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Designing from scratch or renovating one’s bathroom is an important home improvement project that requires careful planning and selection of fixtures. Bathroom fittings play a pivotal role in tying the overall aesthetic together while also needing to withstand daily use for many years. When embarking on such an endeavor, homeowners seek out brands they can trust to deliver on both form and function.

With over a decade of experience, Aquant has established itself as a premier brand for creating stylish, innovative and durable bathroom fittings. Whether you need faucets, shower systems or sanitaryware, Aquant offers a wide selection tailored for contemporary Indian homes. All Aquant products undergo rigorous quality checks and are crafted with European sourced materials to withstand daily use for years. Their design-led approach in collaboration with experts ensures globally trending styles. If you are looking for bathroom fittings that perfectly blend luxury and performance, you cannot go wrong with Aquant.

Why choose Aquant over any other brand?

Aquant is an industry leader known for crafting beautifully designed bathroom fittings, faucets and shower systems. With over a decade of experience, Aquant has emerged as the go-to brand for homeowners looking to enhance their bathroom space.

1. Quality is in Their DNA

  • Aquant sources only the finest materials from top European suppliers for all internal parts.
  • Strict quality control checks ensure no defects in sanitaryware or leakage in fittings.

2. Excellence in Design

  • Stylish designs developed in collaboration with leading designers meeting global trends.
  • Luxurious products combining beauty, technology and performance.

3. Affordable Luxury

  • Direct supply model and efficient operations keep costs low and prices competitive.
  • Savings are passed on to customers.

4. Long-Lasting Reliability

  • 10-year warranty on all products for years of hassle-free use.
  • Dedicated customer support through service centers nationwide.

With Aquant you can transform your bathroom space with high quality, elegant fittings and fixtures that match global standards, without compromising on design or burning a hole in your pocket.

11 Best Aquant Bathroom Fittings, Accessories and Sanitaryware

At the heart of our business strategy of Aquant lies a strong commitment to innovation and excellent design. To uphold this commitment, they invest significant time and effort into exploring novel materials and designing and developing bathroom pieces that provide fresh possibilities for users. 

If you wish to incorporate artisanal craftsmanship into your bathroom aethetics, choose Aquant Bathroom Fittings. Elevate your bathrooms, powder rooms, and dining areas by introducing washbasins crafted from exquisite materials. Their extensive range of washbasins in alternative materials is highly acclaimed by renowned Architects, Interior Designers, and valued Private Clients. Let’s checkout the best 11 Aquant Bathroom Fittings, Accessories and Sanitaryware.

1. Designer Wash Basin 

designer washbasin

Designer wash basins are a sophisticated and elegant combination of art and functionality. Their smooth surfaces beckon touch, and their exquisite details and delicate forms catch the eye. These basins, whether they are made of elegant stainless steel, mesmerising translucence onyx, or classic marble, command attention in any bathroom setting.

The materials used in crafting Aquant’s wash basins are carefully selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Marble’s elegant veining and rich colouration lend an air of majesty. Due to its distinctive patterns and captivating translucency, onyx exudes exclusivity. Concrete’s rough, industrial appeal gives it a contemporary edge. Because of its inherent warmth and rustic charm, wood provides a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Sleek stainless steel’s simple design radiates sophistication and cleanliness.

Every basin embodies the knowledge of talented artisans and is a monument to their painstaking craftsmanship. Each curve, intricacy, and surface is expertly sculpted and polished by skilled hands. The designs are suitable for any type of bathroom, ranging from traditional elegance to modern simplicity.

2. Ceramic Wash Basins

ceramic wash basin

The collection of White Ceramic wash basins encompasses over 100 designs, incorporating table-mounted, wall-mounted, semi-counter, and under-counter options. The selection offers a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing for limitless design possibilities that cater to both compact city bathrooms and spacious villa bathrooms.

