Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodel: Transform Your Space with Stylish and Affordable Fittings

Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodel

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Are you looking to update your bathroom? Are you worried that your expenses will go overboard? Well, that’s not the case. With the right fittings and creativity, you can transform your intimate space into a stylish oasis without spending a fortune. In this blog, we will discuss budget-friendly yet fashionable fittings for your bathroom remodeling.

Introduction to budget friendly bathroom remodeling

Giving your bathroom a stylish makeover does not have to strain your budget. With smart planning and a selection of affordable fittings, you can transform your essential space into a spa-like environment. Do you want to know how? 

The secret is focusing on cost-effective upgrades that will make the most visible impact, such as fixtures, tiles, lighting, and accessories. You should hunt for products of high quality that fall within your budget. And to cut short your expenses even more, utilise your DIY skills to escape installation charges. 

Let’s get into the blog and explore everything from fixtures and fittings to tiles and accessories to refresh your space on a budget. 

21 stylish and affordable fittings for your budget friendly bathroom remodeling 

Here are 21 fashionable yet affordable bathroom fittings for your intimate space remodeling you can buy at the East India Company


One of the first things that gets noticed in the bathroom by most people is the faucet

  1. Single-handle brushed nickel faucet
Single handle brushed nickel faucet

You can upgrade your bathroom with the versatile, sleek, single-handle brushed nickel faucet. It adds a minimalistic yet modern and stylish touch to your wash basin. It is also functional, easy to install and use, and allows for effortless temperature control. 

  1. Chrome waterfall faucet with LED lights
Chrome Finish Faucets

If you want your bathroom to look luxe, you need not spend much. It’s enough if you get a chrome waterfall faucet with LED lights. It is truly mesmerising to see the water coming down like falls illuminated with lights. It creates a spa-like ambiance. 


You can enhance your showering experience by upgrading your showerhead

  1. Rainfall showerhead with adjustable settings

You can buy a rainfall showerhead that provides comprehensive coverage and gentle water flow, giving the sensation of natural rain and a soothing and relaxing shower session. You can prefer a high-pressure one with adjustable settings for your bathroom.

  1. Handheld showerhead with massage features
Handheld showerhead

Turn your bath space into a spa by getting a handheld showerhead with massage features. The massage settings help relieve yourself from tension and provide therapeutic benefits. It enhances your showering experience with comfort and functionality. 


Vanities are a matter of focal interest. It is necessary to choose styles, sizes, and materials wisely. 

  1. Floating vanity with storage shelves
elavated bathroom

You can maximise your bathroom’s space with floating vanity having storage shelves. It creates an illusion of space and is a perfect fitting for small bathrooms. You need not worry about the organisation since with the open shelves and hidden storage, you can arrange things efficiently. It is an elegant yet modern decor to your intimate space.

  1. Compact vanity with a ceramic sink top
Compact vanity with a ceramic sink top

If you want a space-saving and functional option, choose a compact vanity with a ceramic sink top for your bathroom. It is a perfect choice for a practical yet stylish bathroom makeover. 


Mirrors have the power to change the look of your bathroom space. 

  1. Frameless rectangular mirror with beveled edges
bathroom mirror long

If you want something posh, try a frameless rectangular mirror with beveled edges for a sophisticated look. It creates a brighter and more spacious feel and adds a timeless charm to your bath space. It is a truly worthy, stylish addition.

  1. Round wooden-framed mirror with a rustic finish
Round wooden framed mirror

Do you want your bathroom to reflect classiness and seek a cozy atmosphere? Then, choose a round wooden-framed mirror with a distressed finish for an antique look. We bet it will add character and warmth to your bath space. 

Lighting Fixtures:

The right light fitting instantly lifts the ambiance of the bathroom. Check out our recommendations.

  1. LED vanity lights with adjustable brightness
LED vanity lights with adjustable brightness

You can set a mood in your bathroom with LED vanity lights with adjustable brightness. It is an energy-efficient fixture and gives ample illumination for grooming routines. Since you can adjust the brightness, you can prefer a bright or soft and relaxing glow, as per your lighting needs. 

  1. Industrial-style pendant light with Edison bulbs
bathroom lighting

If you want your bathroom lights to be functional and chic, choose industrial-style pendant lights with Edison bulbs. The raw material and vintage-inspired bulb combo is a treat to your eyes since it gives an inviting feeling. 

Storage Solutions:

Are you looking to maximise your bathroom space? Check out our recommendations. 

  1. Wall-mounted shelves for toiletries and towels
Wall-mounted shelves for toiletries and towels

To enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom, get functional and stylish wall-mounted shelves and neatly organise your toiletries and towels for an elegant look. Choose the design that complements your bathroom decor for a cohesive look. 

  1. Woven baskets for under-vanity storage
Woven baskets

A budget-friendly and stylish addition to your bathroom will be woven baskets. You can strategically place them under the vanity so that the essentials are within your easy reach. You can choose the size and shape based on your requirements. 

