Bathroom Fittings and Accessories for Every Style: Choose Your Ideal Match from Classic to Modern

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Your bathroom is an important space where you start your day, prepare for the day ahead, and unwind after a long, tiring day. The fittings and accessories you choose for your bathroom significantly create the right atmosphere and functionality.

Whether you prefer classic elegance or modern minimalism, there are fittings and accessories to match your style. In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of bathroom fittings and accessory options to help you create your ideal intimate space.

Types of bathroom fittings for every style

The fittings you choose form the backbone of your bathroom style. Carefully selected faucets, sinks, showers, tiles and tubs can take your design from drab to fab.


faucets taps

If you want a classic look, opt for a widespread or centre-set faucet in materials like brass or porcelain. Widespread faucets have separated handles and spouts for a traditional feel. Centerset faucets have handles and spouts in one unit but still achieve that classic elegance. Other features like cross or lever handles and ornate detailing add to the traditional style.

For a contemporary look, choose a single-handle or vessel faucet. Single-handle faucets have one lever to control hot and cold water. V faucets sit on the counter rather than being mounted on the wall for a unique modern look. Go for clean lines and simple shapes. Materials like stainless steel, chrome, and other metals keep the look minimalist.

For the ultimate convenience, touchless faucets turn on with just a wave. They’re great if you have mobility issues or want an ultra-easy experience. Motion-sensor faucets look sleek and modern.

Unique faucet styles like a waterfall, pot filler, or commercial-style faucets can add drama and function. Waterfall faucets are perfect for bathroom vessel sinks. Pot filler faucets provide easy filling over your tub or stove. Commercial faucets have that restaurant sink look.



Vessel sinks sit on the vanity counter rather than being sunk into it. They make a bold style statement for modern or contemporary bathrooms. Materials like glass, stone, or metal complement the look. Make sure to choose a tall faucet to accommodate a vessel sink.

For a vintage feel, go for a pedestal sink atop a single column. Porcelain matched with chrome or brass fittings achieves traditional style. Pedestal sinks keep a small space open.

Like pedestal sinks, console sinks sit atop a column but attach to the wall for support. The exposed plumbing gives a vintage industrial vibe. Console sinks work especially well in narrow bathrooms.

Wall-mounted sinks attach directly to the wall rather than sitting on a vanity. They create an airy, easy-to-clean look. Wall-mount sinks work with modern, transitional, or industrial designs.


Compact vanity with a ceramic sink top

Vanities provide storage as well as sink space. Traditional styles feature ornate detailing and materials like porcelain and wood. Modern vanities have clean lines and often incorporate metal tones. Contemporary vanities may include open shelving rather than cabinets. Make sure to choose a vanity sized appropriately for your space.


shower enclosure

Corner showers with simple sliding doors or curtains also have vintage charm.

For modern bathrooms, choose walk-in showers with clear glass enclosures, rain showerheads and handheld wands. Soaking tubs can have an architectural freestanding design in materials like stone. Some integrate lighting, audio and other spa-like features for luxury.


bath tub

Freestanding tubs also complement the modern style. Look for clean, sculptural shapes. Slope the ceiling to create an airy feel.

Choose a ceramic or acrylic tub with ornate feet and detailing for traditional charm. Add vintage-style fixtures like an afoot tub faucet. Shower-tub surrounds with tile or etched glass maintain the classic elegance. Select shower and tub fixtures in finishes to match your faucets and other accessories.

For the ultimate relaxation, consider a jetted tub. Jet tubs have jets to massage and soothe tired muscles. Air bathtubs inject air into the water for a luxurious soak. Look for jet and air tubs with adjustable flow controls so you can customise your experience.

Showers and tubs provide a chance to relax and rejuvenate and create a spa-like experience.


verticle tile

Classic tile styles include white or neutral solid-coloured wall tiles, decorative border tiles, and traditional patterns like hexagons or subways. Marble or porcelain tile maintains an elegant appearance over time.

Modern tiles come in geometric patterns, unique materials like glass or metal, and dimensional designs with varying thickness. Large format tiles create a seamless look. Unusual colours and mixed materials like stone and wood add contemporary flair.

