15 List Of Essential Bathroom Fittings For Every Home

essential bathroom fittings

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A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home. From taking showers in the morning to getting ready before work, we spend significant time in our bathrooms daily. However, many homeowners overlook properly equipping their bathrooms. Having the right bathroom fittings makes all the difference in your daily bathroom routine. 

In this blog post, we will take a comprehensive look at 15 essential bathroom fittings every home needs. We will discuss what the sanitaryware is used for and why it is important to have. By the end, you’ll have a checklist to ensure your bathroom has everything required for maximum functionality, comfort and hygiene. So let’s get started!

This blog will explain about different essential bathroom fittings that is used in all home

  1. Toilet 
  2. Sink – Faucets and taps
  3. Showers and showerheads
  4. Vanity units, shelves, and cabinets
  5. Mirror
  6. Towel bar and ring
  7. Toilet paper holder
  8. Shower curtain
  9. Exhaust Fan
  10. Soap Dispenser
  11. Toothbrush holder
  12. Trash Can
  13. Lighting
  14. Wall hooks and racks
  15. Water heaters

15 essential bathroom fittings for your home!

1. Toilet 

modern toilet seat

The most basic necessity is a toilet, which obviously can’t be missed! Hence, choosing the right toilet for your bathroom is important. Compact toilets save floor space without compromising function. However, they may not be as comfortable using standard or elongated toilets. 

Elongated toilets provide a few more inches in front, making sitting and standing easier, especially for older individuals or those with mobility issues. Dual flush toilets that allow you to choose between a full or half flush are more water-efficient and eco-friendly to optimise water usage. 

Consider the flushing system, your bathroom size, your budget and the needs of family members when selecting a toilet. Opt for a comfortable seat height and material that’s easy to keep clean.

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2. Sink – Faucets and taps

faucet and taps

The bathroom sink is where you brush your teeth, wash your face, do your makeup and more. Therefore, it needs to be deep enough to hold water for tasks without splashing over the edges. Under-mount sinks leave more counter space, while vessel sinks look stylish. 

Choose faucets & taps that complement your sink material and overall bathroom decor. Go for modern lever handles or traditional knobs based on your preference. Make sure the faucet reaches all areas of the sink for easy access. Install high-arch faucets in small bathrooms for clearance. 

Consider purchasing a single or double-hole mount based on your sink design.

3. Showers and showerheads


A shower is a must-have for bathing comfortably. For small bathrooms, opt for compact shower cubicles or stalls. In larger bathrooms, you can install a fixed shower area. Choose from rainfall, handheld or combination showerheads based on your needs. 

Check your water pressure before choosing low-flow showerheads to avoid weak spray. Leave adequate space around the shower area to prevent water damage to flooring and walls. Install a waterproof shower curtain or sliding glass door, depending on your budget and preferences.

Next, let’s explore bathroom vanities & mirrors.

4. Vanity units, shelves, and cabinets

Over the toilet storage cabinet

Storage is vital in any bathroom to neatly organise toiletries, towels, linens and accessories. Opt for vanity units, cabinets and shelves that efficiently utilise every inch of counter and wall space. Choose from a variety of styles like wall-mounted, freestanding or floating vanities. 

Consider integrated or separate storage units based on your needs. Install drawers, cabinets and open shelves according to the items you need to store. Leave room to place items and move around comfortably. 

5. Mirror

bathroom mirror long

A large bathroom mirror is essential for shaving, applying makeup, styling hair and overall grooming. Choose a mirror big enough to see your whole face and body and of high quality. LED-lit mirrors add extra illumination without taking up counter space. 

Look for anti-fog coatings to prevent mirrors from steaming up after showers. Install wall-mounted or floating vanity mirrors based on your bathroom layout. Position mirrors at ergonomic heights for adults and children. Consider frameless mirrors for a seamless look.

6. Towel bar and ring

towel rack and ring

Convenient towel storage is essential after bathing. Accessories like stainless steel towel bars and rings securely hold multiple towels within easy reach of the shower or tub. Ensure the mounting bracket and screws can support heavy towels without pulling off the wall. 

Heated towel bars and racks speed drying time. Consider adding a second bar or ring outside for hand towels.

7. Toilet paper holder

toilet paper holder

An organised toilet paper holder is essential for obvious reasons. An open toilet paper holder stocked with a fresh roll should be placed within arm’s reach of the toilet for obvious reasons. Wall-mounted holders take up less counter space than freestanding models. 

Opt for a durable, moisture-resistant material like chrome or stainless steel. Make sure the paper can roll out smoothly without tearing. Consider a dual roll holder if your bathroom sees a lot of use.

8. Shower curtain

high curtain for bathroom

A shower curtain is necessary for baths and showers to prevent water from splashing outside the shower area. Choose a curtain long enough to cover the entire opening and prevent leaks. Look for waterproof, mildew-resistant materials like vinyl or fabric. 

Consider a weighted curtain to prevent blowing inwards during use. Match your curtain colour to your bathroom’s décor for a pulled-together look. Install grommets or rings at regular intervals to hang the curtain securely.

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9. Exhaust Fan

bathroom fan

A ventilation fan removes excess moisture, heat and odours from steamy showers. Install an energy-efficient fan that effectively pulls air out without being too loud. Look for humidity and motion sensors for automatic operation. 

Duct fans directly outside or recirculate air back into the room. Leave adequate clearance around the fan for airflow. Clean fan grills regularly to maximise performance.

10. Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser

Keeping liquid soap, body wash, or bar soap neat and dry prevents wastage. Opt for an attractive soap dispenser that matches your bathroom’s style and is made of waterproof materials like plastic or stainless steel. 

