Small Bathroom Design Ideas: Space-Saving Fittings And Accessories To Maximise Your Bathroom

small bathroom design ideas

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Introduction To Small Bathroom Solutions

Designing a small bathroom for many homeowners can be challenging due to limited space. However, creating a functional and stylish small bathroom is possible with clever planning and choosing the right space-saving fittings and accessories. In this blog, let us explore various small bathroom design ideas and provide detailed tips to help maximise your space. 

12 Small Bathroom Design Ideas To Look Out For

Here are 12 small bathroom design ideas suggested by East India Company, the leading sanitaryware company in Chennai. 

1. Free Up Floor Space

free floor space

In a nutshell, 
Remove all bulky furniture and store items off the floor. Opt for wall-mounted toilets and vanity cabinets instead of free-standing units to gain 6-8 inches of space. Clear clutter from floors and under the sink.

The key to opening up a small bathroom is to get everything off the floor! 

Bulky furniture takes up valuable space that could be put to better use. Opt for wall-mounted fixtures instead of free-standing units whenever possible. 

Wall-mounted toilets eliminate the need for a toilet seat and tank, saving 6-8 inches of floor space. Vanity cabinets can also be mounted on the wall, removing the bulky furniture element. 

Removing clutter from the floor and underneath the sink also helps make your bathroom appear cleaner and more spacious. Store items in cabinets, shelves or baskets to keep floors clear. 

This simple switch can maximise usable floor area and open up the bathroom visually and physically.

2. Use Wall-Mounted Toilets, Vanities And Countertop Basins


In a nutshell, 
Look out for wall-hung toilets, compact vanities and countertop basins. Opt for slimline designs that don’t jut out. For vanities, narrow cabinets without excess bulk work best. Mount high to maximise floor space below. Countertop sinks on walls or pedestals keep things simple.

Wall-hung toilets, vanities, and countertop basins are excellent space-saving solutions for small bathrooms. Look for slimline designs that hug walls tightly without protruding too much. 

Many manufacturers now offer stylish wall-mounted toilet suites with integrated cisterns for a seamless look. When choosing a vanity, look for narrow cabinets without unnecessary bulk. Mount the vanity as high as possible to further maximise floor space underneath. 

Countertop basins above vanity units eliminate the need for a bulky cabinet, keeping surfaces simple and clutter-free. Opt for vessel-style sinks that are mounted on the wall or rest on simple pedestals. 

Ensure adequate legroom and choose designs approved for your bathroom’s load capacity.

3. Use Wall-Mounted Lighting Fixtures

elavated bathroom

In a nutshell, 
Opt for wall sconces, strips, or high pendant lights instead of floor lamps or ceiling bulbs to save space. Position lights strategically on both sides of the mirror and high on walls to distribute light without shadows. 

In addition to wall-mounted fixtures, lighting plays a big role in making a small bathroom feel airy and spacious.

Floor lamps and overhead lights on the ceiling take up visual space. Instead of free-standing lamps or ceiling-mounted bulbs, opt for wall sconces, strip lights, or pendant lights mounted high on the wall. 

Position sconces and pendants strategically on both sides of the mirror to evenly distribute light sources without cluttering precious counter space. LED strip lights tucked behind vanity mirrors or along the top of tiled walls provide softer, ambient lighting. 

Ensure to position all wall lights high enough to avoid casting shadows on surfaces below. Proper lighting placement is crucial in maximising a small bathroom visually.

4. Install Wall-Mounted Faucets

wall taps for bathroom

In a nutshell, 
Wall-mounted faucets are a space-saving solution for small bathrooms. Mounting the faucet directly to the wall reduces clutter and adds a modern touch. Choose single-handle or dual-function faucets, depending on your needs. Pull-down spray faucets provide stream and spray without taking up surface area.

Like toilets, basins, and vanities, wall-mounted faucets are another space-saving solution for small bathrooms. Having your faucet mounted directly to the wall, rather than sitting on the vanity or sink, can add a stylish modern touch while saving space. This helps reduce visual clutter.

