7 Bathroom Interior Design Trends You Should Look For In 2024

Bathroom Interior Design Trends

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The bathroom is no longer just a functional space, but a home spa sanctuary that allows you to relax, rejuvenate and pamper yourself. As we move forward, several exciting new trends emerging will shape bathroom designs and help create a more luxurious, high-tech and sustainable bathing experience.

In this blog, we will explore the top 7 bathroom interior design trends you should look out for in 2024. From multi-functional bathtubs to smart toilets, backlit mirrors to wall-mounted fittings- we will cover the latest fixtures, features, styles and technologies that are set to be popular for bathrooms in the coming years. 

Here are the top 7 bathroom interior design trends to look out for in 2024!

Read further to know what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not for bathrooms in 2024!

1. Multi-functional bathtubs

walk in bath tub

The days of a simple rectangular tub are long gone. Today, bathtubs serve purposes beyond just bathing. Expect to see more ergonomic, multi-functional tubs that allow you to relax, get a massage, enjoy chromotherapy lighting, and even get a spa treatment!

Some popular styles are

  • Air tubs: These tubs use air jets to bubble water and give you a soothing hydromassage. The massage action helps relax muscles, ease pain and reduce stress.
  • Walk-in tubs: These have a door that allows you to step in and out of the tub easily. They are comfortable for those with mobility issues or seniors. Some come equipped with therapy features, too.
  • Corner tubs: These contemporary tubs have an angular or curved shape and are designed to fit snugly in corners. They allow you to take advantage of unused spaces.
  • Freestanding tubs: A statement focal point in any bathroom, these tubs have vintage-inspired clawfoot legs or modern sleek designs. Many feature chromotherapy mood lighting.

When shopping for bathtubs, consider your needs and ask yourself- do you want a soaking tub, air bubbles, or a quick shower? 

Look for durable and water-resistant materials like acrylic, stone resin or porcelain. Integrated or portable chromotherapy lighting and bubble jets also add functionality.

2. Large-format tiles

large tiles

Say goodbye to grout lines! Large-format tiles are taking over bathrooms. Stone slabs, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and quartz tiles with huge dimensions (some as big as 4’ x 10’) will be popular in 2024.

These oversized tiles create a sleek, seamless look and make spaces appear larger. Large tiles on both walls and floors create a harmonious, expansive visual flow. Less grout also means easier maintenance!

Geometric patterns and styles inspired by natural stone, wood, cement and textile will be common. 

3. Spa-like features 

spa like experience in bathtub

Expect to see more features that help you relax, refresh and rejuvenate in 2024!

  • Heated floors and towel racks provide blissful warmth, while temperature-adjustable showers let you customise water temperature and pressure.
  • Sound systems set the mood with your favourite playlists. Built-in Bluetooth speakers make listening to music easier.
  • Chromotherapy lighting in soothing colours creates a relaxing ambience. Colour-changing LEDs also allow you to customise bathing experiences.
  • High-tech jetted tubs simulate massage therapies like shiatsu with adjustable speed and direction settings. Some even add aromatherapy, chromotherapy or music.
  • Steam showers infused with aromatherapy vapours provide respite after a long, stressful day.
  • Smart toilets offer personal cleaning options with adjustable temperatures, pressures and self-cleaning cycles. Some models even have built-in air dryers and deodorisers!

With these innovative features, expect bathrooms to be as rejuvenating as luxury spas! When remodelling, invest in therapeutic fixtures to create your own home retreat.

4. Decorative lighting

bathroom lighting 3

Statement light fixtures will take bathroom lighting beyond the basic vanity and ceiling lights in 2024. Use lighting to set the mood!

  • Pendant lights: Suspended single pendants or chandeliers make excellent over-tub or vanity statement lighting. Go for sparkling crystals, artistic metal designs or globe pendant lights.
  • Sconces: Wall-mounted lighting flanking mirrors boost functionality while adding flair. Decorative sconces also work well in corners or near bathtubs.
  • Accent lighting: Use accent lighting to highlight displays, artwork or architectural elements. Try picture lights, floating shelves with underlighting or strip lighting under cabinets.
  • Backlit mirrors: These mirrors have integrated lighting behind the glass to illuminate faces without shadows or glare. This makes grooming easier.

Tap into smart lighting systems to adjust brightness, colour and temperature and create lighting pre-sets to match your mood and activities. Many options today are also IP65 waterproof.

5. Smart toilets

smart wc

Smart toilets that use innovative technology to improve hygiene, customisation and convenience will be a key trend. 

  • Automated lids: Self-opening and closing lids eliminate touching dirty surfaces. Sensors open them as you approach.
  • Touchless flushing: Flushes activate automatically or by hovering your hand over a sensor. Some also have auto cleaning before and after use.
  • Heated seats: Take the chill off cold mornings with cosy warmth. Temperature is usually adjustable.
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature: Multiple spray patterns with adjustable water pressure, position, and temperature settings provide customised cleanliness.
  • Built-in dryers: Adjustable temperature dryers allow you a hands-free experience. Some models use UV light for deeper cleaning.
  • Deodorisers: Self-cleaning UV light sanitises surfaces. Built-in air purifiers suck away odours.
  • Intuitive remote controls: Allow you to customise settings like water pressure to your preference.

