8 Best Hindware Bathroom Sanitarywares and Accessories

Hindware Bathroom Sanitarywares

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When renovating or building a new bathroom, choosing the right sanitaryware and accessories is important to complete the functionality and aesthetic. Indian brand Hindware is a leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and products. In this blog post, we will explore 8 of the best options Hindware has to offer within key categories for putting together a stylish and efficient bathroom space.

Hindware has been in the bathroom fittings industry for over 60 years, earning a strong reputation for quality and design. Their sanitaryware collections include modern and traditional styles for various budget levels and bathroom types. From basic to high-end luxury, Hindware provides solutions for bathrooms of all sizes.

This comprehensive guide covers toilets, wash basins, faucets and more – the essential elements that complete any bathroom. Read on to learn about Hindware’s top-rated products within each category and find the right match for your renovation needs. An efficiently designed bathroom starts with choosing trusted brands like Hindware that deliver functionality and beauty.

8 Hindware Bathroom Sanitarywares and Accessories

Hindware has an extensive lineup of high-quality bathroom sanitaryware and accessories. With options covering essential categories from toilets to lighting, Hindware has solutions to complete any bathroom design. The descriptions highlight key details on materials, finishes, styles and features to help you select products matching your preferences. Whether you need stylish storage cabinets or durable tiles, Hindware offers reliable solutions for creating your ideal bathroom ambiance and functionality.

1. Toilet Seats

modern toilet seat

Hindware’s toilet seats are designed with comfort and hygiene as top priorities. They feature soft-closing lids that gently lower the lid without any loud slamming sounds, providing a more pleasant bathroom experience. A diverse range of designs are offered, including rimless options that make the seat easier to clean thoroughly. 

High-quality, durable materials such as ceramic, vitreous china and stainless steel are used in the construction of the seats, ensuring they can withstand regular cleaning efforts without showing signs of wear over extended usage. The smooth, non-porous surfaces also prevent the accumulation of germs or mold, keeping the seats hygienic with minimal cleaning. An easy-to-maintain and long-lasting finish on the seats means they will retain their pristine appearance for years with only light, occasional cleaning.

2. Wash Basins

modern washbasin

Wash Basins: Hindware offers a diverse selection of wash basins in various stylish shapes and sizes to suit different bathroom aesthetics and needs. Options range from compact countertop basins ideal for small spaces, to elegant pedestal basins exuding vintage charm. Large, under-mount basins provide ample workspace. Hindware also has wall-hung basins crafted for contemporary looks.

All basins are manufactured using high-quality materials like vitreous china and stainless steel, renowned for their durability. The non-porous surfaces resist moisture absorption, preventing mould, mildew and limescale buildup over time. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean, the basins maintain their lustrous finish even with daily use. Sleek edges and rounded corners in various designs facilitate thorough cleaning with minimal effort. Durable construction and stress-tested joints ensure long-lasting performance resistance to cracking under pressure.

With the wide assortment of basins available in multiple sizes, styles and installation options, Hindware caters to diverse aesthetic and practical needs for enhanced bathroom functionality.

3. Faucets

faucet and taps

Hindware offers a stylish and versatile range of faucets that can transform any bathroom or kitchen space. Their faucets are available in diverse contemporary and traditional designs to match different interior aesthetics. Made from high-quality brass, stainless steel and other durable materials, Hindware faucets are built to last for years of daily use without showing signs of wear and tear.

Available in various finishes like chrome, gold, and wood-tone, there is a Hindware faucet to complement any décor style. Their faucets are also highly functional with precise water flow and temperature control. Hindware faucets incorporate latest technology for efficient water usage without compromising performance. Their extensive collection includes kitchen sink faucets, shower faucets, basin blenders and more.

Hindware pays great attention to detail in design and craftsmanship. Their faucets are beautifully designed to make a stylish statement in any bathroom or kitchen. Customers can choose from various designs, sizes and installation types as per their requirement and space. Hindware ensures a perfect balance of beauty, quality and affordability in all their faucets.