Choose single-handle or dual-function faucets, depending on your needs. Pull-down spray faucets are efficient as they provide stream and spray functions without taking up surface area. A sleek, minimal wall-mounted faucet complements both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

5. Maximise Storage With Smart Units

floating cabinet

In a nutshell, 
Floor-to-ceiling and frameless storage units hide clutter while keeping items organised. Opt for sliding doors, drawers and open shelves for versatility. Install units next to the shower or tub to utilise wall space. Also, consider narrow shelves, baskets and pull-out trays for counter storage to maximise surface space.

Lack of storage can make a small bathroom feel cluttered. Get creative with your storage solutions and make use of all the nooks and crannies! 

Floor-to-ceiling storage units effectively hide clutter while keeping necessities organised and accessible. Opt for frameless cabinets in gloss or matte finishes for a seamless look that doesn’t visually segment the room. 

Sliding doors, drawers, and open shelves provide versatile storage. Install units directly next to the shower or tub to replace unused wall space. Consider narrow floating shelves, baskets, pull-out drawers and trays for counter-level storage. 

Install power outlets and USB ports inside cabinets for convenient device charging. Also, opt for towel rods, racks and rings, soap dispensers, soap dishes, etc. With smart storage integrated throughout, you can maximise available surfaces.

6. Hang Your Curtain High

high curtain for bathroom

In a nutshell, 
Hang your shower curtain near the ceiling to make the bathroom feel taller. Install the shower rod a few inches from the wall to create a more airy, spacious feel. Choose a light-coloured, space-dyed curtain long enough for privacy but not so long it overwhelms the space.

A floor-length shower curtain occupies valuable floor space and cramps the shower area. Hanging your shower curtain near the ceiling draws the eye up and makes your bathroom feel taller. Choose a curtain that starts about 6-12 inches below the ceiling rather than one that stops halfway.

You can also install the shower rod a few inches from the wall. This helps create an airier, more spacious feel compared to a rod flush with the wall. Look for slimline curtain rods that require minimal wall space. 

Opt for space-dyed curtains in light colours that brighten up the room. Ensure the curtain is long enough to cover the shower entrance for privacy fully but not so long it overwhelms the space.

7. Utilise Mirrors For A More Maximised Look

bathroom mirror long

In a nutshell, 
Large full-length mirrors and cabinets with mirrors can make a small bathroom feel more spacious. Strategically position mirrors to reflect light around the room. Consider a circular or oval mirror above the vanity.

Large mirrors are a must-have in small bathrooms to create the illusion of space. 

Mount full-length mirrors on walls above the vanity or install double-sided medicine cabinets with mirrors on both doors. Position mirrors strategically to reflect light and bounce it around the room, making it feel brighter and more open. 

Consider a circular or oval mirror above the vanity for interest. Frameless designs provide the maximum reflective surface. Install LED-lit mirrors with integrated lighting for task and ambient lighting options. 

Avoid small scattered mirrors and opt for one large statement mirror for maximum effect. With smart mirror placement, you can make a small bathroom feel more expansive.

8. Get Quadrant Shower Enclosures For Walk-In Showers 

glass shower closure

In a nutshell, 
A quadrant shower enclosure is a space-saving solution for small bathrooms. Frameless glass and tile placement make the shower area more spacious. Well-designed enclosures provide luxury without dominating small spaces.

A quadrant or corner shower enclosure is an excellent space-saving solution for small bathrooms with showers. 

Frameless glass quadrant enclosures help define the shower area without obstructing views. Choose clear glass and strategic tile placement to make the shower seem larger than it is. Just be sure to waterproof the floors and install good ventilation.

Quality enclosures feature triple-layer safety glass, durable frames with stainless-steel tracks, and easy-to-use sliding or pivot mechanisms. Consider a hand shower set for flexibility. A well-designed quadrant enclosure provides a luxurious showering experience without dominating the small space.

9, Consider Using Compact Accessories


In a nutshell, 
Opt for stackable and narrow designs like toilet paper holders and soap dispensers that don’t dominate surfaces. Look for wall-mounted options and multi-functional accessories to minimise counter clutter and organise essentials in baskets or pull-out drawers. 

Thoughtfully chosen compact accessories are vital to maintaining an uncluttered look in small bathrooms. From stackable toilet paper holders to narrow soap dispensers, opt for streamlined designs that don’t dominate surfaces. Look for wall-mounted options to minimise counter clutter further. 

