Wooden Flooring Vs Tiles: 10 Things You Should Know

Wooden Flooring Vs Tiles

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Having own house is a lifelong dream cherished by many, when the time comes to accomplish this dream, we want everything to be perfect. During this process of building our dream house, we tend to make some mistakes mainly due to a lack of knowledge and inexperience. One such mistake is the choice of floor which is a common and irreversible one. So, let us have a comparison of wooden flooring vs tiles to decide which is a better material for our house floor.


With an increased lifestyle, people have become more demanding when it comes to the choice of the interior of their house. One such trend is to choose a different type of floor which looks nice and impressive and at the same time is durable and easy to maintain.

You will be surprised to know the number of options available when it comes to flooring of the house. There are different materials like concrete, flagstone bamboo, rubber, linoleum, bricks, marble and more are used to make the floor but the correct choice is very important.

In this article, we will focus on the two most commonly used flooring materials for flooring and see which one is better in wooden flooring vs tiles. Let’s begin the discussion and try to find out the best flooring material depending on our needs and the circumstances we are in.

Wooden Flooring vs tiles – 10 Things To Know

Many people might think that why compare only wooden flooring vs tiles when there are so many other options available? The reason is very simple, they are tried and tested and have a long history of success and satisfaction. Where are other types of floors are in the recommendation phase and most of them are not tested in the long run. When we are spending so much on our house, it’s a one-time investment for most of us. So, it is better to go with the tried and tested material so that there are no regrets in future.

Both wooden floors and tiles come with their own advantages and disadvantages which we should weigh and decide our preference. I have listed a few points to compare the practicality of both wooden floors and tiles.

1. Durability

Tiles Durability

To check the durability, we need to consider factors like scratch resistance, impact resistance and wear-and-tear over time. Keeping all these factors in mind tiles do score a bit higher compared to wooden floors. It’s not like wooden floors are not durable as they too have a decent average life but tiles are slightly better in this regard.

2. Water Resistance

It is advised to use tiles in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms because wood naturally has a weak resistance towards water.

3. Comfort

If comfort is your priority, then a wooden floor is what you are looking for. In terms of comfort, wood feels warmer underfoot whereas tiles are colder. For children and old people, wooden floors are better because tiles are slippery which can cause them injury.

4. Maintenance

Tiles Maintenance

Tiles are easy to clean and have a very low maintenance cost when compared to wooden floors which need regular cleaning and occasional refinishing.

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5. Cost

Cost is a subjective matter and depends on the kind of material you are purchasing. Some tiles can cost more than wooden floors if such a variant is selected. When calculating cost consider the installation fees as well which depend on the service provider.

6. Allergens

There are high chance that wooden floors trap dust and allergens whereas tiles having a smoother surface are mostly dust-free. But compared to wooden floors tiles produce more sweat which can be uncomfortable.

7. Resale value

Resale value

Comparing the impact of Wooden Flooring vs Tiles on enhancing the house value, both can be considered useful in this, but wooden floors have a slight edge in this regard.

8. Lifespan

Solid hardwood floors can have an average life of 30 – 100 years depending on the kind of care they get but some tiles can last for a lifetime. Tiles are stronger compared to the wooden floor but after a certain time, the design gets outdated and in case of any damage, it is difficult to replace the tile of the same design.

9. Sustainability

Considering the impact on the environment during the manufacturing process wooden floors score a bit higher. It is easy to maintain a continuous supply of wood if we are accountable while cutting trees but in the case of tiles, we use irreplaceable soil.

10. Soundproofing


Tiles are better in soundproofing as solid wooden floors can create some decibels of noise. Wood has a natural characteristic to produce noise and no matter how well it is installed there is always some chance of noise.

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East India Company: A name which brings trust to your home fittings

Established in 1991 East India Company is actively working to produce quality products which will enhance the beauty of your dream house to the next level. They have a wide range of options to choose from both in tiles as well as wooden floor sections. They deal in most of the available brands like Jaguar, Hindware, Faber and a lot more.

Also, all kinds of fittings required for your house like sanitaryware, kitchen sink, kitchen chimney, showers, etc are available in their store and can be purchased by both wholesalers and retailers. The idea behind establishing the company was to bring all kinds of housing materials under one roof.

While building a house uncountable number of materials and fittings are required and for a customer who wants to build his own house it is challenging to collect all materials of his choice and superior quality. In such circumstances, East India Company and be a great aid, everything needed can be purchased under one roof with superior quality and affordable prices.

While comparing wooden flooring vs tiles too, you can trust East India Company as they have professional advisors who will understand your needs and after studying all your conditions they will suggest a perfect product for you.

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A house is not a structure of bricks, sand and cement but a culmination of our efforts over the years. Every corner of it is important to us and it should be picture-perfect how we dreamed it to be. Everything we fix while constructing a house is chosen by us after a lot of consideration and once fixed it is difficult to revoke.

Especially in the case of pipes and fittings, many people have to face problems because they didn’t choose the brand and quality with caution and later it became very expensive to replace them. Also, spending on the floor is a major part of our expense while constructing a house which needs a lot of attention.

I hope this article on wooden flooring vs tiles helps you a lot to select the most appropriate flooring material based on your needs. Before selecting just remember that every material has its own pros and cons but you have to be wise while selecting. 

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FAQ’s Related to Wooden Flooring Vs Tiles

1. What is the maximum life of tiles?

If proper care is taken while laying the tiles and used with caution tiles can have an average life of more than 50 years. In the case of some good brands, it can be longer than this. There are many places where you get high-quality tiles like the East India Company.

2. Can tiles crack over time?

Normally tiles are quite durable but long exposure to heavy appliances may create wear and tear in them. It is very important for home appliances and furniture to increase the area in contact with the tiles so that the pressure is reduced and wear and tear is minimised.

3. Why tiles are soaked in water before use?

There are lots of pores in tiles which are not visible to the naked eye. In order to increase their durability and prevent them from hollowing, shedding or cracking it is soaked in water so that water can fill the pores.

4. How long do wooden tiles last?

The average life of wooden tiles is 30-100 years depending on the material used and the way you take care of your floor. Engineered hardwood floors can last 20 – 30 years.

5. Why is wood good for flooring?

Because of surface fibres carpets trap a lot of dust, dirt and pollen which is difficult to clean, but wood flooring has no surface fibres thereby easy to clean. Secondly, a wooden floor is a healthier choice for your living space.

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