Modern Washbasin Design Ideas For Your Living Room And Bathroom

Modern Washbasin Design

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Read through the blog to delve into the world of modern washbasin designs, where aesthetics and functionality converge to redefine your living spaces.

Transforming Spaces: The Influence of Contemporary Washbasin Designs on Aesthetics and Functionality

Step into a realm of modern elegance and functional artistry as we explore the transformative impact of contemporary washbasin designs on the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces. In this journey of style and innovation, discover how these thoughtfully crafted fixtures can redefine your surroundings, turning the mundane into masterpieces.

As you embark on the quest to elevate your living spaces, we invite you to head to East India Company for an exclusive selection of these contemporary washbasin designs. Uncover a curated collection that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, offering a unique touch to your home decor that reflects timeless sophistication and cutting-edge design. Welcome to a world where every detail matters, and your living space becomes a canvas for artistic expression and functional refinement.

Bathroom washbasin designs

Step into a realm of sophistication and functionality with our curated collection of bathroom washbasin designs. From sleek and modern to timeless classics, discover fixtures that transform your daily routine into a luxurious and stylish experience.

1. Designer top table basin:  

designer washbasin

With our elegant tabletop wash basin, you may indulge in a daily ritual of elegance where luxury, durability, and style intertwine. Its sleek lines and superior materials, meticulously designed for modern elegance, are a testament to refined taste. Imagine washing your hands in a basin resembling an exclusive gallery piece, with a smooth ceramic surface that is easy to keep and a canvas for your particular aesthetic.

Whether your design is minimalist, elegant or flamboyant extravagance, this basin will blend in seamlessly. 

Its ergonomic design assures a luxuriously pleasant experience, and its long-lasting construction ensures ageless grandeur. Enhance the appearance of your bathroom with the appeal of a gorgeous designer tabletop wash basin, where every moment becomes a celebration of higher life.

2. Wall hung half pedestal basin:

white wall washbasin

 Our stylish wall-hung half-pedestal basin will transform your bathroom. This sleek, space-saving design boosts elegance and utility while freeing up floor space. Simple to clean, long-lasting, and luxurious.

This creative and space-saving design mixes modern flair with maximum practicality. The basin’s half pedestal, handcrafted with precision, provides a bit of contemporary flair and frees up crucial floor space, making your bathroom feel more open and inviting. It comes with mounting hardware and measures 495x440x365 mm.

The wall-mounted installation creates a sleek, floating impression that is visually appealing and easy to clean beneath. The high-quality ceramic construction ensures durability, while the bowl depth and shape are intelligently engineered to minimise splashing. 

3. Under counter top basin:

 Elevate your bathroom with the Jaquar under the countertop basin. It is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and exudes luxury because it is composed of high-quality ceramic.

The Jaquar under counter basin is made of superior ceramic, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance while exuding a high-end attractiveness. The spacious bay design allows enough space for all your washing needs while also bringing a touch of modern beauty to your area. Elevate your bathroom experience with the Jaquar under counter basin and enjoy the stunning blend of design and functionality. 

Precision-crafted, the basin glides gently beneath your countertop, producing a flawless and clutter-free appearance. Upgrade your bathroom with a touch of Jaquar under the counter basin and enjoy lavish and unique bathroom style.

4. Counter top basin: 

counter top washbasin

Elevate your bathroom with the Jaquar countertop basin, a modern style and functionality statement. It is designed for refinement and provides a seamless and sensual experience.

The Jaquar countertop basin is more than simply a decorative element; it is a statement piece that expresses your refined taste. Experience the marriage of design and function, as daily habits become indulgent moments. This bowl is meticulously crafted with modern design and flawless contours that offer a sense of class to any room. It measures 705x460x195 mm in dimension.

5. Table top basin: 

modern washbasin

Enhance the beauty of your bathroom with the Jaquar tabletop basin, which combines cutting-edge style with long-lasting durability. This meticulously designed fixture transcends function and becomes a statement of sophistication. The elegant curvature and superior ceramic construction look excellent and last.

The Jaquar tabletop basin, measuring 480x470x195 mm, elevates daily activities like washing into exquisite experiences. Its adaptability comes through, whether it’s gracing a minimalist modern bathroom or infusing a traditional setting with contemporary flair, all with style. The generous surface area and deliberately constructed depth give comfort without sacrificing timeless elegance.

6. Vanities and mirrors:

cosmetic mirrors

This bathroom vanity set is ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Because it’s built of high-quality aluminium, it’s water-resistant, termite-resistant, and bore-proof. The grey marble finish and 4mm mirror complement the cabinet-colour border, creating a unified design. It also offers lots of storage space and a light for grooming.

7. Vessel sinks:

Vessel sinks

The timeless beauty of vessel sinks will elevate your bathroom’s appearance. Perched atop the countertop, these beautiful basin-style fixtures lend your room a sense of elegance and artistry. Vessel sinks, available in various materials and patterns, elegantly blend functionality with an eye-catching appearance, making a dramatic statement in any bathroom.

