7 Reasons Why To Choose East India Company For Your Bathroom And Kitchen Project

Why To Choose East India Company

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Renovating your bathroom or kitchen is both exciting and arduous. It is crucial to choose the right partner for materials and expertise. This blog will cover why to choose East India Company for bath and kitchen project for you home


Have you dreamed of creating a perfect bathroom and kitchen that stands out? Then, we are sure you would have put your 100% effort into checking for aesthetics and functional needs. 

But if you feel you are still far from getting the desired results, you are missing out on something crucial, i.e., seeking a trusted partner to buy the necessities! Having the right partner to buy reliable supplies is paramount to meeting your goal. 

When renovating your home’s core space, every detail matters. From sanitaryware and hardware to tiles, lighting, and kitchenware, the quality of the materials can either squash or improve the outcome. 

That’s why choosing East India Company is the best thing you can do!!

Whether you’re planning new projects or transformations, East India Company will be your trusted companion. With diverse products to choose from a pool of brands, it should be your one-stop destination for your kitchen and bathroom revamping process. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why to choose East India Company

If you are wondering why East India Company, here’s a list for you! Make sure to read till the end. 

1). Wide Range of Products

Large collection of bathroom fittings

East India Company provides a wide range of products that will cover literally everything you need to complete your bathroom or kitchen. You will find an impressive selection of 

  • Sanitaryware: Toilets, basins, bathtubs, showers, and more.
  • Hardware: Faucets, handles, knobs, hinges, and more.
  • Tiles: An array of floor and wall tiles in different materials, colours, and patterns.
  • Lighting: A wide range of lighting solutions, from functional task lighting to ambient and decorative fixtures. 
  • Kitchenware: A comprehensive selection of sinks, modular kitchen, countertops, appliances, and other accessories. 

The A to Z sanitaryware, bathroom, and kitchen fittings will cater to various styles and functionalities. 

2). Collections From Diverse & Top Brands

Branded bathroom fittings

What makes East India Company the most outstanding is the availability of a multitude of top-tier brands. The leading sanitaryware showroom understands that individual preferences vary, and so we always have room for choices. 

You can explore various styles, designs, and price points to find the perfect fit for your spaces. Be it contemporary elegance, timeless classics, or innovative solutions- East India Company has it all! 

Here are some brands available at East India Company.

3). Unbeatable Price & Discounts

East India Company and affordability go hand in hand. The company excels at providing competitive prices and attractive discounts, ensuring you stay within your budget without compromising on quality.  

If you are a retail customer or a bulk purchaser seeking the best value, East India Company ensures you get the most out of every money spent. 

Right now, at East India Company, there’s an ongoing offer where you can get up to 45% discounts for the products purchased.

4). Convenient Locations

Highcourt Showroom

East India Company is strategically positioned in Chennai with three branches- two in Parry’s Corner and one in Vadapalani. The convenient and easily accessible locations make it easy for customers to explore the offerings and make informed decisions. 

Here’s the address for your reference.

1. East India Company – Parrys Corner:

No.58, ( Old 123) Armenian Street Opp High Court Facing, 

NSC Bose Rd, 

Parry’s Corner, Chennai, 

Tamil Nadu 600001.

2. East India Company – High Court Metro

Esplanade Rd, next to High Court Metro Station, 

Parrys, George Town, 

Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600104

3. East India Company – Vadapalani

J.N.Road, (100 feet Road) Bhakthavathchalam Colony, 

Vadapalani, Chennai, 

Tamil Nadu 600026

5). Largest Showroom in Chennai

Vadapalani showroom

East India Company is Chennai’s most spacious showroom dedicated solely to sanitaryware, bathroom, and kitchen fittings. With a large selection of products and unparalleled choices, it will surely cater to every style and preference. 

East India Company provides an unmatchable shopping experience and helps you make informed decisions more easily without complicating or compromising. 

6). Expert Guidance

We understand that the products you see on the magazine page or visual ads might not match your space. It can be overwhelming to decide what fits the best in your bathroom and kitchen. There are so many factors to check, such as functionality, durability, aesthetics, etc. 

Hence, experienced guidance is needed to make your dreams come true. Zahir Hussain, the owner of this giant sanitaryware showroom, has over 35 years of experience in the industry. The knowledgeable team he leads offers personalised advice that helps you make informed decisions. 

7). Award-Winning Service

East India Awards

East India Company, for its exceptional customer service, got recognition as the “Champions of Champions” in Tamil Nadu by the Jaquar brand. Awarded for its highest brand store sales, it has cemented its position as the preferred retail partner and a go-to choice for customers seeking excellence.

Benefits Of Choosing East India Company

Choosing East India Company as your trusted partner for your bathroom and kitchen renovation offers enormous benefits. 

  • You can find everything you need under one roof. 
  • East India Company saves you time and effort. 
  • You can get access to reputable brands that offer durability.
  • You can get personalised guidance from experienced professionals and make informed choices.
  • There are always unbeatable prices and discounts at East India Company.
  • The three showrooms in Parry’s Corner and Vadapalani in Chennai are easily accessible.
  • The award-winning customer service at East India Company will exceed your expectations


Now you know why East India Company is the ultimate destination for customers and builders when it comes to bathroom and kitchen makeovers. The seven reasons given are enough for you to choose EIC to level up your core spaces to new heights of excellence!

Visit our branches today and give a life to your bathroom and kitchen! With East India Company, it’s always an enriching experience! 

FAQs Releated Why To Choose East India Company

1). Are East India Company products high quality?

Yes, East India Company offers premium quality, durable, functional, and aesthetical products from renowned brands like Kohler, Parryware, Hindware, Nirali, Germa, Artize, etc. 

2). How many showrooms does East India Company have in Chennai?

East India Company has three showrooms in Chennai, one located at Vadapalani and two at Parry’s Corner.

3). Do East India Company provide discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes, bulk purchasers can benefit from maximum discounts on bulk orders, and retail purchasers can enjoy the wholesale rates for the pieces they buy. 

4). How is customer service at East India Company?

East India Company has been recognised for its award-winning services and exceptional customer care. 

5). What brands are available at East India Company?

East India houses over 20 brands that are both national and international. Here are a few to mention: Jaquar, Hindware, Carysil, Parryware, Aquant, Nirali, Kohler, Artize, Germa, Swell, Viking, Fabe, Metro, Geberit, Navrang, etc.

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