Types Of Bathroom Lighting: Practical And Stylish Options For Your Space

Types Of Bathroom Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most crucial design elements in any bathroom. It illuminates the space and sets the overall mood and vibe. The lighting plan plays a key role if you want your bathroom to feel bright and airy or soft and relaxing. 

This blog explores the types of bathroom lighting options and provides practical tips to help you choose one that suits your style and needs.


A bathroom is where you start and end your day, so proper lighting is crucial to make mornings easier and enhance your intimate space’s overall ambience. With the right lighting, you can create a spa-like environment and give your intimate space some style.

There are many types of bathroom lighting to choose from. The options go far beyond a single overhead fixture. Well-designed bathroom lighting illuminates the room for tasks like applying makeup and shaving. It also sets the mood and complements your decor. This guide covers practical bathroom lighting options and tips for choosing fixtures that meet your needs.

Why Is Lighting Important In Bathrooms?

Bathrooms see a lot of use throughout the day for various activities like grooming, showering, etc. Proper lighting is essential to perform these tasks comfortably and safely. The leading sanitaryware store in Chennai, the East India Company, lists the key reasons why lighting is crucial in bathrooms.

  • Task lighting- Focused lighting over the vanity, shower, and toilet areas lets you see things clearly when grooming, applying makeup, shaving, etc.
  • Ambient lighting- General lighting prevents shadows and creates a welcoming atmosphere throughout the space.
  • Accent lighting- It adds style and atmosphere with directional lighting. It highlights artwork, architectural details, or the bathtub area.
  • Mood setting- Different light tones and intensities can make the bathroom feel bright and airy or soft and relaxing, as per your preference.
  • Safety- Adequate lighting prevents slips and falls, especially in wet shower areas. It’s essential for elderly and disabled users.
  • Aesthetics- Creative lighting enhances the overall design and gives your bathroom personality and style.

Bathroom lighting is all about functionality, safety, and aesthetics. The right fixtures can truly elevate the whole bathroom experience.

11 Different Types Of Bathroom Lighting

Here are the 11 types of bathroom lights for your intimate space.

1. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are popular for bathrooms and provide direct, focused light from above. Hanging pendant fixtures from the ceiling allows the light to illuminate the mirror and countertop area without occupying precious wall or counter space. 

Since they have a wet location rating, they are safe to use near the shower or tub. Installing multiple pendant lights can fully light the bathroom without glare.

2. Wall Sconces

bathroom lighting 2

Wall sconces are mounted on the wall above or on either side of the vanity to direct light down onto the countertop. Installing a pair of sconces provides task lighting for grooming and gets-ready activities. Their wall-mounted design keeps countertops free of fixtures yet fills the bathroom with soft illumination.

3. Ceiling Lights

Celing light

Ceiling lights are a versatile bathroom lighting option, illuminating the entire room. They typically have a wider light spread. This allows ceiling lights to cast ambient light throughout the bathroom without dark corners. Many bathroom ceiling lights are available as flush mounts, which provide a sleek, low-profile design. They ensure every bathroom area has adequate illumination and can withstand moisture.

4. Vanity Lighting

Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting provides focused task lighting over bathroom sinks to get ready and groom. Popular vanity light fixtures include under-cabinet lights that mount underneath bathroom vanity cabinets. Other options are sconces mounted on the wall beside or above the vanity mirror. They withstand moisture around sinks. 

5. Mirror Lights

LED vanity lights with adjustable brightness

Mirror lights are designed specifically to illuminate the bathroom mirror and surrounding walls with the lighting above or on the sides of the mirror frame. This directs light downward to bounce off the mirror’s surface and light up the entire space. Mirror lights come in various bulb types, from energy-efficient LEDs to decorative incandescent bulbs. 

They provide shadow-free lighting to apply makeup or do hair and grooming tasks over the sink.

6. Track Lights

Water-saving dual flush toilet

Track lighting systems provide flexible, adjustable lighting that can be aimed exactly where needed in a bathroom. Tracks mount to the ceiling and include fixtures containing directional spotlights or floodlights. This allows bathrooms to have lighting targeted over the vanity, shower, or tub without other hardwired fixtures. They reduce glare and create ambience.

