fittings business in Chennai, providing a diverse range of quality products. Jaquar faucets, showers, sanitaryware, and bathroom accessories are known for their unique designs and reliable performance. Their products combine functionality and style, responding to various consumer needs and preferences. Jaquar is a popular choice for bathroom fittings, with a strong presence in Chennai and a reputation for durability and elegance.

Founded: 1960

Speciality: Faucets, showers, sanitaryware, bath accessories & wellness products

2.Hindware: It offers a comprehensive choice of premium products that exemplify elegance and sophistication, with a commitment to innovation and a focus on providing excellent quality. Hindware seamlessly integrates splendour and utility, from magnificent faucets made with precision to opulent showers that offer a restorative bathing experience. 

Their sanitaryware line features classic styles with timeless elegance and refinement, elevating any bathroom decor. Hindware’s bath accessories are meticulously detailed, providing a seamless blend of design and practicality.

Founded: 1960

Speciality: Consumer appliances, home retail solutions, kitchen fittings.

3. Parryware: It is a renowned bathroom fittings brand known for its professionalism and brilliance. Their extensive collection of faucets, sanitaryware, and bath accessories effortlessly blends design and functionality. Parryware, focusing on quality and sustainability, provides dependable and environmentally friendly solutions for creating a smart and well-designed bathing space.

Founded: 1952

Speciality: Faucets, showers, sanitaryware, bath accessories & wellness products

4. Kohler: A widely recognised brand representing professionalism and competence in bathroom fittings. Kohler has a rich history spanning over a century, and the company is known for delivering innovative and high-quality goods that redefine the level of luxury. 

Kohler faucets exemplify excellent craft and cutting-edge design, with various alternatives to suit different bathroom styles. Kohler offers a variety of intelligent bathroom solutions that effortlessly combine technology in addition to fittings. Kohler adds ease and sophistication to the modern bathroom with touchless faucets, smart toilets, and voice-activated controls.

Founded: 1873

Speciality: Faucets, sanitaryware, showers, intelligent toilets, bathtubs and bathroom accessories

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5. Aquant: A well-known brand specialising in high-end bathroom fittings. Their sleek and modern faucets, exquisite sanitaryware, luxurious shower systems, and stylish accessories combine utility with modern style. Aquant’s dedication to quality and innovation makes them popular among those looking for sophisticated and long-lasting bathroom solutions.

Founded: 2006

Speciality: Ceramic wash basins, health faucets, kitchen faucets, sanitaryware

6. Alchymi is a luxury bathroom fittings company recognised for its avant-garde and artistic designs. Their products are handcrafted with meticulous care to detail and provide the ideal blend of structure and function. Their faucets, showers, sanitaryware, and bath accessories are prominent for their elegance, innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Speciality:  Faucets, sanitaryware, showers and bath accessories

7. ArtizeIt is a prominent bathroom accessories business in India that provides a diverse selection of intelligent and modern products that improve the aesthetics and functioning of bathrooms and kitchens. Artize combines innovation and contemporary design in everything from faucets and showers to sanitary goods and kitchen accessories.

Speciality: Sanitaryware, home & kitchen appliances. 

8. Carysil: It is a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen sinks, faucets, and quartz surfaces. Carysil’s products are designed to resist daily usage demands while bringing a sense of style to the kitchen space, focusing on innovation and durability. For a comprehensive kitchen solution, they provide a wide choice of sink shapes and finishes and precision-engineered faucets.

Speciality: Kitchen appliances, faucets. 

9. CERA: It is a significant manufacturer of comprehensive home solutions such as sanitaryware, tiles, faucets, kitchen sinks, mirrors, and shower panels. As the industry leader, CERA offers a complete package for improving the functioning and aesthetics of homes.

The Sanitaryware line by CERA includes many toilets, basins and other bathroom fixtures. CERA ensures comfort and longevity in every product through rigorous craftsmanship and inventive design.

Speciality: Sanitaryware, faucets, home appliances, bath accessories. 

Why choose East India Company for bathroom fittings? 

The East India Company takes great pleasure in being Chennai’s premier destination for bathroom fittings. We have built a reputation as an industry-trusted and credible brand by providing our customers with the highest quality designer hardware, modular kitchens and appliances, exclusive designer tiles, safety lockers, lighting, fans, faucets, mirrors, rugs, and more. We are driven by innovation and modern design. We follow the most recent trends, ensuring customers can access the most attractive and functional bathroom fixtures.

Wrapping Up

The East India Company is a definite frontrunner in discovering Chennai’s best bathroom fittings brands. We offer a comprehensive solution for improving your bathroom space with an incredible choice of high-quality designer hardware, modular kitchens and appliances, exclusive designer tiles, safety lockers, lighting, fans, faucets, mirrors, carpets, and more. The East India Company is the best choice for those seeking top-notch bathroom fittings, with over two decades of experience, a devotion to customer satisfaction, and a keen eye for innovation and contemporary design. 


1. What makes East India Company the top brand of bathroom fixtures in Chennai?

We provide high-quality items, a comprehensive range of household appliances, bathroom fittings, and other possibilities.

2. Can I find renowned sanitaryware brands at the East India Company?

The East India Company collaborates with established companies to provide customers with high-quality sanitaryware products. 

3. Is the East India Company updated with the latest bathroom design trends?

The company’s product line is constantly updated to reflect the newest trends, offering stylish and functional fittings.

4. Which bathroom fittings brands does the East India Company work with?

 The East India Company collaborates with various well-known companies, including Jaquar, Kohler, Parryware and many others, to provide customers with the finest bathroom fitting options

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