Multi-functional accessories like corner shelves with integrated soap dishes also help save space. You can store essentials in baskets or pull-out drawers underneath for an organised appearance. Opt for multi-tiered or hanging racks to corral multiple items in a small footprint.

With the right accessories, you can keep countertops clutter-free.

10. Include Space-Saving Statement Pieces

bathroom lighting

In a nutshell, 
Carefully chosen decorative elements like a sculptural faucet, tiled feature wall, or pendant light make the space feel more polished. A wall-mounted shelf or geometric accent tiles provide visual interest in a simple, uncluttered way. Strategic accessories give small bathrooms personality.

While maximising storage should take priority, including carefully placed decorative elements makes a small bathroom feel more polished and personalised. Consider a sculptural or unique faucet, tiled feature wall, or pendant light fixture as a space-saving statement piece. Such focal points draw the eye without consuming much physical space. 

Stick to simple, linear styles that complement the overall design rather than compete for attention. A wall-mounted wooden shelf to display plants, sculptures, or framed photographs provides visual interest without clutter. Accent tiles laid in geometric patterns also make a design statement. Strategic use of on-trend accessories ensures your small bathroom has character.

11. Lay Tiles Vertically

verticle tile

In a nutshell, 
Laying bathroom tiles vertically from floor to walls can make a space feel taller and more open. Large neutral tiles laid vertically up low walls or to the ceiling create a dramatic impact.

Laying bathroom tiles vertically can draw the eye up, making your walls appear taller and walls feel farther away, thereby maximising the sense of space. 

Consider carrying floor tiles from the floor border onto lower wall sections for continuity. Use large-format tiles in neutral hues to maximise the effect. Lay tiles vertically from floor to halfway up walls or in bold stripes from floor to ceiling for dramatic impact. 

Properly installed vertical tiles complement both traditional and contemporary styles.

12. Use An Ultra-Thin Overhead Shower And Handheld Showerhead

shower system

In a nutshell, 
Ultra-thin ceiling-mounted showerheads minimise protrusion into space. Handheld showerheads maximise flow without overwhelming the enclosure. This combo is a space-smart investment.

In small bathrooms, opt for an ultra-thin showerhead mounted flush to the ceiling to minimise protrusion into the room space. 

High-pressure fixed or handheld showerheads maximise flow without overwhelming the enclosure. Combined with a high-powered shower arm, such shower systems provide luxurious coverage without dominating headroom. 

This combo investment allows for flexibility without compromising the small bathroom design.

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You can transform your bathroom into a fresh, open, inviting space with smart, small bathroom design ideas. Use compact wall-mounted fixtures, vertical tiles, large mirrors and quadrant showers to open the space visually. Clever storage options like wall cabinets, under-sink organisers and multi-functional accessories will keep your bathroom clutter-free.

Focus on good lighting and ventilation to complete the fresh, airy look. By incorporating the right mix of style and function, your dream bathroom can be cosy and efficient no matter its size. With the tips and ideas above, you’ll be well on your way to bathroom bliss!


1). How to maximise space in a small bathroom?

Mount fixtures on walls instead of the floor to free up valuable space. Opt for wall-hung toilets, vanities and countertop basins. Also, remove clutter from the floor and underneath the sink by stowing items in overhead and under-sink cabinets to create the illusion of more space.

2). What tiles make a room look bigger?

Laying tiles vertically from floor to ceiling or in large format patterns on walls can make a room visually more spacious. Dark grout between lighter-coloured tiles helps make walls recede and expand the perceived space.

3). How do I make my small bathroom look stylish?

Include decorative yet space-saving fixtures like a unique faucet or wall shelf. Use wallpaper, tiles or paint in on-trend patterns and colours. Stylish accessories that are compact and stored neatly also help small bathrooms feel polished.

4). How do you design a small bathroom on a budget?

To design a small bathroom on a budget, look for multifunctional fixtures that serve multiple needs. Consider DIY updates using inexpensive materials like tiles, paint or wallpaper. Also, shop discount retailers for space-saving accessories and hardware that won’t break the bank.

5). Should I put curtains in my bathroom?

You can put curtains in your bathroom for privacy and to add a touch of style. Opt for a moisture-resistant fabric that is easy to clean, and hang the rod higher than normal to avoid taking up floor space.

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