7. Chandelier

Chandelier for bathroom

Bathroom chandeliers are an elegant decorative element and provide functional lighting to the bathroom. They withstand occasional moisture and come in styles from traditional crystal designs to modern metallic fixtures that complement classic and contemporary spaces. They mount centrally to the ceiling to bathe the room in ambient light. 

8. LED Strip Lighting

led light

LED strip lighting offers a versatile, low-profile way to illuminate bathrooms. They can be used around the top of bathroom walls, behind mirrors, or underneath cabinets and shelves. Being water-resistant, they provide accent lighting in damp areas like showers. It is the best if you want modern, energy-efficient choices to set a relaxing ambience to your bathroom.  

9. Skylights

skylight for bathroom

Skylights fill bathrooms with natural daylight, making them more open and airy. Skylights can be installed in most bathroom ceiling types in various styles, from fixed to venting models. Beyond providing illumination, skylights give bathrooms a spacious, bright feel. Many are constructed of water-resistant materials like acrylic to withstand occasional moisture. 

10. Shower Lighting

shower light

Shower lighting enhances your showering experience by providing light directly inside the shower or tub enclosure. Popular options include LED shower heads with built-in lighting, lighting strips that adhere to walls above shower heads, and waterproof pendant fixtures. They also have multiple settings, including changing colours for a spa-like experience. 

11. Recessed Lights

bathroom lighting 3

Recessed lights are a great option for bathroom lighting as they provide shadow-free ambient illumination from the ceiling. Many are rated for damp environments, making them suitable near showers. The directional light can be aimed precisely where needed. 

Tips to choose your bathroom lights

Listed below are tips to select the best lighting for your bathroom.

  • Go for bright, flattering lighting above or on both sides of the mirror. Recessed lights or sconces work well. The light should be at least 50 watts to provide adequate illumination for grooming tasks.
  • Install softer lighting like recessed or ceiling fixtures to provide overall illumination. Buy a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness.
  • Have focused lighting over the toilet, shower/tub, or medicine cabinet for easy completion of specific tasks. Small vanity lights or strip lights work well.
  • To set a relaxing mood and calm ambience, include decorative fixtures like pendants or wall lights in your bathroom. Consider a dimmer to adjust for ambience versus task lighting.
  • LED bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Look for ones rated for damp locations if near water. Soft white light around 2700k-3000K is flattering.
  • Ensure lights are high so that shadows don’t cast on your face from overhead. Wall sconces should be centred at eye level when standing.

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Bathroom lighting serves functional, aesthetic and safety purposes. The right fixtures can truly elevate your bathroom space. With some planning on the types of bathroom lighting, placement and style, you can achieve both beautiful and practical lighting solutions. East India Company offers high-quality options to suit all design needs.


1). What type of light is used in the bathroom?

Bathrooms typically use fluorescent lights or LED lights. Fluorescent lights provide bright, energy-efficient light but contain mercury. LED lights have become increasingly popular as they use very little energy, last a long time, and don’t contain mercury like fluorescent bulbs. Many new bathrooms opt for LED lights for their efficiency and environmental friendliness.

2). Is LED light better in the bathroom?

Since LED lights use less energy than other bulbs, they reduces your hefty electricity bills. They don’t get as hot as incandescent bulbs and so reduce safety risks around water and moisture. LED bulbs also tend to last longer than other bulbs before needing to be replaced.

3). What is a bathroom downlight?

A bathroom downlight, also known as a recessed light, is a type of light fixture that is installed in the ceiling of a bathroom. It shines light downward to illuminate the bathroom area below. Bathroom downlights provide task lighting over the sink and shower areas so you can clearly see what you are doing.

4). Which colour light is best for the bathroom?

Warm white light is generally considered best for bathrooms. It mimics natural daylight and won’t disrupt sleep patterns like cooler tones. Make sure to choose a light that is not too yellow for a pleasant experience getting ready.

5). What are the benefits of having good lighting in the bathroom?

Adequate lighting helps ensure safety and prevents slips and falls. It also creates a more pleasant environment and makes grooming and applying makeup or other tasks easier to do. Proper lighting can help users see well without straining their eyes.

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