What Are the Latest Bathroom Tiles Trends: Colors and Patterns?

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Updating the look of your bathroom can be an exciting home renovation project. And one of the best ways to transform the space is with new tiles. From nature-inspired colours to statement-making patterns, tile trends are constantly evolving with fresh designs.

As we look ahead, several key bathroom tile colour and pattern trends are emerging. Whether you are doing a full bathroom remodel or just swapping out your existing floor or wall tile, it helps to know what’s trending. This ensures your new tile has a stylish, modern look that will still feel current in the coming years.

In this blog, let’s discuss the bathroom tiles trends to watch out for in 2024. 

Here are the bathroom tiles trend to look for in 2024

1. Nature-inspired tones

Natural inspired bathroom tiles

Natural colours and textures continue to dominate bath tile trends. Warm beiges, creams, sand colours, and tones resembling natural stone, travertine, and marble are rising. These earthy hues create a soothing, spa-like environment.

When selecting tiles in natural tones, opt for colours with subtle variations for dimension and depth. For example, beige tiles may incorporate hints of grey, brown, or cream. You can use nature-inspired tiles on the floor, walls, shower surround, or all three for a cohesive look. Just be sure the undertones complement each other.

2. Matte finishes

matte finish bathroom tile

The glossy bathroom tile is fading away in favour of matte and honed finishes. These textures have a soft, muted appearance that downplays imperfections. Matte ceramic or porcelain tiles also have better traction when wet, increasing safety.

Use matte tiles on the floor, shower walls, and backsplashes. Then, integrate some polished metallic tiles for contrast and shine.

3. Large format tiles

large tiles

Oversized tiles continue to replace small mosaics and standard 4-inch subway tiles. Modern manufacturing processes allow tiles to be made in huge formats like 4’x8’ sheets. This streamlines installation by minimising grout lines.

In small bathrooms, use 12” x 24” tiles on walls and floors to give the illusion of more space. Make a statement with expansive tiles like 16” x 32” or larger for larger bathrooms. Limit oversized tiles to one wall or the floor so they don’t overwhelm.

4. Geometric patterns

honeycomb bathoom tile

While subway tiles remain classic, geometric shapes in bold patterns add modern flair. Hexagons, chevrons, and Moroccan-style patterns catch the eye. Tiling a whole accent wall or the shower enclosure in a graphic pattern makes a dramatic style statement.

When using patterned geometric tiles, stick to one shaped tile and repeat it. Combine with neutral tiles on surrounding surfaces so the focal feature wall stands out. Limit additional decorative touches so the bold tile pattern doesn’t compete visually.

5. Mixed textures

glass tiles

Bathrooms no longer have to stick to all glossy or all matte tiles. Mixing polished and textured tiles adds appealing visual depth and contrast. For example, combine matte subway wall tiles with polished porcelain penny tile floor inserts. Or use a porcelain brick-look tile on the floor with classic white glossy wall tiles.

Make sure the tile textures share common tones and materials, so they complement each other. Varied textures work best for transitional or contemporary design styles.

6. Statement walls

3d tiles

Using tile to create an accent wall behind the tub, sink vanity, or toilet makes that feature the focal point. Statement walls utilize eye-catching colours, impactful oversized tile formats, 3D tiles, or mosaic patterns. Contrast the tile feature wall with neutral tones and simple subway tiles on surrounding surfaces.

Incorporate tile accents matching your statement wall tile onto the floor or shower niche to tie the whole space together. Just take care that your statement doesn’t end up overly flashy or fight for attention against other decorative features like lighting fixtures.

7. Metallic Accents


Metallic details lend bathroom tiles a jewellery-like brilliance. Gold, silver, copper, and bronze glass, ceramic, or porcelain tiles catch the light beautifully. Integrate them along floors, walls, niches, or as mosaic inserts. Metallic tiles pair nicely with both bold colours and neutrals.

Use metallics sparingly to maintain an elegant appearance. Too much shine can feel gaudy. Limit metallic tile to one feature wall or a single-row floor insert with neutral surrounding tiles. In small doses, a metallic pop of colour goes a long way.

Bathroom tile shades to look for

Along with interesting textures and patterns, keep an eye out for these trending tile colors for bathrooms.

  • Black and white for dramatic contrast
  • Dark moody blues for a coastal feel
  • Terracotta and brick red tones for warmth
  • Sage green and muted olive greens for earthiness
  • Bold primary colours like crimson red and cobalt blue for a contemporary style

When selecting tile colours, view colour samples in the space before purchasing. Lighting conditions can alter tile hues. Natural light often makes them appear lighter and more vivid.

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Updating bathroom tile offers an easy interior design refresh that makes a big impact. Follow the latest bathroom tiles trends to avoid styles that will soon look dated. Focus new tile installations on feature walls around key fixtures to maximise the wow factor.

You can achieve a fashionable yet enduring look by combining on-trend tile formats with timeless neutrals and natural materials. Use accent colours and metallic touches sparingly to enhance rather than overwhelm the design.


1). Which bathroom tiles are in fashion?

Some bathroom tile trends that are currently in fashion include light-coloured tiles, natural stone tiles, and decorative patterned tiles. Tile materials like marble, granite, and wood-look porcelain tiles are popular choices that can help modernize a bathroom’s design and style. Keeping tiles light and bright is a classic approach that remains a timeless bathroom decorating option.

2). Which tiles look good in bathroom?

Porcelain tiles are popular because they come in various styles, from solid colours to wood and stone looks, and they are durable and water resistant. Natural stone tiles like marble, travertine, and limestone provide an elegant appearance and feel luxurious underfoot. 

3). Which is better, glossy or matte tiles?

Glossy tiles have a shiny, reflective surface, making a bathroom look brighter and more spacious. However, they also show water spots and fingerprints more easily. Matte tiles have a flatter, non-reflective finish that masks dirt and grime better than glossy tiles. For most bathrooms, a matte tile is often a safer choice for easy cleaning and upkeep.

4). What is the preferred bathroom tile size?

Most designers recommend using larger tile sizes in bathrooms rather than smaller ones. Larger tiles, typically 12×12 inches or larger, make a bathroom feel more open and spacious. They also require fewer grout lines, which can collect dirt and mold over time. 

5). Is it better to use, big or small tiles in bathroom?

While small tiles can create interesting patterns, bigger tiles are usually preferable in bathrooms. Larger tiles make the space feel more open and spacious. They also mean fewer grout lines, which are harder to keep clean.

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