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Types Of Kitchen Sink

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If such an award existed, the types of kitchen sink would undoubtedly win the most task-oriented space. It plays a pivotal role in adding more functionality to the kitsch style, ith some classic options, which helps to elevate the entire look of the kitchen design. 

Several factors need to be considered before choosing a kitchen sink, as they contribute to making it more exemplary with its unique benefits. In this blog, we will delve into various kitchen sinks, their design features, and what makes each one stand out. Let’s get started! 

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8 Types Of Kitchen Sink 

1. Drop in sinks:

Drop in Sink

Also referred to as self-rimming sinks, the drop-in models are mounted using a pre-cut hole in the countertop and feature a curved lip resting on the countertop’s edge. This classic sink style has long been favoured in kitchens, but contemporary sink choices are gradually substituting it. The primary advantages of drop-in sinks include their compatibility with countertops made of any material, affordability, and effortless installation process.

Pros of buying a drop-in sink: 

  • Easy installation: They are a popular choice for DIY projects as they are easy to install. Simply place them on a countertop, and you’ll remove the need for a professional installation. 
  • Versatility: They are super versatile, with all countertop materials, like quartz and tile, elevating your kitchen’s look and feel. 
  • Affordable choice: Drop-in sinks are budget-friendly and come in a variety of prices and styles, so you can choose the sink that suits your budget and kitchen style. 

What materials are drop-in sinks made of? 

Due to its widespread popularity, stainless steel remains the favored choice for drop-in sinks. Made of a blend of steel, chromium, and nickel, it offers durability and affordability. 

2. Flush mount in sinks:

 Flush mount-in sinks are drop-in sinks designed without a raised or rounded lip edge for attachment to the countertop. Instead, they are installed with the rim at the same level as the countertop, resulting in a flush seam where the sink material meets the countertop material. This kitchen sink style, made from matching material, can add a distinctive touch to the overall design.

Advantages of buying a flush mount-in sink: 

  • Easy-to-clean, hygienic and pristine 
  • Aesthetically pleasing, elevating the look and style of your kitchen – Modern minimalism makes them look elegant and harmonious.
  • Unwaveringly safe with professional installation by experts 
  • They are made with materials like granite, artificial stone, and glass, which professionals recommend for longevity and durability. 

3. Undermount sinks:

Undermount sinks

These are among the most renowned and popular remodelling projects, chosen by homeowners frequently after owning a self-rimming style. 

Unlike other types of sinks, an under-mount sink is placed under the countertop, making the sink’s rim not visible. This enables easy installation and is aesthetically viable. 

The sink’s overall appearance blends beautifully, enhancing the modern yet minimalistic look that most homeowners prefer. 

The undermount sink also comes with a drain board and a glossy satin finish, making it simple to clean and comfortable to use. It is one of the best choices for those who prefer contemporary design kitsch, where cleanup is a breeze, and the kitchen’s style is enhanced. 

As per suggestions, it is preferable to go with an under-mount sink, as it is more extensive and suits the kitchen’s aesthetics. 

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4. Farmhouse sinks:

These are called apron sinks because they are larger in size, which reminds one of a rustic or vintage-style kitchen. 

It offers several functional benefits blended with a country charm, making it a first choice for several homeowners. 

They are known to be robust, stylish, and strong, and they come in various materials, such as copper sinks, stainless steel sinks, stone, granite sinks, fireclay sinks, and cast iron sinks.

 A copper farmhouse sink is prominently famous. It is much deeper than other styles, making everyday use very convenient. The sink served many purposes beyond cleaning dishes, including washing clothes and bathing the children. The versatility of an apron sink with its deep basin made it effortless to carry out these tasks.

Along with its vintage design, it offers functional benefits for garbage disposal, and the installation process is simple with the help of experts. 

It is effortless to find a dual farmhouse sink specifically crafted with multiple basins, which enhances the overall functionality of your kitchen. These sinks’ increased width and depth provide ample space for soaking dishes, oversized pots and pans, and difficult-to-clean items like grill grates, stock pots, and baking sheets.

5. Single-basin sinks:

single basin sink

Certain gourmet kitchen designers are gravitating towards the more simplistic, classic single-basin sinks, contributing to the rise in popularity of farmhouse design. 

This sink has one spacious basin where all cooking and food preparation activities occur.

