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types of bathroom faucets

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Are you planning to change your faucet and enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom? You have come to the right place. When you renovate your bathroom, you should not miss a quality sink faucet that will add an excellent look to your restroom’s design. You should also ensure that the faucet is well-made, properly designed and ready to stand out. 

With myriad options available with styles, materials, and price points, we can understand if you are overwhelmed. But do not fret! In this blog, let’s explore the different types of bathroom faucets and tips to choose the perfect fit for your intimate space.

7 Types Of Bathroom Faucets

Here are the 7 types of bathroom faucets you can find at the East India Company. Ensure to read till the end. 

1. Single Handle

faucets taps

The single-handle faucet is mounted to the centre of the sink and has one control to regulate hot and cold water pressure when turned left and right or how much you lift the lever. They are also known as single-lever faucets and are used in kitchen sinks, too. It is simple to use and is best suited for small spaces because of its minimalistic design. 

2. Spread Fit

spread fit bathroom tap

The spread-fit faucets are suitable for larger sinks or countertops and have three pieces, including the main body and hot and cold controls. However, these pieces are connected below the sink. Spread-fit faucets make your bathroom space look luxurious and seem like a high-end hotel. Since there are two handles, the chances of you getting your hands scalded are rare. 

3. Centre Set

Centre Set bathroom tap

Centre-set faucet is between the single-hand faucet and spread-fit faucet regarding style. It has a single body piece with a main faucet and two different handles mounted to the centre of the sink. Its single-unit feature gives a sophisticated and convenient look. 

3. Bridge

Bridge bathroom tap

As the name suggests, a bridge faucet establishes a bridge-like design and looks classic. A bridge faucet has two water controls for hot and cold water mounted to the sink’s surface. In the middle of the horizontal line that connects the two handles emerges the spout that bends like a bridge over the surface of your sink. 

Bridge faucets give a traditional and vintage aesthetic look. They are suitable for farmhouse-style bathrooms and spaces that require adequate counter space owing to their spread-out design. 

4. Wall Mounted

wall taps for bathroom

The wall-mounted faucets are also known as wall-hung faucets because of their design. They are attached directly to the wall above your sink basin rather than mounted on the countertop. Thus, they free up spaces on the counter. The high arching spouts make it easy to fill water, even for vessels with small mouths. They also have two separate handles for cold and hot water.

5. Sprinkle

water fall tap

The sprinkle faucets give a waterfall-like flow that makes it create a spa-like environment. It is aesthetically pleasing, posh and also functional. If you want a luxurious choice for your intimate space, a sprinkle faucet should be your go-to option. 

It has a cylindrical spout instead of the traditional one and has a setup for the water to come in a rectangular pattern. It creates a waterfall effect that looks elegant, gentle, soothing and relaxing. 

6. Vessel

tall spout faucets

Also known as tall-spout faucets, vessel faucets are designed specifically to complement vessel sinks. It has a tall spout to fill the elevated sink bowl efficiently. It is functional and adds a contemporary design element to your bathroom space. It is visually and aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

Know The Bathroom Faucet Materials

Now that we have known the types, let’s explore the materials the bathroom faucets are made of. 

  • Brass: Most of the faucets you come across are made of brass since it is the most popular material known for its durability and classic look. It resists corrosion and benefits for daily use. However, since it requires occasional polishing. Chrome-plated brass faucets combine the strength of brass with a shiny chrome finish that helps hide tarnishing. 
  • Stainless Steel: Another material that is resistant to corrosion and is durable is stainless steel. It gives a modern look even without polishing. It is recommended to choose the higher grade of stainless steel for the best longevity and to protect from scratches or stains. 
  • Zinc: If you are looking for an affordable material for your bathroom faucet, zinc is the best. It can resist corrosion fairly well. However, it requires re-coating or plating for best protection from dents or scratches since zinc is softer than other metals. 
  • Plastic: If you are looking for a temporary option for your bathroom or kitchen space, plastic faucets are suitable since they are affordable. But they can’t stand close to the longevity of metal faucets since they wear over time. But the pros include they are lightweight, won’t rust or corrode and come in different colours. 
  • Bronze: If you want to give your bath space an antique, what’s better than using a bronze faucet? Bronze finish faucets take on an aged look with time. It is durable and requires occasional polishing or re-waxing to maintain its lustre. 

Size And Cost Of The Bathroom Faucets

Faucet sizes are usually specified to the hole spacing required for installation, ranging from 4 to 8 inches. If there is wider hole spacing, it can accommodate a larger handle. 

As for the pricing, the bathroom faucets range between INR 2000 to INR 50000 and more. The cost depends on the material, design, features, brand and finish. Compared to plastic and zinc, bronze, brass, and stainless steel are expensive.

Also, if there are more than single-hole mounts, the cost increases. But be sure to always stick to quality since it is crucial for longevity, and invest in a reputable brand that falls within your budget. 

Tips Before You Shop

Here are some valuable tips before buying a bathroom faucet for your intimate space. Ensure to follow them without fail for an excellent purchase.

  • Measure your sinkhole spacing and the size of your sink to ensure faucet compatibility
  • Consider your water pressure preference to choose a style like single or spread handle
  • Look out for features like pull-down sprayers or motion sprayers for more functionality
  • Be sure to purchase a faucet that has a finish that matches your other bathroom hardware for a cohesive look
  • Check the handle weight and turn radius
  • Look out for the warranty and coverage details by the manufacturer
  • Consider resale value

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With different types of bathroom faucets varying in styles, materials, features, and price points, there is always a perfect one that suits your budget and taste. Consider your requirements and the bathroom’s aesthetic before purchasing for your intimate space to enhance its overall appeal. 


1). What are the different types of bathroom faucets?

The different types of bathroom faucets include centre set, single handle, spread, bridge, wall mounted, sprinkle or pull down, and vessel faucets.

2). Which faucet type is the best?

The best bathroom faucet type depends on individual needs and style preferences. However, single-handle faucets are often an excellent overall choice. They offer simple and easy operation with one control while still providing versatility in placement for most sinks. Single-handle faucets are also more affordable than other options.

3). What is the most common type of faucet?

The most common type of bathroom faucet is the single-handle faucet. It has one central handle that controls both hot and cold water. Single-handle faucets are very easy to use and provide reasonable temperature control. 

4). How to buy bathroom faucet?

When buying a bathroom faucet, first measure your sink to ensure the right size and hole spacing. Consider your style preferences and water pressure needs. Then shop around, comparing features, materials, styles and prices both in stores and online to find the best quality faucet that fits your budget and bathroom.

5). Which is better, single or double handle bathroom faucet?

A single-handle faucet is often more convenient as it has one control to regulate temperature. However, a double-handle faucet provides more precise control over hot and cold water separately. The best type depends on individual needs and style preferences.

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