Tiles and Flooring:

Yes, tiles and flooring can eat a big chunk of your budget! But you can explore and find the high-quality yet affordable ones for an upgrade. 

  1. Peel-and-stick mosaic tiles for backsplash
mosaic tiles for backsplash

The name says it all! These are faux tile sheets that come in various designs and colours, giving a chance for customisation. It can add a pop of colour to your bath space and elevate its overall aesthetic without the hassle of traditional tile installation. 

  1. Vinyl plank flooring for a hardwood look
wooden floor for bahroom

Have you always wanted warm and elegant hardwood flooring? You should choose vinyl plank flooring. Bonus points are it is water-resistant, cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain. The wood look adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom.


Are you noticing a hike in your water bill recently? It’s time to check your toilet. Change the outdated toilet for instant savings! 

  1. Water-saving dual flush toilet
Water-saving dual flush toilet

What if you could control the flush volume of your toilet? You wouldn’t waste much water, right? Yes. A water-saving dual flush toilet is a sustainable option that promotes efficient water usage and reduces environmental impact. 

  1. Compact elongated toilet for space-saving

Do you have a small bathroom, and is the toilet taking up all the space? Opt for a compact elongated toilet since it is super space-saving and comfortable. Its ergonomic shape is ideal for small spaces. 


Decorate your bathroom space with these affordable accessories. 

  1. Stainless steel towel bars and hooks
towel rack

Looking for a convenient storage for your towels? Opt for stainless steel towel bars and hooks. It is useful for your robes and other essentials, too! It ensures a clutter-free, organised bath space and also style the walls. 

  1. Soap dispensers and toothbrush holders in matching sets

It’s time to change your boring bottles and wall hangers and opt for soap dispensers and toothpaste holders. You can coordinate the design and colour for a more cohesive look. Be sure to choose high-quality material for longevity. 

  1. Non-slip bath mats for safety and style
bath mat

When you are on a bathroom remodeling mission, do not miss to look for non-slip bath mats. (Always prioritise your safety) Since non-slip mats give a secure grip and prevent slips and falls, it is a must-buy. It is also fashionable and functional, adding aesthetics and safety to your bathroom. 

Shelving and Organisers:

Maximise your storage potential with our recommendations. 

  1. Over-the-toilet storage cabinet with adjustable shelves
Over the toilet storage cabinet

If you want ample space for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials, an over-the-toilet cabinet with adjustable shelves is the perfect solution. 

  1. Acrylic or glass shelf for shower essentials
glass shelf for shower essentials

You can elevate your shower area with transparent acrylic or glass shelves. It is visually appealing and makes the bath space seem spacious, inviting, and appealing. Be sure to opt for materials that withstand moisture. 

Choose East India Company for your bathroom fittings purchase

The East India Company is a premier store in Chennai for those seeking bathroom fixtures and fittings. It offers a comprehensive range of products, including modular kitchens, kitchenware and appliances, exclusive designer tiles, safety lockers, lighting fixtures, fan racks, mirrors, carpets, and more. 

With over two decades of expertise in the industry, the store is the premier source for sanitaryware in India, offering a wide range of products from renowned brands. Buy your perfect, high-quality, budget-friendly, stylish, and durable bathroom fittings here. 


As you can see, budget friendly bathroom remodeling is highly possible by choosing affordable fixtures that are stylish and functional. By thoughtfully choosing the materials and accessories, you can transform your intimate space into an inviting atmosphere without spending a fortune. 


1). How do you do a bathroom makeover on a budget?

Focus on inexpensive updates like painting the walls, changing out light fixtures, and replacing old towels and accessories. You can also consider small changes like adding a shower curtain, new bath mats, or artwork to freshen the space without major renovations.

2). How do you renovate a small bathroom?

You can update the flooring and walls by installing new tiles or replacing old surfaces. Installing a compact vanity with storage and a small shower stall can help maximize space. Choosing multi-functional fixtures and accessories that have multiple uses can help keep a small bathroom feeling spacious.

3). How can I make my bathroom stylish?

Add decorative towels, rugs, and accessories in colours and patterns you enjoy. You could also upgrade fixtures like the faucet, lighting, or hardware with polished stainless steel or brass finishes. Proper lighting and storage solutions help complete the look and keep things tidy.

4). How to style a minimalistic bathroom?

Keep the design clean and simple with plain white tiles on the walls and floor. Limit accessories to just the essentials like a towel bar, toilet paper holder, and a small wall-mounted sink. Use open shelving to store items out in the open for an uncluttered look while still keeping everything organised.

5). Is there any alternative for bathroom flooring tiles?

Vinyl flooring sheets provide a waterproof option that is easy to clean and maintain. Natural stones like marble or slate can give a luxurious look but may require more maintenance. Porcelain tiles mimic the look of other materials and are very durable for bathroom use.

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