This sink style is perfect for individuals frequently using large pots or specialized tools. The benefit lies in the ample space available for various tasks. 

These kitchen sinks are commonly found in laundry rooms or garages for more demanding chores.

6. Double basin sinks:

Double basin sink

In contrast to the various kitchen sink styles discussed previously, the double-basin sink focuses more on interior functionality than on the outward appearance or installation process. 

Double-basin sinks typically feature two basins of equal depth and size, embodying a classic design. 

However, in response to contemporary preferences for personalized options, some manufacturers now produce double-basin sinks with one larger, deeper basin paired with a smaller, shallower basin or separated by a lower dividing wall.

7. Bar sinks:

Bar sinks are typically located near the part of the kitchen used for socializing, such as an office or home bar, or on a kitchen island, as opposed to an area traditionally used for cleaning or food preparation. 

These are scaled-down variations of the typical kitchen sink that can be usefully placed in a mudroom or laundry area. Bar sinks are different from other types of sinks. 

The first is size: bar sinks are designed to accommodate a smaller volume of home tasks than a standard kitchen sink, which is why they are so small.

 Bar sinks are typically used for pouring out liquids, filling glasses, and other small activities. They are typically made with more compact, smaller tap alternatives.

8. Integrated sinks:

Integrated sink

Last but not least, we have integrated sinks, which are a more lavish and stylish option among the sinks out there. They can be created from several concrete materials, like marble or stainless steel, and can fit any style and space, making them a wow factor for any kitchen style. 

Additionally, an integrated sink’s single-piece design simplifies cleanup. Bid farewell to any gunky accumulation surrounding your washbasin and effortlessly remove water and crumbs. 

Thus, an integrated sink is the only option if you’re looking for a seamless, low-maintenance kitchen design element.

 In a nutshell, be rest assured you have chosen a bespoke sink for your kitchen, offering you both functionality and design.

5 Common Sink Materials

Common Sink Materials
  1. Stainless Steel is one of the most popular choices, as it is lightweight, budget-friendly, and has great options. Homeowners need to use caution while choosing the steel gauge. The metal is thinner, the higher the gauge. Although a lower gauge metal may cost more, it will withstand the typical abuses of a busy kitchen much better.
  2. Cast Iron: It is covered with a coat of enamel, which makes it a popular choice due to its design durability, which stands out among other sink materials. 
  3. Fireclay is a solid and smooth material formed with moulded clay known for its classic, timeless look and durability. 
  4. Copper: A sophisticated metal that gives any kitchen individuality as it wears down and acquires its patina.
  5. Natural Stone: Exquisite and one-of-a-kind sinks crafted from granite or marble, offering a classic and distinctive appearance.

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Tips for choosing the right types of kitchen sink 

Tips to choose kitchen sink 
  1. Analyze the material: Choose a material that will enhance the appearance of your kitchen while meeting your maintenance needs.
  2. Consider size and dimensions: Verify that the washbasin will meet your needs and complement the design of your kitchen.
  3. Evaluate the installation method: Depending on your chosen countertop and style, you can install a farmhouse, top-mount, or under-mount system.
  4. Analyze the functionality. Look for extra features, such as several basins, built-in accessories, or ergonomic designs, to enhance the washbasin’s functionality.

Wrapping Up 

We hope the above list of kitchen sinks gives you a great idea of the design features and functional benefits they offer, and we understand why some of them are popular choices among households. So what are you waiting for? Elevate your kitchen style with East India Company’s stainless steel sink, and turn heads around, applauding your exceptional choices. 

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FAQs Releated To Types of Kitchen Sink

1. How many types of kitchen sinks are there? 

There are around eight kitchen sinks, but the most famous and well-known are under-mount sinks, farmhouse sinks, and drop-in sinks. With their unique styles and configurations, they offer several functional benefits in terms of installation and durability.

2. Which type of kitchen sink is in trend? 

Among all the types, under-mount sinks and stainless steel sinks are the most in trend and popular among households due to their easy upkeep or cleaning process. Additionally, they offer a timeless classic and stunning look. 

3. What is a perfect sink?

Perfect Sink is a mild cleaner that cleans, polishes and protects in one easy step. The unique mixture dissolves difficult stains, water spots, and rust stains, leaving an exquisite shine.

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