Materials and finishes

  • Stainless Steel: The sleek attraction of stainless steel washbasins, where contemporary meets durability, is irresistible. These fixtures not only ooze modern elegance but also offer resistance to daily use, making them a timeless addition to your bathroom.
  • Concrete: Discover the industrial chic of concrete washbasins, which provide a raw and tactile aspect to any decor. These fixtures, designed for aesthetics and durability, alter the classic bathroom decor concept while adding a touch of urban refinement.
  • Matte and Glossy Finishes: Choose matte and glossy finishes for your wash basin to match your preferred aesthetic. Matte textures have a delicate, understated elegance, whilst glossy finishes have a sleek, lively appearance. These adaptable alternatives ensure that your washbasin blends nicely with the rest of your bathroom decor.

Smart features & technology 

  1. Touchless Faucets: Touchless faucets minimise interaction, providing a seamless and modern approach to water flow control.
  2. LED lighting: Use washbasins with built-in LED lights to brighten your environment. These lights give atmosphere and functional illumination, boosting elegance and functionality.
  3. LED Mirrors: The Ming defogger mirror with LED LIGHT has a brilliant reflection, adjustable lighting, and a proximity sensor, making it an excellent addition to any bathroom setup.
  4. Integrated Tech Storage: Immerse yourself in the future of bathroom design with wash basins with tech-friendly features such as USB connections and wireless charging. Streamline your routine by smoothly incorporating technology into your everyday habits.

Living room wash basin designs

Exquisite wash basin designs created for the heart of your home – the living room – will take your living area to new heights of luxury. The wash basin has transcended its practical origins in the realm of interior elegance, emerging as a statement piece that perfectly integrates form and function. Discover a world where grandeur meets functionality, every basin is a work of art, and every design choice tells a story of refined taste and luxurious living.

1. Floating basin shelves:

Floating basin shelves

For those looking for a modern and trendy approach to living room décor, floating basin shelves have become a popular choice. These inventive designs serve a helpful purpose while adding a sense of refinement to your living area.


  • Space optimisation: Floating basin shelves save space in miniature living spaces. These shelves create a minimalist and open sense by eliminating the need for a standard cabinet or pedestal.
  • Material versatility: These shelves are available in several materials, ranging from clean glass to warm wood, allowing homeowners to select a style that suits the look of their entire living room.
  • Integrated storage: Some floating basin shelves are constructed with integrated storage choices, providing a convenient solution for organising toiletries, towels, or decorative objects while adding to a clutter-free living space.

Design ideas: 

  • Dual Function: Combine the basin shelf with features like built-in lighting or a mirror to increase functionality while retaining a sleek and harmonious design.
  • Contrast and Texture: Try contrasting materials or textures between the basin and the shelf to enhance visual interest. For instance, pairing a glossy basin with a rustic wooden shelf can create a striking design contrast.

2. Statement basin bowls:

Statement basin bowls

Statement basin bowls transform the everyday into a work of art in living rooms. These eye-catching designs reinterpret the classic washbasin concept, turning it into a talking piece in your home.

Design ideas: 

  • Nature-inspired elegance: Choose basin bowls with nature-inspired themes or organic shapes to bring a touch of nature into your living space, resulting in a harmonious balance of nature and design.
  • Colourful contrasts: Experiment with vivid colours that contrast with the rest of your living space’s palette. A vivid basin bowl can give the room an unexpected flash of colour, infusing it with energy and life.
  • Sculptural masterpieces: Choose basin bowls that double as sculptural works of art, transforming your washroom into an art exhibition. This method works exceptionally well in modern or eclectic living room settings.

Elevate your living spaces with East India’s Company 

Transform your living spaces and bathrooms into elegant retreats with East India Company’s sanitaryware, where luxury meets distinction. Explore a curated collection of elite brands, like Quartz and Jaquar, as we redefine elegance in every aspect. Elevate your surroundings with our unparalleled offerings, ensuring a harmonious blend of sophistication and quality.

Wrapping Up 

The impact of contemporary wash basin designs on modernising living spaces is undeniable. From the sleek allure of floating shelves to the artistic statement of basin bowls, these fixtures harmonise style and functionality. East India’s Company is the gateway to this transformative journey, offering a curated selection that transcends the ordinary and defines refined living.


1. Can I find washbasins to complement a minimalist aesthetic?

Yes, our range appeals to various styles, including minimalist chic.

2. How accessible are the washbasins to clean?

Yes, our washbasins are designed to be simple to maintain and clean.

3. Does East India Company offer smart washbasins with integrated technology?

Indeed, explore our range with touchless faucets, LED lighting, and tech-friendly storage options.

4. Are the basin sizes customisable?

Our offerings include various sizes to suit your individual preferences and space requirements.

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