10 Kids Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

Kids Friendly Bathroom

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Read through the blog to unravel ten innovative and fun kids friendly bathroom design ideas that ensure safety and add joy and creativity to your little ones’ daily routines.

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10 Kids Friendly Bathroom Design That Transform Your Bathroom into a Kid Friendly Haven

Elevating the bathroom into a kid-friendly haven is not just about making it safe; it’s about creating a space where bath time becomes an adventure and brushing teeth is a fun routine. 

It’s about turning a functional room into a place where imagination soars and splashing is encouraged. 

With these 10 playful design ideas, you can create a bathroom that will excite your little ones to get clean and make your life a little easier.

1. Add a splash of colour and creativity

Colour full bathroom design

Instead of traditional paint, consider using washable, kid-friendly paint in bright colours. Implement using removable wallpaper or wall decals featuring their favourite colour themes. 

  • Accessories: Use colourful accessories like towels and rugs to enhance the playful atmosphere. 
  • Shower Curtains: Choose shower curtains with playful designs or patterns that appeal to children. Look for waterproof and easy-to-clean options.
  • Interactive Wall Features: Consider adding interactive elements to the walls, such as chalkboard paint or magnetic paint. It allows kids to draw and create artwork, adding a personal touch to the space.
  • Artwork: Hang artistic and whimsical artwork that resonates with children’s tastes. It can be framed prints and canvas paintings. 

2. Combine Safety and Style with a Primp and Prep Zone:

Creating a designated area for your child’s grooming routine can enhance both safety and style in the bathroom. 

Install easy-to-reach faucets and add storage solutions for children, such as cabinets or shelves with colourful bins or toiletries. 

Consider adding a playful touch by installing soap dispensers or toothbrush holders. It will add 

sophistication and a luxurious touch, elevating their bathroom decor. 

3. Safety First: Opt for Vibrant Tiles with Slip Resistant Surfaces

Non Slip Tiles

For your child’s bathroom, selecting the appropriate flooring is essential to their safety. 

Choose tiles with non-slip surfaces to lower the possibility of mishaps, particularly in wet regions. Seek for easily-cleanable tiles that adhere to safety regulations.

Think of using bright tiles with colourful patterns or designs to create a whimsical touch. An entertaining element can be added to the room by using mosaic tiles to make intriguing patterns on the floor. 

Moreover, utilising various sizes and shapes of tiles can provide visual interest and improve the bathroom’s appeal to kids.

4. Elevate sophistication with modern hand showers

Modern hand showers can elevate the look and functionality of your kids bathroom. Look for seek hand showers with contemporary showers that complement their bathroom aesthetics. 

Consider models with adjustable settings, such as different spray patterns and water pressures, to cater to the needs of your family members.

These hand showers are helpful and fashionable. Giving kids more control over the direction and flow of the water might make bathing them simpler.

5. Install safety bars, handles and anti slip trays

safety bar for bathroom.

Safety bars and trays should be a top priority while designing a kid-friendly bathroom. 

To assist kids in maintaining their balance and averting mishaps, install safety bars and grips in strategic locations like the shower and the area next to the toilet. 

Ensure the handles and bars are positioned at the appropriate height for adults and children, and use robust, easily gripped options.

Trays that are anti-slip are yet another crucial safety component. These trays can be installed in the bathtub and shower to give traction and stop slips and falls. 

Seek for trays with a well-grip textured surface that retains its hold even in damp conditions. Add a non-slip mat outside the bathtub to avoid mishaps when kids enter and exit the bathtub.

6. Incorporate a color changing showerhead

Adding a colour-changing showerhead can be a fun and interactive element, making bath time more fun and engaging for kids. 

These showerheads give kids a visual warning when the water is excessively hot or cold by changing colour in response to water temperature. 

Parents can feel even more at ease knowing that specific models are equipped with integrated temperature sensors that instantly bring the water’s temperature down to a safe level.

These elements can make your bathroom a welcoming and secure environment for kids without sacrificing design or functionality.

7. Place safety step stools for easy sink access

kids step stool.

Safety step tools are essential while creating a kids friendly bathroom. It helps the children to reach the sink comfortably and safely. 

Look for step tools with non-slip surfaces and sturdy construction to prevent accidents. 

Easily accessible for kids, the step stool may be moved out of the way when not in use by placing it close to the sink. 

This will protect kids from mishaps and instil the value of maintaining proper hygiene.

8. Fun and functional smart toilets for kids

Smart toilets are a great addition to a kid-friendly bathroom. These features are equipped with features that make them easy and enjoyable for children.

 Look for smart toilets with built-in bidets, adjustable seat heights, and automatic flushing to promote good hygiene habits and independence in children.

9. Illuminate elegance with LED mirrors


LED mirrors can add a touch of elegance to your kid’s bathroom. Our mirrors are energy efficient, providing even light while brushing teeth and styling hair. 

Look for LED mirrors with adjustable brightness settings and anti-fog features to ensure they meet your family’s needs.

10. Luxuriate in style with bathtubs

When designing a kid friendly bathroom, it is essential to choose a bathtub that is safe and stylish. 

Choose a bathtub that enhances the overall design of your bathroom for style. Consider freestanding bathtubs or built-in tubs with sleek, contemporary styles for an opulent appearance. 

You can also select bathtubs with features like built-in speakers or LED lights to give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Wrapping Up 

Making your bathroom a kid friendly haven requires more than just a few amusing touches; you must also ensure your kids can play in a secure, useful, and stimulating environment. 

Your children can look forward to bath time if you use bright colours, interactive elements, and clever safety measures.

 East India Company-inspired bathroom designs provide a distinctive fusion of contemporary luxury and classic charm, transforming your bathroom into an enthralling area that inspires creativity and exploration.

 By selecting premium fixtures from well-known manufacturers like Kohler, Parryware, and Jaquar, you can be sure that your bathroom has the newest comfort and technology and is aesthetically pleasing. 

Makeover your house with these creative design concepts, and create the best kids friendly bathroom. 


1. Can kids friendly bathroom designs also be stylish and modern?

Without a doubt, kid-friendly bathrooms can be trendy and entertaining, with contemporary fixtures and eye-catching designs that appeal to both young and old.

2. Are there safety features that can also enhance the bathroom’s design?

Safety elements like LED nightlights and non-slip tiles may give the bathroom a contemporary look while still being functional.

3. How can I ensure my child’s bathroom grows with them?

Select fixtures and styles that are easily updated as your child develops, including wall decals that can be removed and shower heads that can be adjusted.

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