Bathroom Storage Solution: Transform Your Space With Functional And Stylish Solutions

Bathroom Storage Solution

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Whether you have a small or spacious master bathroom, planning your storage is essential for keeping your intimate space organised and clutter-free. Maximising storage might feel like a challenge, we get it! But, with our clever solutions, you can transform even the most crampest bathroom into a functional and stylish one. 

This blog explores efficient and aesthetically pleasing bathroom storage solutions to suit any bathroom and budget. From wall-mounted cabinets to under-sink organisers, we will discuss everything that helps you make the most of your space. Let’s get started! 

Know Your Storage Needs!

Before getting your hands on bathroom storage accessories, identify your needs. 

  • Know the items that you use daily and occasionally. Daily essentials include toothbrushes, skincare products, and hair styling tools. While other items that are often less used can be tucked away. 
  • Look at the size and number of towels you use to determine the space you need to store them.
  • Check your personal care products and analyse how much shelf space you need to store your medications and toiletries. 
  • If you need storage for your cleaning supplies, you can stuff them out of sight by keeping them under the sink. It is also easily accessible this way. 
  • Determine the space required for decorative items and functional products. Find a balance so that your counters do not get over-cluttered. 

If you know the space required for your items in the bathroom, you can look for storage solutions. 

Maximising Existing Storage

Always look for ways to utilise better the storage you already have in your bathroom. With simple tweaks, you can double your existing storage space.


bathroom Cabinets
  • If the cabinets under your sink are packed tight with items, try installing risers or adjustable shelves to use the vertical space better. 
  • Add hooks to the back of cabinet doors to hang towels, cleaning supplies, and more.
  • Consider adding pull-out drawers if your cabinet layout makes accessing items in the back hard. 
  • Add tiered trays or racks to corral smaller items like cosmetics and skincare products.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine Cabinets
  • Take everything out of your medicine cabinet and reorganise it with shelves to separate medications, first aid supplies, toiletries, and other items. This way, it is easier to find what you need quickly.
  • If your medicine cabinet has a mirror on the back of the door, add over-the-door hooks to hang items like hairbrushes.


bathroom Drawers
  • Use drawer dividers or small bins to separate items like socks, underwear, and other clothing in vanity drawers. 
  • You can buy inexpensive dividers or make your own from cardboard, egg cartons, or other recycled materials. (DIY your bathroom storage!)

Wall Storage

Wall Storage
  • Make the most of vertical wall space by mounting shelves or floating cabinets above the toilet. 
  • Use them to store extra toilet paper, towels, decor, and other bathroom essentials.

Creative Bathroom Storage Solutions

Here are some fascinating and clever storage solutions to stow belongings and upgrade your bathroom into a tidy, spa-like environment. 

  • Hanging Wall Cabinets: Gain storage and style with wall-mounted cabinets on either side of your mirror. Choose cabinets with doors to conceal mess or open shelving for a pretty display. Use them to store skincare, cosmetics, hair products, medications, etc.
  • Freestanding Storage Units: Freestanding shelves, cabinets, and storage towers provide both storage and visual interest. Place them in an empty corner or next to the vanity. Use baskets or bins to corral items inside.
  • Under-Sink Storage Carts: Wheeled carts are a smart way to utilise the space under sinks. Look for two-tier carts that slide easily in and out when you need access. Use to neatly organise cleaners, toilet paper, and other bulky items.
  • Hanging Organisers: Install hanging wall racks or over-the-door organisers to conveniently store towels, robes, and other linens. Choose bamboo, metal, or plastic organisers with multiple shelves and hooks.
  • Drawer Organisers: Plastic drawer organisers have removable dividers to create the perfect custom compartments for your vanity drawers. They keep everything neatly separated and easy to find.
  • Shelving Units: Free up counter space by installing shelving units on the wall or corners. Choose materials like wire, wood, or metal and use baskets to hold items. Great for stowing extra toiletries and accessories.
  • Shower Caddies: Shower caddies conveniently hold all your bathing essentials, keeping them off the shower floor. Choose corner-mounted, hanging, or tension pole caddies. Opt for rust-resistant materials.
  • Bathroom Storage Benches: Benches provide seating and subtle storage for towels, toiletries, and other items. Look for water-resistant benches with lift-up lids or underneath storage compartments.
  • Hidden Waste Baskets: Keep waste bins out of sight but easily accessible by mounting small trash bins inside cabinets and vanities. Use step levers for easy, hands-free opening.

