10 Types Of Bathroom Mirrors: Quick Guide To The World Of Bathroom Mirrors

Types Of Bathroom Mirrors

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At East India Company, a trusted sanitaryware store in Chennai, we understand the integral role mirrors play in bathrooms. From functional purposes like grooming to adding style and brightness, the right bathroom mirror can elevate your space.

We have gained expertise on the various types of bathroom mirrors available today through our experience supplying sanitaryware across Chennai. 

This comprehensive blog will overview 10 popular types of bathroom mirrors, size recommendations, positioning tips, installation methods, and more to help you find your perfect fit. Let’s explore the options in detail.

Importance of Mirrors in Bathrooms

Before diving into the different types, it’s important to understand why bathroom mirrors are so crucial in any space:

  • Functionality: Mirrors allow tasks like shaving, makeup application, hair styling, contact insertion, and more to be performed easily. Proper lighting and clear views are key to using them effectively.
  • Space Enhancement: Strategically placed mirrors can make small bathrooms appear larger and brighter by reflecting light. The illusion of expanded space makes rooms feel more spacious.
  • Decoration: Bathroom mirrors introduce stylistic focal points to the space. Based on shape, frames, material, and more, they showcase your design taste and personality. The right mirror becomes a decorative centerpiece.

You can enjoy these benefits daily and elevate your bathroom experience with the right choice. 

10 types of bathroom mirrors

Next, we will explore the top 10 styles available.

1. Wall Mirrors

wall mirror design

The most common and affordable option is wall mirrors, which are mounted directly onto a wall surface. It comes in various choices, including various shapes, sizes, and frame designs to suit your preferences and bathroom space.

Wall mirrors are suitable for any bathroom size or budget. Frameless options provide a seamless look, while framed styles add character. Installation is simple, requiring only wall anchors/screws. Ensure the wall surface is smooth, dry, and clean before mounting.

2. Decorative Mirrors

decorative mirror

These statement mirrors are typically ornate in design, creating stunning focal points. Ideal for powder rooms, large spa-inspired bathrooms, or as an accent piece, decorative mirrors maintain functionality while infusing character.

Materials may include gilt, brass, or antiqued finishes for a luxurious aesthetic. Shapes range from circular to arched. Like wood, the backing should be sturdy to prevent warping under the mirror’s weight. Place it where it can be appreciated from various angles.

3. Full-length Mirrors

full length mirror

Full-length mirrors are an excellent solution for taller users or smaller bathrooms with minimal space. These floor-to-ceiling mirrors maximize natural and artificial lighting when placed on the back of a door or opposite a window.

They give the illusion of more space by reflecting the entire length of your body. Opt for a width that spans from shoulder to shoulder at minimum. Installation requires mounting top and bottom for stability. Ensure the door/wall can support the weight.

4. Frameless Mirror

Frameless mirrors are a minimalist option that lets the mirror itself be the focal point without distraction from an encircling frame. The glass has slightly beveled polished edges to avoid sharp corners. 

Frameless mirrors work well in bathrooms with sleek, modern aesthetics, as they provide an airy look. Opting for a frameless design preserves maximum viewable mirror area in any space.

5. Pivot Mirror

pivot mirror design

Featuring articulating joints, pivot mirrors offer multiple adjustable viewing angles from a single position. They are ideal for applying makeup, inspecting outfits, shaving, or styling hair, as the mirror can be manipulated to your comfort.

Mount pivot mirrors near sinks, countertops, or vanities for ease of use. Ball-joint mechanisms enable smooth movement without wobbling. Choose between manual or battery-powered models, depending on your preference. Clean pivot points routinely to ensure smooth movement.

6. Medicine Cabinet

Medical cabinet for bathroom

Besides reflecting images, medicine cabinets offer hidden storage for toiletries. You can seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetics within a single fixture by choosing East India Company’s mirrored-front cabinets.

Recessed cabinets provide a flush appearance. Floating styles add character. Look for optional lighting, adjustable shelves, and safety glass. Position high enough for clear views but low enough for easy access. Install according to the included instructions.

7. Lighted Mirror

bathroom mirror with led light

Integrating lighting within or around your bathroom mirror has its own perks. Lighted mirrors reduce shadows cast by artificial or natural light sources, offering clear and bright reflections.

Options include LED strips affixed to the mirror’s frame, battery-powered puck lights attached below, or hardwired sconces on either side. Evenly distributed light washes away dark spots.

Choose between daylight or warmer light temperatures based on your preferences. Consider battery life, replacement costs, and ease of installation/maintenance. Position lights close enough for illumination but not so close as to cause glare.

8. Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors design

Drawing inspiration from traditional Italian styles, Venetian mirrors add a touch of old-world charm. This luxurious design option incorporates multiple rectangular panes separated by ornate dividers.

The divided panes add depth, character, and visual interest to any bathroom, perfect for creating a spa-like ambiance. Frames come in woods like walnuts or metals, including brass. Panes may be clear, tinted, or textured glass.

Place Venetian mirrors in entryway powder rooms or as a focal wall piece. Clean individual panes with care. Larger sizes require sturdy wall mounting. The ornate style elevates any space.

9. Framed Mirrors

framed mirror design

A mirror accented with an aesthetic frame adds visual impact and can complement other decorative elements. East India Company’s extensive collection varies from bold metallic frames to minimalistic wooden ones, ensuring there’s an option for every taste.

Frames come in materials like wood, metal, stone, and resin. Styles range from delicate scrollwork to geometric patterns. Choose a color palette that coordinates with your bathroom. Hang framed mirrors at eye level for optimal use and viewing.

10. Ledge Mirrors

Ledge Mirrors design

While serving their primary purpose, ledge mirrors consist of a horizontal lip or shelf below the mirror for conveniently placing small bathroom items. They can be leveraged as stylish combined storage and reflective surfaces.

The shelf provides a resting place for necessities without sacrificing the mirror space above. Choose a ledge depth accommodating your intended items. Ensure the shelf and brackets can support the expected weight load. Install for a seamless appearance.

What size the mirrors should be?

When selecting a bathroom mirror, its size impacts functionality, aesthetics, and overall space. Here are some general guidelines on sizing.

  • For single sinks, center the mirror’s bottom above or match its width to the sink
  • For double sinks, span the mirror width across both basins
  • Account for your height to allow comfortable makeup/grooming at the sink
  • Oversized mirrors open up small spaces but require sturdy installation

Balancing your needs with the available wall area will ensure the right mirror size. Our experts can advise you further based on your specific bathroom dimensions.

All you need to know about bathroom mirror fittings!

Proper installation is key to ensuring your new mirror functions safely and looks its best for years to come. Here are some additional tips:

i. Positioning

  • Mount wall mirrors at adult eye level, around 5-6 feet from the floor.
  • Position full-length mirrors in well-lit areas and away from shower spray.
  • Freestanding mirrors require non-slip pads to prevent sliding.

ii. Bathroom zones

Waterproof standards set by Indian standards and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) dictate safe mirror placement. Understanding these zones ensures protection from moisture damage.

  • Zone 0– Inside a bathtub, shower basin, or water container 
  • Zone 1– Above bathtubs/showers up to 2.25m from the floor 
  • Zone 2– Area stretching 0.6m from water sources/outlets 
  • Zone 3– Remaining bathroom space >0.6m from zone 2

For optimal safety, install mirrors in Zone 3. If placing in Zone 2 (common around sinks), waterproof backing and anti-fog features are recommended.

iii. Bathroom Lighting and Mirror Placement

Lighting setup and mirror positioning also deserve consideration for maximizing effectiveness and preventing glare. Some best practices include:

  • Installing mirrors where natural light enters most during daytime use
  • Incorporating multiple light sources like sconces, vanity lights, and lighted mirrors
  • Mounting mirrors 0.6-1m away from light sources to avoid harsh shadows
  • Following IEC’s waterproof zones code for safety near water sources

With the right combination of type, size, installation, and lighting, you can enjoy your bathroom mirror for years to come.

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We hope the guide on types of bathroom mirrors has equipped you with the knowledge to identify your ideal bathroom mirror type based on your needs, space, and design preferences. 

More than just reflective glass or surfaces, bathroom mirrors play an integral role in functionality, ambiance, and personal style. With the right choice, yours can elevate your whole space for daily use and enjoyment.


1. What type of mirror is used in bathrooms?

The most common type of mirror used in bathrooms is a plain glass mirror, as it is affordable and easy to install.

2. Which shape of mirror is best for bathrooms?

The best shape for bathroom mirrors is rectangular, as it allows for a wider view than a round mirror when using the space.

3. Which is the best quality mirror for bathrooms?

For best quality, look for bathroom mirrors made of tempered glass, which is shatter-resistant and safer than regular glass if it breaks.

4. Is a bathroom mirror concave or convex?

Bathroom mirrors are usually flat or plain with no curvature, so they would be described as neither concave or convex for accurate reflection.

5. Are all mirrors suitable for bathrooms?

While there are many styles of mirrors available, not all are suitable for high-humidity bathroom use- only look for mirrors specifically rated for bathroom installation.

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