Look for ones that hold adequate soap refills without leaking. Choose pump, push or automatic dispensers based on your preference. Mount dispensers near sinks or showers for easy access during use.

11. Toothbrush holder

tooth brush holder

Maintaining oral hygiene requires a dedicated toothbrush holder. Choose one that allows toothbrushes to air dry fully between uses to prevent bacterial growth. 

Opt for the countertop, wall-mounted or under-cabinet holders based on your storage needs and those made of durable materials like ceramic, plastic or stainless steel. Consider a multi-head holder for large families. Make sure the bristles stay upright and organised in the holder.

12. Trash Can

bathroom trash can

A small bathroom trash can is an overlooked necessity. Opt for a model with a lid and lining bag to contain odours until emptying. Plastic or stainless steel cans resist moisture and cleaning chemicals. 

Choose a can size appropriately for the bathroom that mounts under the sink or counter via adhesive or screws. Discreet placement keeps the can out of sight.

13. Lighting

Celing light

Adequate and ambient lighting is essential for performing tasks in the bathroom safely and comfortably. Vanity lights illuminate the mirror for grooming up close. Recessed ceiling lights provide ambient. 

Wall sconces or hardwired nightlights guide safe movement in low light. Install dimmers or timers for flexibility. Bulbs offer energy efficiency. Consider under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the workspace.

14. Wall hooks and racks

bathroom hooks

Towel hooks and over-the-door racks let towels and robes air dry or store out of the way. Look for sturdy, wall-mounted hooks or racks made of rustproof materials. 

Add hooks near the shower or tub for easy access during use. Over-the-door racks keep bath linens off floors. Heated towel racks provide warmth on chilly mornings.

15. Water heaters

water heater

A sufficient water heater ensures a steady supply of showers, handwashing, and cleaning. Gas or electric tank water heaters provide continuous hot water, while tankless on-demand systems save space. 

Size your tank based on household size and usage needs. Install the water heater in an accessible area away from living spaces for maintenance access and safety. Insulate pipes for energy efficiency.

Importance of a well-equipped bathroom in daily life

A well-equipped bathroom with quality fixtures and amenities serves an invaluable purpose in our daily lives. We start and end each day in this important room, prepare for work and sleep, and maintain good hygiene. Having a functional, comfortable bathroom set up to meet all our needs makes a big difference in how we experience life at home.

  • Safe, sanitary space: A properly outfitted bathroom provides a safe space for personal care. Essentials like a slip-resistant floor, grab bars, adequate lighting, and ventilation reduce risk and exposure. Storing medications, first aid supplies, and daily toiletries in the bathroom make them easily accessible when needed.
  • Enables self-care routines: A relaxing shower or bath at the right temperature, a space to brush teeth and hair comfortably, shave, apply makeup, and access running water for hygiene and grooming are small aspects that greatly impact the quality of life. Having a private space to use the toilet and wash hands improves comfort and dignity.
  • Help unwind your stress: The bathroom offers a practical way to start and end each day. Being able to shower, shave, brush teeth, fix hair, and use the toilet makes getting ready for work or school easier. The same nighttime bathroom routines help us wind down and prepare for sleep.
  • Prevents conflicts and delays: For households with multiple residents, an adequately sized bathroom with sufficient storage helps coordinate seamless sharing and scheduling. In a family home, a kid-friendly bathroom supports potty training and building healthy habits.
  • Elevates daily living: By meeting needs for cleanliness, personal care, accessibility, storage, and privacy, a well-designed and equipped bathroom truly enhances your life. This vital room deserves an investment in durable fixtures, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Prioritising how you use the space will ensure it functions beautifully.

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Equipping your intimate space with high-quality, durable, essential bathroom fittings tailored to your space and needs ensures functionality, safety, convenience and comfort. 

Invest in the above essential items to create a bathroom that meets all daily routines and hygiene requirements. Pay attention to details like ergonomics, ease of cleaning, and energy efficiency. With the right fittings, your bathroom will serve you well for many years.

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FAQs Related Essential Bathroom Fittings

1). What bathroom fittings are needed?

The primary bathroom fittings are a toilet, sink, and shower. Some additional items may include shelves, mirrors and towel racks or bars for storage. Ensuring these core fixtures are installed allows for essential bathroom functions.

2). What accessories should you have in your bathroom?

Some essential accessories in your bathroom include towels, soap, toilet paper and a trash can. It is also helpful to have extra accessories like washcloths, hand towels, shower curtains, rugs, and storage for items like toiletries and cleaning supplies. The necessary towels, soaps, and other small things make your bathroom functional and comfortable.

3). What is the most essential part of your bathroom?

The most essential part of any bathroom would be the toilet. The toilet is a fixture used multiple times daily and is necessary for obvious sanitary reasons. It allows users to relieve themselves in a clean, hygienic manner. No bathroom could truly function without including at least one toilet, as it is the most basic and essential fixture that every bathroom requires.

4). How to make your bathroom look classy?

Install high-quality fixtures made of materials like marble, granite or polished metals. Use decorative accessories like fluffy towels, scented candles, framed artwork or fresh flowers to add visual appeal. Keeping the bathroom clean and clutter-free with everything in its place also helps achieve a polished, elegant look.

5). What is a master bathroom?

A master bathroom is a private bathroom that is connected to the primary bedroom in a home. It is larger in size than a typical hall bathroom and usually includes both a shower and bathtub. The master bathroom provides an ensuite bath for the homeowners’ bedroom, giving them more privacy and luxury than a shared hall bath.

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