How to Choose the Best Bathroom Fittings Brand in Chennai

Choose The Best Bathroom Fittings Brand In Chennai

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Choosing bathroom fittings for your home can be overwhelming, with many brands and options. From faucets and showers to cabinets and accessories, it’s easy to feel confused about which brand will suit your needs and style the best. This blog will discuss key factors when selecting bathroom fittings and recommend some top brands. 

By the end, you’ll better understand how to pick fittings that match your budget and vision. If you are wondering where to purchase bathroom fixtures and accessories, the East India Company, the leading sanitaryware store in Chennai, houses national and international brands. 

Assess Your Needs

Here are some beneficial tips to choose the best bathroom fittings brand in Chennai. 

1. What is your budget? 

The first step is determining your budget. Bathroom fittings can range from affordable to premium designer brands, depending on the materials, features, and brand. Setting a realistic budget will narrow your options. 

Premium brands may have more expensive options that exceed your budget. Look for brands offering various tiers- some affordable basics and higher-end luxury fittings. This allows you the flexibility to get your essentials while saving for fancier additions later.

2. What style do you prefer? 

Bathroom fittings come in different styles- modern, contemporary, traditional, etc. Consider your bathroom’s overall aesthetic and style. 

Do you want sleek modern fittings or traditional classic pieces? Colours like chrome, brass, or matte black? Some brands specialise in specific styles, while others offer diverse options.

Browse brand websites and catalogues to see which capture your vision. Make sure the fittings you choose complement your bathroom’s existing fixtures, tiles, and cabinetry for a cohesive look. Selecting a style will make the search process more manageable.

3. What material do you prefer?

The materials used affect quality, durability, and price. 

  • Stainless steel: Affordable and rust-resistant but can stain or corrode over time.
  • Brass: Elegant look but requires polishing to maintain shine and prevent corrosion.
  • Chrome: Sleek finish that hides fingerprints but scratches more easily than other metals.
  • Ceramic: Durable and heat-resistant for showerheads but heavier than metal options.

Choose materials suited to your bathroom’s usage and maintenance preferences. Stainless steel holds up well for family bathrooms, while brass or ceramic are better for luxury ensuites.

Explore Different Brands

Some of the most popular bathroom fittings brands available in the East India Company, Chennai are,

Bathroom fitting brand
  • Jaquar: Known for aesthetically designed bathroom collections, Jaquar offers contemporary designs crafted with advanced technology. It has a wide range of products and frequent new collections.
  • Parryware: Indian brand known for durable and affordable fittings. It has a diverse product portfolio, including wellness solutions.
  • Kohler: Global brand from USA with bold, innovative designs. Strong retail presence across price points. Products feature elegant designs and smart technology.
  • Hindware: Popular Indian brand offering an extensive range of affordable and durable fittings. Frequently update collections with new designs.
  • Carysil: Manufacturer of bath fittings and accessories. Provides contemporary styles at competitive rates.
  • Artize: Premium collection from Jaquar featuring high-end designer styles crafted with superior quality.

Factors to consider

person buying bathroom fitting

Before selecting bathroom fittings from specific brands, here are a few factors to consider.

1. Look Out For Product Quality And Durability

Bathroom fittings see a lot of wear and tear. Ensure the products you choose are made from quality materials like brass, zinc alloy or stainless steel and have a durable finish that can withstand moisture and regular use. 

2. Design And Aesthetics

Choose a brand whose designs match your taste and bathroom’s decor. While some brands offer traditional and classic styles, others have more contemporary designs. Select designs that will upgrade your bathroom’s look and feel.

3. Technology And Features

Look for brands offering smart features and technology like touchless faucets, one-click installs, automatic flush systems, etc. Advanced technology can provide convenience and functionality.

4. Warranty And After-Sales Service

Opt for brands that provide at least 5-10 years of warranty on their products. Also, check their after-sales service network in your location in case repairs are needed.

5. Price And Value

Compare prices across brands and choose products that offer the best value for money. While premium brands have higher prices, they often provide better quality, features and longer warranties. 

6. Retail Presence

Look for brands with a strong retail presence in Chennai so you can easily view and purchase their products. Jaquar, Kohler, Carysil and Hindware have prominent displays across leading sanitaryware stores in the city.

