10 Different Types of Shower Heads For A Relaxing Shower Experience

Types of Shower Heads

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Are you ready to turn your bathroom into a personal spa? Yes, it is possible to bring an ultimate changeover with a small replacement. Lets Dive into the the world of types of Shower Heads

Showerheads play a key role in achieving a truly relaxing bathing experience. A quality showerhead that provides the right water pressure, flow, and coverage is essential for allowing the user to unwind and decompress under the warm spray fully. It is a simple pleasure that can ease physical and mental tightness at the end of a long day. 

It is, therefore, indispensable for delivering a spa-like atmosphere right in one’s own bathroom, leaving one feeling refreshed, re-energized, and ready to take on the next challenge.

This blog explores the types of shower heads, factors to consider when choosing one, and recommend some top picks that will surely enhance your shower routine. 

9 Types of shower heads

Here are 10 types of showerheads for your next purchase from the East India Company.

1. Standard Wall-Mounted Showerhead:

The most basic design, these fixed showerheads mount directly on the wall or ceiling and provide a steady stream of water. They are simple to install and use but offer limited customisation.

standard wall shower head

2. Dual Showerhead:

A combination unit, dual showerheads feature both a fixed wall-mounted spray and a detachable handheld option. This provides the benefits of both for customisable showering. Users can switch between an overhead rain-like spray and a targeted handheld stream as desired.

dual shower head

3. Low-Flow Showerhead:

Seeking to conserve water without compromising the shower experience, low-flow models use flow restrictors or specialised spray patterns. They reduce water usage by 25-50% compared to older showerheads while maintaining adequate coverage and pressure.

4. Filtered Showerhead:

With built-in filters that trap chlorine and minerals, filtered showerheads help improve water quality for the skin and hair. The filters provide softer water that causes less drying or damage over time. They benefit those with sensitive skin or who live in areas with hard water.

filtered shower head

5. Eco-Friendly Showerhead:

Designed with water conservation in mind, eco-friendly models use flow restrictors or specialised spray patterns to minimise usage while maintaining adequate coverage and pressure. They are a sustainable option that reduces utility bills without compromising shower enjoyment or results.

eco shower head

6. Rain Showerhead:

Seeking to replicate the relaxing feel of a warm rain shower, these larger overhead models have a wide spray pattern that gently blankets the body. The rainfall effect is soothing yet invigorating. Installation usually requires ceiling or overhead mounting.

rain shower head

7. Handheld Showerhead:

Offering versatility, handheld showerheads detach from the wall mount via a flexible hose. This allows precise targeting of water where needed or switching between overhead and handheld positioning. They are great for households with varying showering needs and abilities.

hand shower

8. High-Pressure Showerhead:

Designed for areas with low water pressure, these models increase the power of the spray through specialised spray nozzles or pumps. The stronger flow can feel more refreshing and help certain soaps and products lather better. They work well for invigorating morning showers.

9. Chromotherpy LED Showerhead:

Incorporating colourful LED lights, these high-tech showerheads create a visually engaging experience. The lights may cycle through colours, remain a solid hue, or change based on water temperature. They enhance the ambience and sensory aspects of showering in the morning or evening.

Led shower head

10. Spa-Style Showerhead:

Luxurious models that bring the spa experience home, these high-end showerheads feature multiple spray settings including rainfall, massage jets, and mist. Precise placement of nozzles allows customisation of pressure, coverage, and sensation. They create an indulgent at-home oasis with varied spray functions.

spa showerhead

Factors to consider When Choosing the Right Showerhead for Relaxation

Factors to consider at a glance!

  • Cost
  • Shower size and height
  • Bathing habits
  • Water pressure needs
  • Conservation concerns

When looking for a showerhead to help you unwind, there are a few key things to keep in mind. 

  • Consider your water pressure needs- do you have low or high water pressure? Opt for a showerhead rated for your specific setup.
  • The flow rate is also important. A higher rate provides a stronger spray while conserving water, which is ideal from an environmental perspective. Aim for the perfect balance here.
  • Durability is crucial, too. Stainless steel or brass showerheads will stand the test of time. 
  • Look for easy-to-clean surfaces to prevent mineral buildup. Simple installation and minimal maintenance are bonuses.
  • Extra features can further enhance your shower experience. Adjustable settings allow you to customise the massage and spray. Some models include soothing massage modes or LED lights for an indulgent feel. Water-saving technologies are a sustainable plus.

By weighing these factors of water pressure, flow, durability, ease of use and special features, you can select the perfect showerhead to help you relax under the streaming water. A high-quality choice will serve you well for many stress-melting showers to come.

Buy high-quality and durable showerheads at East India Company

East India Company is the leading sanitaryware shop in Chennai, offering a wide selection of premium bathroom products and fixtures. For those looking to upgrade their shower experience, it has some of the best showerheads available from many brands. Their high-pressure showerheads are made from durable metal and engineered to last for many years of regular use.

The showerheads are also designed to provide an invigorating yet relaxing shower. Options include rainfall showerheads that mimic the feel of a gentle rain shower, as well as models with multiple spray settings from powerful jets to a softer mist. Customers can choose the showerhead that best suits their showering preferences and water pressure.

They carry brands known for quality construction and innovative shower technologies. Professional installers can also install the new showerhead for customers. With its selection of high-quality showerheads, East India Company makes improving one’s bathroom shower experience easy and affordable. 


Choosing the perfect showerhead can transform your daily shower routine. Different types of shower heads provide unique experiences, from relaxing rainfall to invigorating massage.

Take time to consider your preferences. Do you want a gentle flow to soothe away the day’s stresses? Or something higher pressure for muscle knots? Larger showerheads offer generous coverage, while smaller ones focus the stream. Some feature adjustable settings for various moods.

Beyond feel, consider maintenance. Models with fewer nozzles tend to mineral build-up less over time. Rubber showerheads last longer than plastic or metal. Reputable brands stand behind quality parts and workmanship.

However you prefer to start your day, the right showerhead can set the right tone. Research options to find one that matches your needs. Your bathroom sanctuary awaits. So, make it truly restorative with a showerhead chosen just for you.


1). What are the different types of showerheads?

The main types of showerheads are fixed, handheld, rain, massage, dual, digital, low-flow, high-pressure, and filtered showerheads.

2). What are the different types of shower head pressures?

Low-pressure showerheads operate under 35 PSI for standard residential use and put less stress on plumbing. Medium-pressure showerheads range from 35 to 50 PSI and deliver good water flow and coverage. High-pressure showerheads above 50 PSI blast water powerfully but can damage plumbing without a regulator, while adjustable-pressure showerheads allow selecting the preferred pressure within a typical range.

3). What is the most common showerhead?

The most common type of showerhead is the fixed showerhead. It is mounted directly on the wall above the shower and provides a full coverage spray. Fixed showerheads are a standard fixture included with most showers given their simple design and reliable performance. They can be found in most homes as the primary showerhead option.

4). Why do showers have two heads?

Dual showerheads provide more versatility by allowing the user to switch between a fixed overhead spray and a handheld hose for shampooing or targeting hard-to-reach areas. They also enable two people to shower simultaneously yet independently of each other using separate showerheads. They maximize convenience and coverage compared to a single showerhead configuration.

5). Will showerhead really help in relaxation?

Yes, the right showerhead can help enhance relaxation. A high-quality showerhead with different spray settings, such as a rainfall showerhead, allows you to switch between pressures to suit your mood. The sound and feel of different sprays can help relieve stress and tension in muscles as well as quiet the mind for a more soothing shower experience. 

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