With smart toilets gaining advanced functionalities, expect even smarter, more innovative features down the road. Voice activation could be the next step!

6. Backlit mirrors

bathroom mirror long

Good lighting is essential for bathrooms. Backlit or illuminated mirrors will be a top choice to create well-lit grooming spaces and add style. Backlit mirrors have integrated lighting as LED strips behind the mirror’s glass. 

This provides a soft, uniform glow that brightly illuminates faces, making grooming and makeup application easier. It casts no shadows or glare. Many backlit mirrors today also have defoggers, Bluetooth, compatibility with smart home systems and even built-in speakers. Touch screens on the mirrors themselves let you control features.

When shopping for backlit mirrors, look for

  • Colour temperature tuning from daylight to soft white to match lighting needs
  • Dimmable lights
  • Light sensors that automatically adjust brightness
  • IP44 water resistance
  • Safety standards like UL certification

Some backlit mirror ideas are

  • Extend across entire walls for a contemporary look
  • Opt for triangular or circular backlit mirrors for a unique style statement
  • Add Hollywood bulb-style lighting around mirrors

7. Wall-mounted fittings


Say goodbye to vanity clutter! As bathrooms shrink in size, expect smartly designed wall-mounted faucets, towel racks, dispensers, shelves and other fittings to maximise space.

Here are the benefits of wall-mounted fittings.

  • Create visual space: Removes clutter from countertops
  • Easy cleaning: Allows you to wipe counters without obstruction easily
  • Flexible functionality: Adjustable arms in faucets can swivel away or towards users
  • Adaptability: Components can adjust to users of different heights. Great for universal design and accessibility
  • Distinct styling: Geometric and industrial designs are currently on trend

When installing wall-mounted fittings, 

  • Ensure basins and fixtures align properly, with adequate clearance between handles, spouts and backsplashes.
  • Reinforce walls and use quality mounting hardware designed for the weight of components
  • Choose solid brass or stainless steel fixtures for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Seek water-efficient low-flow designs

Other trends to keep your eyes on!

Sustainable Designs: Expect more eco-friendly manufacturing, renewable materials like bamboo, water conservation technologies and energy-saving fixtures.

  1. Industrial Chic: Exposed pipes, matte black or bronze metals, concrete, stone and wood finishes
  2. Radiant Heated Floors: Hydronic radiant floor heating that runs warm water through pipes underneath flooring will become more common to create spa-like warmth.
  3. Seamless Glass: Frameless glass enclosure showers and partitions create an airy, expansive look.
  4. Quartz Countertops: Non-porous, stain and scratch-resistant quartz offers durability and an upscale look. Styles mimicking natural stone and concrete without high maintenance will grow in popularity.
  5. Metal Accents: Cool tones like chrome, nickel, bronze, copper, and gold introduce glamour.
  6. Creativity and Personalisation: Look for more customization options in colours, materials, layouts and add-ons to design bathrooms to match your personality.

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The top bathroom interior design trends show how advanced tech innovations, sustainability, customisation and high-end finishes are redefining intimates spaces. By embracing these trends, like wall-mounted fittings, backlit mirrors, multi-functional tubs, radiant heated floors and more, you too can create a luxurious, smart bathroom.

When remodelling your bathroom or constructing a new one, consult reputed interior designers. Also, browse through the exclusive bathroom fittings and accessories available at East India Company for style ideas and quality products that help bring these trends to life.


1). What are the latest trends in bathroom?

Sleek, spa-inspired bathrooms with seamless large format tiles, curbless showers, heated floors, and high-tech features like backlit mirrors, customizable lighting, and intelligent toilets are the latest trends. Multi-functional bathtubs for relaxation and therapy, along with eco-friendly and sustainable fittings and furnishings, are also popular.

2). What are the colour trends for bathroom in 2024?

Soft neutral tones like putty, greige, taupe and light grey will remain popular for bathrooms in 2024 as they create a peaceful ambience. Deeper jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and amethyst are also gaining popularity for accent walls and fixtures to add mood and drama. Natural elements inspired by stone, wood and earth bring warmth through colours like sand, terracotta, moss and navy blue.

3). What is a modern style bathroom?

A modern bathroom has clean, sleek lines with minimalist fixtures, fittings and finishes. It features open layouts with ample natural light, frameless glass showers, wall-hung vanities, seamless large-format tiles and smart, high-tech elements like rain shower heads, heated floors and mirrors with built-in Bluetooth speakers. 

4). How to design a small bathroom?

When designing a small bathroom, maximise storage space by incorporating wall-mounted cabinets, shelves and narrow furniture to avoid clutter. Use light colours on walls and flooring to create an airy, spacious feel. Integrate multifunctional fixtures that serve dual purposes, like combination shower-tub units, to save on space without compromising functionality.

5). What tiles make bathroom look bigger?

Choosing large format tiles for both walls and flooring is one of the most effective ways to make a small bathroom appear more spacious. Tiles in neutral pale shades like white, light grey and beige also help bounce light around and visually expand the area. Laying tiles in a monochromatic scheme or continuous bond pattern minimises disruptions to the eye and allows the space to flow seamlessly

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