They also introduced some amazing new finishes to the Ceramic wash basin collection. Get ready to add a whole new dimension to your design schemes with the addition of Aquant Matt Mint, Matt Mocha, Matt Grey, Leather Black, Carrara Marble, Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum finishes. Check these beauties out here: [LINK]

Now, here’s the best part: these wash basins are not only stunning, but also budget-friendly! So, whether it’s your bathroom, powder room, or even your dining area, you can easily add a touch of glamour without breaking the bank.

3. Toilets

bathroom wc

They have a wide range of products that are not only stylish and contemporary, but also highly adaptable and practical. The wall-mounted designs allow the Toilet to effortlessly appear to float against any structure, providing a clear spatial solution.

The company consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation to bring the most up-to-date Toilet designs, including features like UF Slim-Seat Covers, ‘Blind’ Fixing, ‘Rimless’ design, and easily removable Soft-Closing seat covers. They have also recently launched a Toilet design that introduces a powerful new flushing system called the ‘Swirl’ Flush, which is optimized for effective cleaning. Some of the most preferred toilets are Urinals, premium white toilets, regular white toilets, toilets with inbuilt flush, and special finish toilets.

4. PVD Finish Faucets

rose gold tap

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is an advanced process that bonds the finish to the faucet at a molecular level, resulting in an extremely durable finish. This means that products with PVD finish are highly resistant to corrosion, discolouration, and tarnishing.

During the PVD process, chrome-plated parts are carefully cleaned and placed into a vacuum chamber. Once inside the chamber, the parts are subjected to a thorough molecular cleaning using gas ions. Then, an electrical arc is used to evaporate metal from a solid target, which is how the term “physical vapor deposition” originated.

It’s important to note that Aquant PVD Faucets & Shower Systems come with a 5-year warranty for the finish and a 10-year warranty for the product itself. This gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their faucet or shower system is built to last.

5. Chrome Finish Faucets

Chrome Finish Faucets

The new range introduces stylish and modern wash-basin and shower Faucets! With a sleek and minimal design, these faucets are not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly and technologically advanced. Made from durable and high-quality brass, basin faucets and diverters are built to last.

Choose from the exquisite collection of faucet series, all available in the exceptional Chrome finish. This finish is not only stunningly shiny, but also resistant to dirt, scratches, and tarnishing. With superior chrome-plating technology, homeowners can trust that bathroom fittings will maintain their brand-new look for years to come.

6. Shower Heads

shower head

The shower experience crafted by Aquant is a sensory oasis, enhancing both function and aesthetics. Their showerhead lineup caters to all needs, ranging from premium multi-option models to economical selections. Multi-functional showerheads allow switching between various spray patterns with a single touch. Whether drenching rain, massaging massage or invigorating jet sprays, these high-end models redefine shower indulgence.

For those seeking simplicity and affordability, ABS showerheads provide an efficient spray in a durable yet affordable package. Cascade flow showerheads resemble a gentle waterfall, soothing tired muscles with a wide flowing sheet of water.Handheld shower wands offer targeted spraying flexibility, allowing users to focus water where needed.Rain showerheads immerse users in a calming, relaxing rainfall experience from above.

Shower arms and rails in various finishes complement the showering experience, holding showerheads, hoses and accessories in place with elegance. Aquant’s lineup caters to all budgets and preferences, allowing users to discover their ideal shower experience through high-quality, beautifully designed products.

7. Body Jets

body jets

Aquant’s body jets feature a diameter of 2 inches and protrude from walls, allowing targeted positioning. As the individual water streams can be adjusted, specific muscle groups or pressure points can be targeted for relief from pain or tension.

Despite their compact size, body jets administer a deep, invigorating massage experience. Limited nozzles concentrate the flow, enabling water to emanate at high pressure from each stream.

Some models offer adjustable spray settings like normal stream, powerful massage jets, or a gentle mist. This versatility allows customizing the intensity of massage for different needs.