4. Shower Systems

shower system

Hindware offers a wide variety of high-quality shower systems to transform any bathroom space into a spa-like retreat. Their modern and luxurious shower enclosures are crafted with precision using premium glass and other weather-resistant materials. Hindware showers are available in diverse styles from exposed rain showers to overhead rain shower systems suitable for small or large bathing areas.

The shower systems come equipped with innovative features such as adjustable shower arms and multi-function hand-held showers for a relaxing bathing experience. Hindware also provides stylish accessories including shower panels, soap dishes and glass shelves to complement the shower design. All products are easy to install, maintain and incorporate latest technologies for water efficiency. With Hindware shower systems, customers can create their dream bathroom and indulge in a spa-like experience at home.

5. Bathroom Accessories


Hindware offers a wide variety of exquisite bathroom accessories that can transform your bathroom space into an elegant oasis. Their extensive collection includes high-quality mirrors, towel rings, soap dispensers and other toiletries accessories crafted using premium materials. From large framed mirrors with intricate designs to minimalist soap dispensers, Hindware has options across styles to complement any bathroom aesthetic.

All accessories are designed to withstand daily use and require minimal maintenance. This ensures that they retain their premium finish for years. Hindware also offers accessories suited for specific areas, including vanity counters, shower cubicles and above toilet areas. Their easy installation is convenient for both new and renovated bathrooms. Hindware bathroom accessories undoubtedly add the perfect luxurious touch to your bathroom décor.

6. Bath Tubs


Hindware presents a wide assortment of bath tubs to help you unwind in style. Their tubs come in various sizes, shapes, depths and styles including corner, freestanding and drop in options. Made from high quality acrylic, these tubs are not only durable but also retain heat for a comforting soak. Hindware bath tubs are designed to suit different bathroom aesthetics, from modern minimalist to traditional classic styles.

Customers can choose from glossy or matte finish tubs according to their preference. Additionally, features like adjustable shower panels and hand-held showers enhance the bathing experience. Hindware also offers tub accessories including bath caddies, trays and rubber mats for enhanced safety. Their durable, luxurious tubs are sure to transform any bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

7. Water Heaters

water heater

Hindware presents a wide range of reliable water heaters to ensure uninterrupted hot water supply. Their water heaters come in different storage capacities from 5 to 200 liters to suit various househo6ld needs. Made from high quality stainless steel, these water heaters are durable and energy efficient.

Hindware water heaters use advanced technologies like double insulation and fast heating elements to retain heat for longer duration. Some models also feature solar compatibility for harnessing renewable energy. Their easy to use digital controllers allow temperature adjustments as per requirement. Hindware water heaters are low maintenance and offer value through powerful performance year after year.

8. Shower Enclosure 

glass shower closure

Hindware offers a stylish range of shower enclosures to transform any bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Their enclosures are made from high quality toughened glass and come in various sizes and shapes. From compact square shower stalls to large walk-in enclosures, Hindware has options suitable for different space requirements.

The enclosures feature premium finishes and hardware including chrome and matte black fittings. Hindware also provides modern accessories like fixed shower panels, glass shelves and hooks to enhance functionality. Their enclosures are easy to install and come pre-assembled for convenience. Customers can choose from a wide variety of designs to complement any bathroom aesthetic. Hindware shower enclosures undoubtedly add luxury and charm.

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Conclusion – Choosing the Best Hindware Bathroom Sanitarywares

Hindware offers an extensive range of high-quality sanitaryware, fittings and accessories to suit any bathroom style and budget. Renowned for their excellence in craftsmanship and design, Hindware products are available across India through their vast network of dealers. This ensures customers can easily access Hindware’s premium bathroom solutions in any city.

For over 60 years, Hindware has been synonymous with innovation, reliability and style in the Indian bathroom industry. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what has made them the most trusted brand in sanitaryware. Whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, Hindware presents the perfect sanitary solutions along with expert advice through their East India Company showrooms. Their comprehensive collections allow customers to design bathrooms of their dreams. To get a glimpse of their collection, visit their website, right away

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