Types of bathroom accessories for every style

The finishing touches, like accessories, pull your whole bathroom together. Accessories should coordinate with your overall style.

  • Towel racks and rings
towel rack

Chrome or brass towel racks and rings coordinate with classic fixtures. Consider wall-mounted or freestanding options. Select brass, bronze, or nickel towel racks and rings with traditional shapes. Go for bars rather than rings for a vintage feel.

For modern bathrooms, choose sleek racks and rings made of materials like iron, wood or stone in geometric shapes. Heated towel racks are an indulgent upgrade. Try unique shapes like zigzags or waves

  • Toilet paper holders
towel ring

Simple chrome or brass holders with decorative shapes suit classic bathrooms.

Opt for modern holders integrated into the wall, made of unusual materials or having clean lines and geometric shapes. Touchless rolls are also hygienic.

Match the finish and style of your toilet paper holder to your other hardware.

  • Mirrors
cosmetic mirrors

Framed mirrors or full-length mirrors with decorative accents work for classic bathrooms.

Choose frameless floating mirrors, integrated lighted mirrors, or unique shapes for a modern look. Install above vanities or in showers for functionality.

  • Storage and Organisers
Over the toilet storage cabinet

Wooden cabinets, drawers or wicker baskets provide classic storage.

Install wall-mounted or built-in cabinets with glass doors, open shelving, or niche storage for modern bathrooms in the shower or tub area. Use baskets or trays made of materials like bamboo to keep counters clutter-free.

Factors to consider when choosing bathroom fittings and accessories

Here are the factors to consider when choosing bathroom fittings and accessories.

  • Style: Consider your bathroom’s existing aesthetic and what style you want to achieve. Choose complementary fittings and accessories that match your vision.
  • Budget: Set a budget and find affordable options that maintain quality and style. Shop sales and look for multi-functional items to get more value.
  • Space: Measure your space and choose items suited to its dimensions. Opt for wall-mounted, compact or multi-functional fittings based on the available space.
  • Usage: Choose fittings and accessories based on your bathroom’s purpose and number of users. Prioritise durable, easy-to-use and high-functioning options suitable for your usage needs.
  • Maintenance: Consider the ease of cleaning and care required for different materials. Low-maintenance choices like glass, ceramic and stainless steel are ideal for busy families. Avoid overly intricate or delicate materials that show water spots or fingerprints.
  • Materials: Popular materials include ceramic, porcelain and marble for easy-clean surfaces. Stainless steel, chrome and brass are durable for fixtures. Glass, stone and solid surface materials like quartz create a contemporary look. Wood needs extra care but adds warmth.
  • Cohesion: Mix and match bathroom items thoughtfully to create a unified look through similar materials, colours, finishes and design themes or motifs. Ensure all elements complement each other aesthetically.
  • Sustainability: Consider eco-friendly, water-efficient and low-VOC options where possible. Durable, high-quality fittings that last for years are also sustainable selections.

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With different types of bathroom fittings available today, you can outfit your bathroom in any style, from classic to contemporary. Take time to consider your needs and space, then select high-quality fittings and accessories that match your vision. An organised, well-designed bathroom isn’t just beautiful- it makes daily tasks more enjoyable.


1. What are the common bathroom fittings?

Bathroom fittings typically include a toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. Other common fittings are mirrors, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and, in some cases, a bidet. Properly installed bathroom fittings allow for convenient and hygienic use of the bathroom.

2. What accessories should you have in your bathroom?

A toilet paper holder, hand soap, and towels are basic necessities. For convenience, it’s also nice to have a small trash can, bath mat, and storage for things like toiletries, washcloths, and robes. Keeping your bathroom stocked with the basics helps keep it functional.

3. How do you choose the best bathroom fittings?

Consider the size of your bathroom and the style of your home to select fittings that will fit well in the space. Also, think about how many people will use the bathroom and what features you need based on that. Don’t forget to factor in your budget to ensure you choose quality fittings you can afford.

4). What bathroom fittings are available at the East India Company?

The East India Company in Chennai offers a wide range of bathroom sanitaryware and fittings, including various styles of wash basins, toilets, bathtubs and showers, faucets, fittings and other bathroom accessories

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