Storage Solutions For Specific Items

We have listed smart storage solutions for specific bathroom items to keep them organised. Read till the end to know. 


  • Use hooks on the wall, over-the-door hangers, or freestanding towel racks. Hang towels folded in half for compact storage.
  • Store neatly folded towels in open bins or baskets. Use stylish ceramic, metal, or woven baskets.
  • Add a towel ladder if space allows. It is also great for decorative display. Roll towels for a tidier look.


  • Keep bottles upright and organised in caddies and trays that sit neatly on shelves or cabinets.
  • Use hanging shower caddies with shelves and hooks to access toiletries while bathing quickly.
  • Store cotton swabs, q-tips, and other small items in countertop acrylic canisters.

Hair Styling Tools

  • Use wall-mounted panels or acrylic holders with slots to store hot hair tools to cool down neatly.
  • Coil cords, hang hair dryers, and curling irons from hooks or pegs inside cabinets.
  • Store brushes and combs in countertop cups or acrylic desktop organisers.

Makeup And Skincare

  • Organise beauty products in countertop acrylic drawers and trays, keeping items separated.
  • Store everyday products on shelves or trays inside cabinets for quick access when needed.
  • Use wall-mounted racks above your counter to display skincare and cosmetics.

Picking materials Wisely

While selecting materials for storage furniture or organisers, always be environmentally conscious. 

  • Look for water-resistant materials such as wood, melamine, powder-coated steel and rustproof plastic.
  • Avoid paper products, fabric and unsealed wood that will degrade over time.
  • Look out if you buy glass shelves and cabinets since they might offer an airy look but require extra care in the high-moisture areas. 
  • Opt for closed cabinets and drawers to protect the items from moisture, mildew and dust. 
  • You can also install adjustable feet or wall-mount cabinets to allow flow underneath. 
  • Use dehumidifiers to regulate humidity levels to prevent damage to surfaces. 

With the right materials, your storage solutions will withstand daily bathroom use for years.

Maintaining A Clutter-Free Bathroom

You shouldn’t stop just organising your bathroom but keep the space tidy as much as possible. Keep in mind these simple yet efficient habits. 

  • Put items back where they belong after each use so clutter doesn’t accumulate.
  • Remove products you don’t use often or are empty to free up precious space.
  • Clean cabinets, drawers, and shelves regularly to prevent a messy buildup.
  • If your storage system isn’t working, rearrange and adjust it to suit your needs better.
  • Add storage pieces gradually over time as your needs change.

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Whether through built-ins, furniture or clever organisers, these bathroom storage solutions will help you make the most of your bathroom space, from vanities to linen closets. With the right solutions tailored to your style and budget, even small bathrooms can feel spacious and well-appointed. 

Focus on functionality while incorporating decorative elements that reflect your taste. You can transform your bathroom into an organised oasis by thoughtfully maximising every nook and cranny.


1). How can I get more storage in my bathroom?

You can add more storage by installing shelves above the toilet to store towels and toiletries. You could also add a wall-mounted cabinet or medicine cabinet to store items out of the way but still accessible. Installing floating shelves near the shower is another good option to keep shampoos and soaps organised.

2). What is the best storage material for a bathroom?

The best storage materials for a bathroom include wood, laminate, plastic and glass. Wood offers durability and a variety of styles. At the same time, laminate provides a wood-like look with less maintenance. Glass allows the contents of cabinets and drawers to be viewed clearly while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

3). How can I hide storage in my bathroom?

There are a few good ways to hide storage in your bathroom while maintaining functionality. Installing cabinets behind mirrored medicine cabinets allows the storage of towels and supplies out of sight. Floating shelves mounted above toilets or behind doors maximise unused wall space. Installing drawers under sinks provides convenient storage that is discreetly hidden from view.

4). How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

Install wallpaper or tile with rich patterns to make the space feel grander. Use wall sconces or a chandelier light fixture instead of an overhead light for ambient lighting. Incorporate marble, gold, or brass finishes into accessories, fixtures, and hardware for a touch of luxury.

5). Why is bathroom storage important?

It allows you to neatly store toiletries, towels, and other supplies out of sight to prevent clutter; well-organized storage makes it easy to find what you need quickly; hidden storage maximises limited space in small bathrooms, keeping counters clear for use.

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