Complementing jets, Aquant’s body sprays/showers provide a wider rainfall-like spray emanating from a shower head mounted on a wall or ceiling. Ideal for overall relaxation, these full-body sprays soothe tension from head to toe with their broad, consistent coverage.

8. Controllers diverters

High-Flow Thermostatic Diverter

Aquant offers a range of high-tech shower controllers for convenient, safe operation. Their Click-SelectTM diverters allow switching between outlets with a simple push, enhancing the daily shower routine.

Thermostatic diverters ensure water temperature remains constant through innovative technology. This provides reliable protection from scalding temperatures while delivering a comfortable showering experience.

The single-lever diverter collection presents a minimal aesthetic. Models can divert water to up to four outlets with clean, straightforward design. Merging innovation, style, eco-friendliness and technology is a key focus.

For shower areas, Aquant also provides hot and cold Deusch mixers in both table-top and wall-mounted options. This includes both integrated temperature regulation as well as diverting water flow between multiple shower attachments with a single lever motion.

9. Bath chairs

bath chair and stool

Transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation with our selection of carefully crafted Teak Wood or PVC Bath Chairs. These foldable chairs are designed to maximise space efficiency while providing a comfortable and spa-like experience in your bathroom.

10. Cosmetic mirrors

cosmetic mirrors

No bathroom is complete without a well-designed mirror, and Aquant offers a range of magnifying options. Their 3x magnification mirrors are perfect for precise tasks like shaving or applying makeup.

Users can select between LED and non-LED framed mirrors, depending on their lighting preferences. Models with integrated LEDs provide optimal illumination for detailed routines in any light conditions.

The magnifying feature allows for a clearer, closer examination of the skin. Fine hairs, blemishes or makeup applications are easily visible and addressable through the magnified view.

Whether choosing an LED or standard mirror, Aquant’s magnifying options add both functionality and style to any bathroom. Their versatile design caters to men’s shaving needs as well as women’s skincare and cosmetic application routines.

11. Bath Spouts

wall tap

Aquant’s selection of bath spouts caters to different aesthetics and needs. Their range includes classic plain spouts for minimalism as well as button spouts crafted from durable, high-quality brass.

For an indulgent showering experience, waterfall spouts are available. Resembling a gentle cascading flow, these spouts soothe with a wide, mesmerizing sheet of water emanating from the spout lip.

Whether choosing a simple plain design or ornate brass button style, Aquant’s spouts complement modern and traditional bathroom decors. Their high-end brass construction ensures reliability and longevity.

12. Other components

Aquant offers a wide variety of bathroom components beyond the typical. This includes faucets in unique finish options, wash basins crafted from alternative materials like natural stone, and even home spa-inspired features. Their exclusive collection provides solutions for any style, budget or need. Browse their extensive lineup for taps, showers, basins, and more to transform any bathroom into a one-of-a-kind oasis.

Get the best collection here – East India Company 

With a legacy spanning centuries in the building materials industry, East India Company has cemented its reputation for premium, reliable solutions. Originating from the trade routes of old, we have partnered with communities through many generations, providing products that withstand the test of time.

Beyond mere suppliers, our specialists are dedicated project consultants. Whether residential or commercial, we work closely with clients to recommend customized options within budget and specifications. Through every step, from planning to after-sales support, we strive to exceed expectations.

Unwavering quality is ingrained in all we do. Only the finest fixtures bearing our name after rigorous testing. A vast portfolio caters to all needs. Clients depend on our commitment to excellence through trusted brands and attentive service – attributes that have cemented our role as leaders in the industry.


Aquant offers discerning homeowners the perfect bathroom solution with its extensive range of high-quality, luxury fittings and fixtures. With design expertise, European sourcing and efficient operations, Aquant provides affordable luxury and long-lasting reliability for any bathroom style. Homeowners can transform their space into a spa-like oasis with Aquant’s beautifully crafted products, services and 10-year warranty – all backed by industry leaders like East India Company.

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