11 Best Parryware Bathroom Accessories to Style Your Bathroom

Best Parryware Bathroom Accessories

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Discover a carefully picked range of high-quality Parryware bathroom accessories that promise to transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional retreat. Explore a selection of finely crafted fixtures and accents carefully selected to enrich your bathing space. From sleek faucets to innovative storage solutions, this concise guide highlights the pinnacle of design and convenience for a stylish bathroom upgrade. Dive into this collection and redefine your bathroom experience with Parryware’s finest offerings.

11 Best Parryware Bathroom Accessories For Your Bathroom

1. Air showers

shower system

This luxurious overhead shower head adds a touch of elegance to your oasis. It is made of corrosion-resistant ABS plastic and has a sleek chrome finish. It is versatile, with multiple water patterns ranging from a soft rain-like flow to an energising massage.

The Rubit cleaning method ensures a spotless bathroom by effortlessly removing limescale and residues. It is perfect for small bathrooms because it is designed to save space. With its chrome 

faceplate, it not only looks beautiful but also provides easy maintenance.

2. Angle cock 

angle valve 2 way

This tap combines elegance and functionality to create a stunning addition to any space. Its gorgeous chrome finish flows refinement, and its precision-engineered handles assure smooth water flow. Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, this tap epitomises sophistication and dependability, ensuring longevity and steady performance over many years.

 It serves as a statement piece for modern living, embracing current aesthetics and transcending ordinary usefulness to become an artistic centrepiece. The Angel Cock tap blends ingenuity and style to add a touch of elegance to your daily routine.

Redefine your space with this versatile, refined tap, transforming ordinary spaces into 

extraordinary experiences.

3. Floor-standing basin 

Our stylish floor-standing basin will complement your bathroom hideaway. It redefines luxury by providing enough counter space, easy maintenance, and a sleek style for an upgraded experience. In its wide 400 x 900 mm size, enjoy elegance and relaxation.

This floor-standing basin was designed with style and functionality, featuring a large surface area and a well-integrated tap platform. Its sturdy construction provides durability, while the surface’s ease of cleaning ensures a simple care routine. The installation process is simple, allowing you to enjoy your revitalized environment immediately.

Its clean contours and fine ceramic finish emanate a contemporary charm, transforming your everyday rituals into a sumptuous affair. It is 400 by 900 mm in size and exudes refinement.

4. Bib cock

The Bibcock tap is the epitome of quality and durability, suitable for kitchen and bathroom use. Made of stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its polished surface gives a modern touch, while the single-lever design simplifies water flow and temperature control.

This faucet’s elongated spout makes it ideal for filling water containers and washing dishes. The metallic lever provides a secure grip. The wall flange adds solidity to the tap when it is wall-mounted. It also satisfies water conservation criteria by being water-efficient.

5. Bib cock long body

Bib cock long body

The Bibcock long body tap with wall flange is an easy-to-use sanitaryware essential. Its long-lasting durability, stylish style, and simple installation make it a versatile and dependable plumbing fixture that can be used in various settings.

Its elongated body is designed for simple installation across toilets, sinks, and showers. The presence of a wall flange promotes stability during wall connection, reducing needless wobbling or vibrations. Furthermore, the integrated shut-off valve lets users control water flow directly at the source.

The Bibcock long-body tap is an excellent solution for those looking for a low-cost, simple-to-install, and highly functional option.

6. Towel rack

towel rack

The stainless steel towel rack with a sleek chrome finish is a must-have addition to your bathroom design. This multifunctional object functions as a shelf and a clothing/towel rack, providing adequate space for bathroom needs.

Its simple installation and wall-mounted design make it an excellent space-saving alternative. It is not only simple to maintain, but its fashionable appearance also adds to the mood of your personal space. This vital item from the Jaquar brand has been crafted for functionality and durability, and it is corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant, assuring a long-lasting investment.

7. Tower ring

towel ring

The wall-mounted towel ring with a round flange is made of stainless steel with a polished chrome finish and represents simplicity and elegance, efficiently enriching your bathroom design. This sophisticated design gives a touch of class and ensures practical functionality.

Screws are used for installation, and the robust flange provides dependable support, reducing concerns about wobbling or loosening over time. Its simple upkeep and cleaning routine maintain long-lasting beauty while giving a stylish and handy way to hang towels.

8. Wall hung bidet

Compact elongated toilet for space-saving

Amp the look of your bathroom with the Bidspa rimless wall-hung WC, which comes with an electric PP seat cover, hinges and accessories set. This cutting-edge addition adds modern hygiene and comfort to your home, saving valuable space and delivering modern flair.

Discover the pinnacle of modern luxury and hygiene in a single, cutting-edge package. This bidet increases your bathroom experience with a touch of luxury thanks to its advanced technology and attractive design.

9. Whirlpools

bathtub with stream

With this excellent whirlpool tub, you can have a wonderful spa experience at home! Its strong white frame ensures longevity, while modern features, including a level sensor, safety vacuum breaker, and touchpad control, enhance your enjoyment and safety.

This easy-to-use whirlpool tub features an overflow-free design and an integrated drain and filler for a seamless experience. 

10. Wall hung pedestal basin


Enhance your bathroom ambience with the exquisite wall-hung half-pedestal basin! This innovative and space-saving design combines modern beauty with unrivalled utility. The basin’s half pedestal, meticulously made for precision, adds a modern touch and frees up valuable floor space, creating an open and inviting sense in your bathroom.

11. Multi-function showers

spa showerhead

The Multi-Function shower head features a cylindrical shape with multiple water flow patterns. It is made of strong ABS plastic and has a sleek chrome finish, saving space and providing easy cleaning. Its sophisticated grey faceplate lends a touch of class to the ensemble.

It includes the Multi-flow function, which displays a variety of water patterns to suit individual preferences. The Rubit cleaning system effectively keeps limescale at bay, ensuring a clutter-free shower experience. Its maneuverability and space-saving features make it an excellent complement to any bathroom.

Why choose Parryware products? 

Parryware products are distinguished by their high quality, unique designs and dedication to improving your bathroom experience. Parryware offers a varied assortment of bathroom products to satisfy any requirement, with a focus on functionality, style and longevity. Parryware’s commitment to excellence provides a smooth and stylish bathroom environment, from its elegant looks to its dependable function.

Head to East India Company for Parryware products 

We are dedicated to providing top-tier bathroom solutions; East India Company bring the best of Parryware’s innovative and quality products to elevate your bathroom spaces. Our curated selection reflects Parryware’s hallmark of excellence, delivering a blend of style, durability, and functionality that resonates with the needs of modern homeowners. 

Wrapping Up 

 Parryware products are a testament to superior quality and innovation in bathroom fixtures. Our commitment is to provide these exceptional products, ensuring that customers across our region experience the pinnacle of style, durability, and functionality in their bathrooms. With Parryware, we offer more than just fixtures; we promise reliability and sophistication. 


1. What makes Parryware products stand out?

Parryware products stand out because of their unique designs, high-quality materials and dedication to dependability, assuring long-lasting function and style in your bathroom.

2. Are Parryware products easy to ins

Parryware products are designed with user convenience, with simple installation methods and clear instructions for trouble-free setup.

3. Can Parryware products be used in a variety of bathroom styles?

Parryware provides various items, from sleek modern designs to classic and timeless solutions, appealing to multiple aesthetics and flawlessly complimenting distinct bathroom types.

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