Choosing The Right Fittings

When shortlisting products from your selected brands, comparing specific fitting types carefully is important. For example, 


  • Water flow (aerated vs non-aerated)- Based on your needs. Aerated saves water.
  • Handle type (lever, knob)- Lever is easier for arthritis. Knob for traditional looks.
  • Finish (chrome, brushed nickel, etc.)- Match with your bathroom fixtures.
  • Spray modes (powerful jet spray or soft spray)- Consider usage like washing utensils.


  • Showerheads (fixed vs handheld)- Handheld for flexibility.
  • Shower handles/knobs (lever, push-pull)- Lever is easier to use.
  • Hoses/Sliders (metal, rubber/plastic)- Metal lasts longer, but rubber is flexible.
  • Shower panels (fixed, sliding glass doors)- Consider space and waterproofing needs.


  • Dual/single flush- Dual saves more water for liquid waste.
  • Mount type (concealed, wall hung)- Concealed is modern, wall hung is flexible.
  • Material (vitreous china, plastic)- Chinaware lasts longer than plastic.
  • Flushing mechanism (button, lever, sensor)- Lever/sensor for hands-free use.

Accessories: Match styles and finishes to maintain continuity in your bathroom.

Request samples to check quality before purchasing. Collect warranty cards and manuals for future reference. This will ensure you buy the right product for your requirements.

Maintenance Tips

bathroom cleaning

Regular maintenance keeps bath fittings looking their best for longer, be it any brand.

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water and a mild cleaner free of abrasives. This removes mineral deposits.
  • Mineral deposits inside pipes can be removed every 3-6 months using citric acid or white vinegar. Flush thoroughly with water after.
  • Fittings can get scratched during relocation. Use protective caps, guards or plastic covers to prevent damage.
  • Contact the brand within the warranty period for repairs or issues. This avoids costs later on.
  • Cartridges or washers inside taps need replacement over time for smooth functioning. Use genuine spare parts.

Buy The Best Bathroom Fittings In East India Company!

East India Company in Chennai is a one-stop destination for all your bathroom fitting needs. You can browse their extensive collection of top brands under one roof and get expert advice from their knowledgeable staff to select fixtures that best suit your requirements. 

By thoroughly comparing the features, quality, price and warranty of shortlisted items, you can shortlist to choose the best to avoid post-purchase issues. They offer hassle-free installation services and ensure warranty protection. You can also use a range of payment options for utmost convenience. 

Visit the East India Company to help you choose the best fittings for a complete bathroom transformation.


Renovating your bathroom requires careful consideration of your needs, style preferences and budget when selecting fittings brands. Factors like design, technology, warranty and aftersales service must be compared between shortlisted brands. 

Purchasing from retailers with a showroom allows viewing options and seeking expert advice. Proper installation and regular cleaning maintain the aesthetic and functionality. With tips to choose the best bathroom fitting brand in Chennai, you can confidently choose the best to complement your new intimate space’s design perfectly! 


1). How do I choose the best bathroom fittings?

When choosing bathroom fittings, consider your style preferences and budget. Also, consider the size of your bathroom and which type of fittings like faucets, showerheads, and toilets will fit the space and meet your needs.

2). What should you consider in choosing bathroom fittings?

The size of your bathroom and the space available for fixtures should be considered first. You’ll also want to consider your design style and budget so the chosen fixtures match and fit within your planned costs. Ensuring fittings are of high quality and durable materials is essential for long-lasting function.

3). Which brand of bathroom fittings are best in India?

Some top bathroom fittings brands in India include Hindware, Kohler, and Jaquar. Hindware is a popular domestic brand that offers affordable options across price points. Kohler is a leading international brand known for quality and design. Jaquar products have a reputation for style, functionality, and durability, making them a top choice for many Indian consumers.

4). What brands are available in the East India Company?

Some brands available in the East India Company are Jaquar, Parryware, Kohler, Hindware, Carysil, Aquant, Artize, Eastman, Viking, Faber, Paradise, Hafele, Watertec, etc. 

5). Mention some luxury brands for bathroom fittings. 

Some bathroom fittings include Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, Kaldewei, Grohe, Kohler and Bette.

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